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  1. Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    "...using polysyllabic words and complicated constructions which apparently they seem to understand 'coz they talk to each other... most of the time I cant understand what the heck they are talking about.... Its all very inflated and lot of prestige and so on... has a terrible effect on the 3rd world. In the first world, the rich countries it doesnt really matter that much. So if a lot of nonsense goes on in the Paris cafes or Yale comparative literature departments..well okay. On the other hand, in the 3rd world, popular movements really need serious intellectuals to participate. And if they are all ranting post modern absurdities, well, they are gone....."
  2. How the eff do people that dropped science and math at the first opportunity, more often than not because their puny brains couldn't handle logic, numbers and problem solving, become flag bearers of Scientific Thought? Discuss.
  3. Time to pick sides. Either live in an apartheid state which ends only one way - total cultural genocide. Or fight.
  4. You didn't get wiser; You only got older.
  5. Suggest sites for a new capital

    Slaves can't be allowed to decide the future of an entire continent. My choice, somewhere along the Gujarat/MH border. Vijaynagar Region would've been the first choice but Southies are very good at shooting themselves in the foot and until they get out of their Dravidian BS and stop soul harvesters from getting bumper crops, they get no say in real power.
  6. Suggest sites for a new capital

    Not for a while. Until then Indore is my choice.
  7. SC is going to go one step further next year and ban fireworks outright because milordas feel emboldened as no one is challenging their overreach and 2018 is also a do or die year for liberandus with Ram mandir verdict hanging in the balance (watch out for shenanigans here as well) I am going to make sure I'm in delhi next diwali and this is what I'm doing to SC:
  8. Check twitter. I guess liberandus are preparing to occupy digital space in runup to 2019. Home team is seriously lacking. Other than Swarajya and opindia, rest is just aam aadmi shouting on twitter. We need more swarajya clones.
  9. Suggest sites for a new capital

    Pathetic display by dilli jans in face of SC's gundagardi is another proof that Delhi is not fit to be the capital of new India.
  10. Delhi has proven itself to be Full of disgraceful cowards for the millionth time. This piece of shitland is irredeemable.
  11. Is this match on tv? Some good young talent on display. Wouldn't be surprised if board 11, hammers the kiwis.
  12. What else does Shreyas Iyer need to do to get selected ?
  13. 144 imposed in gurgaon. Good effin job Atal Bihari Modi. You win Haryana for the first time and saddle us with a bheegi billi for a CM. Thanks. Luck of this fecking state... back in the hands of real estate mafia in 2 years.
  14. Namo can pass an ordnance tomorrow if he wishes.
  15. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Sorry, it should read, one of the reasons. And its not really common knowledge. When people try to bracket desert cultists, its often headlined by " the sword" or "suicide bomb" - portrays a very clean, sanitary image. Puts them on the same level as samurai/Japanese (sepukku/kamikazi). Whereas former are so much "worse" and unacceptable. They have literally scraped the bottom of the barrel of human existence. What I'm saying is we need more descriptors to describe the desert cultists.
  16. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Didn't realize this until someone pointed out a potential reason for jauhar by rajput women - necrophilia by jihadis. Amazing how these shits are still into the same feckery. I guess you can only go so low as human beings...
  17. Now ban in bombay and chattisgarh. BJP can seriously GTFO. I would rather fight an open war against gungadeen empire than be lulled into submission under a compromised Hindu leadership.
  18. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Thats what I mean. Ignoring/not doing anything equals suicide ala Rajputs. Time to take the initiative.
  19. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Hopefully, movie ends at the jauhar scene. Should be a timely reminder for all the fence sitting hindus.
  20. That asura Harshvardhan deleted his tweets after getting mauled by annoyed hindus. faack, this BJP has been a disappointment. Hindus need to turn towards sympathetic (or our own) advocacy groups, forget political parties. Get the temples freed first and use to funds to fight for remaining hindu causes. I'm done with shouting equal application of unjust laws. I want freedom to live my life the way I wish. If desert cultists like their barbarian ways, go nuts. Just leave me the * alone. Libtards are itching for a confrontation and they will get it.
  21. If Namo doesn't come with an ordinance , I am done with bjp.
  22. Gonna need our own Guy Fawkes (except one that succeeds ) before it is too late...
  23. Chennai was brought to a halt for a small time festival like jallikattu. If Diwali night sky isnt lit up like 12 noon, northies should be ashamed. Time for SC lords to realize their aukaad...

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