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  1. These pitches aren't even spinning much. Holy faaack. Now I want all home ODIs/t20s to have spinning pitches. I want to see these 2 demolish oppositions for the next decade.
  2. faack. Probably ends his tour (maybe).
  3. Yadav needs 2 more wickets to have most ever in a bilateral ODI series.
  4. In 10 yrs, cricket will only "exist" in 3 countries and rest of the world will serve as a feeder system. 3+ month IPL is inevitable.
  5. A Zebra can't change its stripes.
  6. This half decent bowling effort from Pandya is bad news for India... Not going to get dropped now. I'm dreading a WC knockout match 8 over/80 runs performance from him..
  7. Break this partnership and We will see a collapse.
  8. After 2019, SA will be minnows in limited overs cricket.
  9. both wickets have been gifts.
  10. Lol Africans taking on Thakur as if he is bowling at kumble pace. Sad.
  11. Haven't seen any 140 balls yet. I'm sure there are atleast a dozen better "pacers" than him in domestic.
  12. lol. this guy is a quintessential trundler.
  13. lost by 2 runs as Ishant got himself run out.
  14. Pant is going at it again. But like most of his other previous half decent knocks, it is against a pathetic bowling attack. He needs to perform on A-side tours. I won't trust his performances otherwise.
  15. Did you get a raise or is it still 1 rupee per post?
  16. Why do Indians suck at Tennis so much? Discuss.
  17. Rabada got fined. So he is one infraction away from potentially getting a 2 test ban. I doubt we see him again rest of the tour.
  18. Nah I think it is with respect to the political turmoil surrounding Zuma.
  19. This Torture must end !!!

    Gill doesn't have to be ready now. You play him now to make sure he is ready by WC time.
  20. Couple of businessmen (gupta brothers or something) who backed Zuma got raided.
  21. Its ridiculous that this team is carrying 4 passengers and only rain has saved africans from being down 0-5.
  22. Klassen is going to pull a vintage dhoni here...
  23. just jumping around is getting boring now. I need some choreography.
  24. Kohli and Dhawan need to start enacting soccer style celebrations after wickets.
  25. Amlauddin is dead set on ghazwa-e-hind.

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