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Everything posted by surajmal

  1. bring in bumrah for couple of overs.
  2. Klassen has seen enough. Its slog time now.
  3. To allow a perennial choker like Amlauddin to bat this long while chasing is criminal. A fireable (droppable) offense.
  4. We should just drop the superlatives when it comes to Indian fielders. Best would be the least worst. Useless POS rahane.

    Ben Stokes is an asset. If ECB didn't do everything in its power to protect it, it wouldn't be doing its job.
  6. Onto game 6 then. I agree with the general consensus that unless this team is humiliated, we won't see a roster change.
  7. Iyer is a mental midget. He needs to pick another field where he isn't under the spotlight.
  8. how to fix batting in last 10 overs

    get a new middle order. Seriously, names picked randomly would do a better job than the current lot.
  9. This sh its on Kohli. Utterly ridiculous selection for the last 2 yrs in ODIs. And they are pretty much out of time now to get any new players enough experience before the WC.
  10. There were so many culprits but Chahal has outdone them all.
  11. No ball proves to be India's nemesis again. Hopefully, Chahal will learn from this.
  12. pandya giving back all the goodwill he earned with the fluke wicket of ABD.
  13. Thats gonna be a costly no ball. Its Miller time indeed.
  14. how the * does this dwarf overstep ... ever?!
  15. I would bring in bumrah now. Need to break this pair.
  16. 60 runs below par. Africans should get there with 10 overs to spare.

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