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  1. surajmal

    NBA 2017

    Lebron is GOAT. Athlete. Not just bball player. There will be plenty of Feds, Tigers, messis to come but not LeKing. Dont @ me. This is the gospel truth.
  2. Bipolar contest works for BJP. It makes it simpler for Namo to brandish every opposition leader (macro optimization) with faults of any one opposition leader and any opposition leader with larger coalition (micro optimization in different states). Also makes it easier to play "Hindu khatre mein hai" card. Besides, if the opposition feels that 2019 is an existential fight for them, the flipside makes it a existential fight for hindus as well. Shah/RSS have to know that. So, we are in for a no hold barred election. No decorum, no mercy.
  3. surajmal

    Rani Durgavati

    Fake news. Pre feminazi revolution, Women had no agency. How do you expect them to fight?!
  4. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Most tamilians are either cryptos or lemurians. Thats why.
  5. surajmal

    Rising Fuel prices

    UBI will be announced, I'm sure of it. Natural progression from Direct benefit transfer. And middle class will hate him for that. But Namo knows which voters can be had with SOPs. I like that he still hasnt buckled under pressure regarding MSPs. Inflation control is hugely important for atleast limiting the damage that is being done to middle class voter base. It will ensure the worst case scenario is simply these urbanites staying home or voting NOTA and not committing mass suicide by voting for gungadeens. Sure, that's bad enough but SOPs being handed out to rural folk will balance things out. Just need 272, RS majority will happen sometime next year as well. After that you get CORE on your side by passing through key legislations.
  6. Much easier to have a side piece.
  7. surajmal

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    We all know who to blame. I invite mallu keyboard warriors to do their thing.
  8. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Blame the church. From kudankulam to this. Any anti development protest will find its origins in Vatican. Hard to buy souls for a few bags of rice if those souls already have jobs.
  9. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    I wont give up my sources.
  10. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Yes, I am getting first hand info from an inside man.
  11. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Church funded riots.
  12. Sex is most effective antidote to almost any headache with no after effects. My basic mantra for life, if you don't have a solution for your headaches (i.e. issues that trouble you)... mauj lo, roj roj lo; na mile, toh khos lo. Either get a visa to gora nations, or learn martial arts and get a gun. Meanwhile enjoy life. **** is going to hit the fan soon enough. Why worry about it beforehand.
  13. ^ I was gonna post this. pretty ridiculous. Symbolic of the wholesale loot that took place during UPA years.
  14. Get a GF or start doing meditation. Even better, join a shakha. You will have a brain aneurysm otherwise.
  15. Congress is pulling its cash out (will bring it back prior to 2019 elections) through FIIs to hurt the government. No problem. Goras will see this as opportunity and fill the gap. Give it a couple of months; some may be spooked due to sudden depreciation. Once the GDP data comes next week, you will see a steady uptick. On another note, RBI has been fecking with it for far too long to help exporters which hasn't helped anyways. Fecking chutiyas, economists are. Its a disgrace non-science people get a say in nation building of a third world nation to this extent.
  16. https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2018/04/30/west-bengal-pregnant-relative-of-bjp-panchayat-poll-candidate-raped.html Probably worse than Bihar Jungle Raj days. https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/991219920129200129 https://twitter.com/SujoyGhosh1729/status/991229468092940288 Send in the effin Army if you have to.
  17. surajmal

    Match 56 : CSK vs KXIP

    Why cant shitfaced gavaskar pronounce indian names correctly?
  18. surajmal

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    No dog in the fight so i will support Argentina. Messi deserves to lift the trophy to complete his well earned GOAT career.
  19. surajmal

    Karnataka election results

    If Amit Shah lets JDS-INC win the trust vote, the sheen will be off. Hes been riding the UP LS/state elections wins for a while now. This is will the second big loss for him in last few months after the Ahmed Patel fiasco (although that matters is still in court, it should never have got there).
  20. surajmal

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    Phenotypic markers don't get filtered down in a few decades. Unless, the population get affected by severe drought/disease which clearly UK has not as it is still a developed economy.
  21. surajmal

    Royal Wedding

    I like the idea of royalty. Too bad India lost/forgot its own royal families. I bet that's a contributing factor for the utter social/cultural destruction across the land.
  22. surajmal

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    You mean the one that conquered the entire world?
  23. surajmal

    Relationships and Morality

    Kya ajeeb aadmi hai. This is a cricket forum for RSS members. Here,every male is a brahmachari while every female is an aspiring saadhvi. Ask @velu, hes our Shakha pramukh.
  24. I doubt this case goes anywhere. If coppers had evidence, the charges would have been under 302, but the same coppers fe cked up (read: fe cked with on Congis' behest) the initial investigation, so whatever. Hope they keep the cases going against the bigwigs of gungadeen empire until 2019. Win the election, and go hard after the ecosystem funding sources in the following months.
  25. https://twitter.com/TrueIndology/status/995542405607665664 Can say from experience as this is true in my family as well. Discuss.

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