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  1. How Islamic state segregated and killed 39 Indians

    sickular dogs diverting the topic. What we should really be discussing is ROP and its incompatibility with humanity. What we have is political potshots. meh. I am already resigned to the fact that India is headed for a civil war. It's time for the centre to move the family jewels (i.e. ISRO, DAE etc) to the hindu parts of the country.
  2. Until a "functioning" AI arrives.
  3. Time to burn Pandey's effigies outside mumbai airport.
  4. Watching Pandey bat gives me high BP.
  5. Gavaskar has become like that annoying elder in the family. Everytime he opens his mouth, its cringe inducing. I'd rather take a bite out of a salt covered lemon.
  6. https://twitter.com/aurvabhrg/status/974885745222672384 I completely agree with the last tweet. A confrontation with IOI gang is inevitable (my conclusion as well for the longest time). Namo has been hoping that consistent electoral winning will allow him to use a scalpel to dissect this beast without mess. But too many things have to go right for the dharmics to win out in the end that way. IOI's natural position and goal is instability. If India was a stable socio-political entity, they would find it hard and almost impossible to come out on top. But India is unstable in every sphere of life. So Namo's approach i.e. minimize collateral damage is like hitting a bullet with a bullet while riding another bullet whose path is determined by a random function. He better make decisive maneuvers after 2019 election or India is heading for a multi dimensional civil war. I'm sure couple of years of political chaos is an infinitely better route than what awaits us otherwise.
  7. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    this is backyard cricket.
  8. Lanka vs Bangladesh 6th match

    lol. in true bang bros fashion
  9. Stephen Hawking - Visionary physicist , dies at 76

    Too many ignoramuses getting caught up in the moment and putting him at the same level as Einstein.
  10. Indian State Elections 2018

    Voter Turnout in Gorakhpur is less than 40%. Basically, if Amit Shah isn't incharge of election proceedings, BJP leaders just leave everything upto god. Adityanath has proven to be an utter amateur. Hopefully, he learnt his lesson to never take any election lightly.
  11. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    Plenty of Punjabi/Sikh girls that were/are the target of these pedophiles. Maybe one day khalistanis will stop palling around with bakis... one can hope.
  12. Telford sex-grooming scandal

    UKstan zindabad!
  13. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/bjp-makes-it-a-contest-fields-11-candidates-for-ups-10-rajya-sabha-seats-1822967 Atleast we will have an exciting Rajya sabha elections.
  14. Amit Shah is playing 4D chess..... yeah I got nothing. Something to do with getting an extra RS seat... Whatever. Just keep the desert cultists away from the power levers for another 10 yrs and let the economy grow. Things will start looking up after that.
  15. has there been a better female performance than this?

    not intellectual enough.
  16. Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    Hes from the Baki/Afghan school of birth certificate fudging.
  17. No one is watching this effin series. Test will surely die outside of India and UK/AUS.
  18. I agree with this depiction... Unless one grows up watching the sport, there is no conceivable way to get interested. Just too effing boring. Basketball and UFC are the only sports that are not an acquired taste.
  19. Why do Indians suck at Tennis so much? Discuss.
  20. Indian State Elections 2018

    Modi/Shah vs Lutyens BJP (minus the bruce part)
  21. Liberals' pet terrorists.

    Liberandus love their Jihadis, Naxals, Tamil Tigers, Christians in North East. So why have they abandoned Khalistanis? Haven't they come the closest to an ideal secessionist movement - a proverbial wet dream of a liberandu anywhere? Discuss.
  22. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    Thats because the numbers of brits at any given time was an order of magnitude less than numbers of ROPer invaders. Besides, it is not as if all of India had surrendered totally to ROPers. There was a (or several) rebellion going on in some corner at any given time.
  23. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    You are trying to extract electricity from water. Sustenance is essential of any living thing. Everything else will come secondary, naturally. Plenty of young folk who join army in this day and age can get better paying jobs in private sector but they chose the armed forces because it offers something more, abstract.
  24. Modi’s snub of Justin Trudeau

    If Indian Kings had offered them similar salary, they would have fought for them. It's not rocket science. Subcontinent was war torn. There were no greater loyalties other than to one's stomach.
  25. Liberals' pet terrorists.

    You ruined my thread...

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