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  1. surajmal

    Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    I think Kohli will do it. Aussies will be without Starc and Hazelwood, leaving a pretty toothless attack. And NZ and Sri Lankas are NZ and Sri Lankas.
  2. surajmal

    Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    Cricket is the only sport where some fans have this ridiculous notion in their head that talent has gotten worse over time. Every other sport, average talent has only gone up. Which makes sense since nutrition, training, scouting etc have only improved. But no, cricketers of the bygone era were superman clones.
  3. North indians are brahmin/aryan oppressors in contemporary tamil folklore.
  4. surajmal

    Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    I like the american version better - Its simpler and IPL is already doing it, season >> playoffs. Tweak the players' rights aspect though. Do away with auctions and go the free agents/drafts (for young players)/ trades route.
  5. surajmal

    Star bags IPL media rights for INR 16, 347 crores

    Time to start expanding - number of teams as well as length of the season.
  6. https://twitter.com/mainbhiengineer/status/904381202102067205 https://twitter.com/anshulkalraik/status/904381587009056768
  7. Bullshit. Their census numbers are hugely fudged. 300 million jihadis easily call naPakiland their home.
  8. surajmal

    Nirmala Sitaram: Second Women defence minister

    meh. Too bad Suresh Prabhu quit but Piyush Goyal is a nice replacement. Gadkari getting water and namami gange is the biggest positive (particularly with the announcement of river linking). Rathore finally gets the ministry that he should have got 3 yrs ago - Sports. RK singh getting power is a safe pick. Biggest negative - Javdekar still incharge of HRD.
  9. Thats because you are a north indian aryan supremacist.
  10. If god wills it (PBUH, DDF, ABCD, XXASDASD...).
  11. surajmal

    I think MSD is back !!!

    After watching the dhoni movie, I'm a born again fan. May he stay in the team for as long as possible.
  12. surajmal

    1st PSLV failure in 20 yrs.

    36 launches in 20 yrs isn't a big number and that was with ISRO was handholding the suppliers all the way through the process. As they are looking to up the launch number to 12+ a year from now, Suppliers would have to take on more responsibility - which they have not shown to be capable of. Consequently, 12+ launches goal, will be postponed. DRDO knows this first hand (since the production numbers tend to be couple of order of magnitude greater). Nirbhay cruise missile development is facing delays because in the last test (which failed) they found out that recycled steel was used, so forget about manufacturing QC, one can't even trust these people with using the right materials.
  13. surajmal

    1st PSLV failure in 20 yrs.

    Shitty day for ISRO.
  14. Brahmin Conspiracy - not kidding, Tamilians are actually waving that argument.
  15. surajmal

    How to drown a tiger (Ken-Betwa River Linking)

    http://in.reuters.com/article/india-rivers/modis-87-billion-river-linking-gamble-set-to-take-off-as-floods-hit-india-idINKCN1BC3HJ?utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_content=59a8c05204d301476ae8d83e&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter Finally.
  16. Ruchir Sharma of Morgan Stanley just came out with a paper that proves what we already know that in India , economics has little to do with reelection. Namo knows this (even Swamy has said the same several times in interviews), ABV didn't. Liberandus , for the first time in their history , are focusing on real issue like governance and economy... They know elections are already lost so may as well score some punches on bjp while they can.
  17. If labour reforms don't get passed in the next session, it will be postponed until general elections are over. Can't see Namo taking huge risks in election year.
  18. surajmal

    1st PSLV failure in 20 yrs.

    Indian manufacturing ecosystem is 4th world level. Both DRDO and ISRO are struggling with supplier QC.
  19. surajmal

    Indians in County Championship 2017

    Don't care about the numbers. Ashwin just needs to figure out what will work (and what will not) on english pitches, rest is protocol.
  20. surajmal

    4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Shardul should be part of the ODI setup from now. I would save Shami for tests and WC (plus a warmup series before).
  21. surajmal

    4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Dickwella is going to score big today.
  22. NPAs and GST effect (plus residual effect of Demo) on month of June fecking up GDP numbers.
  23. surajmal

    4th ODI : SL v IND |31st Aug 2:30 PM IST | Colombo

    Thakur looks good. India needs good tall fast bowler though.

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