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  1. My cpu usage/temp shoots up. Fecking espn. Get your code monkeys in line mfers.
  2. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    It was their pathetic bowling that screwed them last time in Australia. Battingwise, they were just fine.
  3. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Thats what I mean. There are capable replacements waiting in the wings.
  4. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    Shami+BKumar+Bumrah+UYadav (or another pacer who puts his hand up) + Pandya + Jadeja+Chahal+Kuldeep This is a good set of bowlers. Management needs to make sure they are rotated and all get match practice over the next year and a half. In case of injuries, you don't want to get caught unprepared.
  5. Unrelenting bowling line-up offers India fresh edge

    ODI team was such a joke barely 10 months ago. I'm enjoying this. This team has all the ingredients to become an ATG side.
  6. Iyer doesn't need to prove himself anymore. Hes ready for the big leagues.
  7. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Is there a baki quota in bollywood? Mahira khan is neither good looking (by bollywood standards) nor a good actor. WTF
  8. Land and Labour reforms now will definitely be pushed back until 2019. I am onboard with Swamy's abolish income tax idea - earns immediate goodwill. Also increase capex further with the proposed stimulus. Interest rate cut of atleast 100 bp during next RBI meeting. Basically, government should be in a giving mood next 1 yr. Forget any new reforms, fix the teething troubles associated with the ones already done. And I don't trust Jai Italy and his bureaucrats with this. PMO needs to be incharge of the economy for the next 18 months. NPAs have truly fecked the economy. It would be a travesty if some Congis don't go to jail for 10 yrs of uber loot. This is key. Voters needs to be reminded that what await them is a virtual suicide if they go retard with their votes in 2019. Worst come to worst, Start a war with Bakis. 2019 cannot be lost under any circumstances. Namo, Amit Shah need to prepare for black swan events. I fecking hate the Hindu mindset of crying about their karma when things dont go their way. These are not run of mill elections deciding policy directions. This is existential.
  10. tailunt dropped the match. see you next game.
  11. d/l is going to ruin things for india today with how last 7 overs went.
  12. concussion for sure. Pandya shouldn't bother bowling in this match.
  13. this match has been very irritating so far. I blame kolkata... den of most things irritating.
  14. these 2 playing like the ball has aids.
  15. I am a Pandey sceptic. Suspect technique and plays scared.
  16. murali karthik's voice... I hate it. I fe cking hate it.
  17. What pisses you off?

    Not separating recyclables from trash.
  18. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Sanyal is a better bong than you will ever be. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  19. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    They should come to uber expert, mr joy bangla himself, to get approval.
  20. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    He is a bjp guy.
  21. NDTV is sold!!! Someone bought NDTV?!!!

    Frankly, tv is dead. Hoping, if the new owner is a sanghi, they would reorient NDTV towards digital. Arnab has already indicated that his grand plan is entirely digital focussed. Now we need few more magazines. Looking at the trustee list of Vivekananda foundation and India foundation, we have enough builders. Social media is a sanghi domain. If Swarajya like magazines that produce quality material spring up, there is no way liberandus will get even a sniff other than through shady money (as in the case of wire and print)

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