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  1. India is going to hold off on ratifying Paris Climate change deal on the account of NSG entry denial. Now either the goras pressure the chinkis, or obomber's pet project goes for a toss. Bring more coal fired plants I say, until thorium reactors are ready.
  2. Supreme Court overreach

    Even as the Supreme Court is having a ball trying to impose its own ideas on how governments should run the country, and even making laws on the legislature’s behalf, it is discovering that few are listening. On Tuesday (19 April), a bench with Justices Gopala Gowda and Arun Mishra discovered that no state had done anything about its orders to demolish religious structures that were encroaching on public spaces and roads. The court threatened to get even tougher. The basic facts: In September 2011, the Supreme Court had ordered collectors and district magistrates to ensure that no public land was encroached upon. It also ordered chief secretaries to file affidavits before it once in three months on what had been done. Finding that almost none of them had done anything, the court went apoplectic: “This is the attitude of the chief secretaries despite the Supreme Court’s directions. Are our orders passed for keeping in cold storage? The chief secretaries have no respect for the highest court. We will show them what the court can do. They do not deserve any leniency.” The court may order all of them to be personally present the next time – something like a schoolmaster asking recalcitrants to step forward and take punishment. To be sure, this is an empty threat. If the chief secretaries, who have been given one more chance to comply, collectively decide not to do so as they are constrained by law and order considerations, what can the Supreme Court do? Dock their wages? Send them to jail? If this happens, we are going to see a further fall in governance, as chief secretaries and district administrations, already overburdened with all kinds of work, may simply do things mechanistically and comply with orders without application of mind. When the first communal riot happens after an illegal temple or mosque is demolished, they will throw up their hands and point out that they were merely implementing court orders. Consider what all the Supreme Court ordered and what the states and centre delivered (or, rather, didn’t deliver) in the past. Ten years ago (in 2006), the Supreme Court ordered all states to pass new Police Acts and remove politicians from having direct control over them. It said till the new Police Acts were legislated, its guidelines must be followed. According to thisIndian Express report, 17 states passed new Acts while 12 issued executive orders. Great compliance? Nah! Here’s the kicker: the states jumped in and passed new laws in order to avoid complying with the Supreme Court’s order. The order said its own guidelines must be followed till the Acts were passed. What the states did was pass the laws and diluted the guidelines. They complied with the letter of the court’s orders, and defeated its spirit. In October 2013, the Supreme Court ordered a ban on frequent transfers of inconvenient bureaucrats. It said that civil servants need not act on verbal orders, and cannot be transferred frequently. It also ordered states to constitute a civil services board at the central and state levels, but we haven’t heard much about compliance. Two years ago, the Supreme Court ordered a ban on manual scavenging. But manual scavenging continues. Just yesterday (19 April), the court stepped onto a federal landmine when it asked the centre to play a more proactive role in tackling droughts. When the centre said it had no role to play in declaring districts as drought-affected, the court said the centre must give states the right advice. It offered its own two bits on this too: ““You have satellites to give you weather forecasts and the Centre must caution the state if you learn about the possibility of a drought in a district, even if it reports a good crop season.” Does this make sense? That the centre must give advice on how states must handle drought, even though it is the states which are closest to ground reality. More often than not, it is the states which exaggerate the damage from drought and floods in order to obtain more central resources. But the courts think nothing about deliberately suggesting a shift in federal responsibilities from states to centre – something not warranted under the constitution. We can go on and on, but the fact that the Supreme Court has been issuing all kinds of directives – no doubt, with the best of motives - has resulted in growing resistance to compliance. The simple fact is this: some states have stopped listening too much to court orders, as they simply do not have the administrative capacity, the political will or the moral courage to do so. And what elected representatives can’t do or won’t do, it is not possible the courts to get it done through judicial fiat. It is not anyone’s case that the court should not intervene in humanitarian cases or where there are serious breaches of the law. But it cannot also be gainsaid that the court is foraying too much into executive and legislative terrain, running a coach-and-four over the constitutional balance of power. The Modi government and the Supreme Court have been in a tense relationship ever since the Supreme Court overturned the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC), which was an attempt to claw back some say for the government in the appointment of judges to the higher courts. But it is clear that judicial over-reach is more to blame for this behind-the-scenes confrontation. The Supreme Court is simply doing things which are not its core job even while cases are piling up. The other day, President Pranab Mukherjee was forced to wade into the controversy when he observed that judges must not get overactive. He said: “Each organ of our democracy must function within its own sphere and must not take over what is assigned to the others. Judicial activism should not lead to the dilution of separation of powers, which is a constitutional scheme. The balance of power between the three organs of the state is enshrined in our Constitution. The Constitution is supreme”. This is not some government hack having a go at the courts; it is the highest constitutional officeholder in the land. That it needs a President to read out the constitution to the Supreme Court, which ought to know it by heart, is a telling comment on how much they have played ducks and drakes with the constitution. They should pull back before it is too late. http://swarajyamag.com/politics/with-sc-foraying-into-every-area-states-have-simply-stopped-listening Found this floating on twitter:
  3. Since macaulayites are habitual apes, in a few years, vegetarianism will make comeback in the english speaking circle of India since it is a raging lifestyle choice in the liberal types of the west now (just like yoga did). After that it is a matter of trickle down to the non veg masses. All the anti brahmin crusades will a die a natural death.
  4. if there is an increase in automation, gear your schools to produce repairmen(women) and operators. In the new environment, unskilled jobs will be replaced by low skilled or semi skilled. Besides, India isnt solving the poverty problem in this century or the next. So forget that and focus on increasing total productivity. First learn to crawl...
  5. Supreme Court overreach

    Supreme Court at it again. Telling the govt, how to allocate the budget monies... What do you think happens if Govt puts the SC in its place? Top to bottom entire congress machinery is needling the govt. on one issue or another. If govt. even dares to counter, like a hijra gathering, these feckers will start dancing in the street singing their favourite words: Intolerance and Fascism.
  6. Malegaon blasts conspiracy

    So, Karkare was probably a Congi hitman... Gotta love that swift karmic justice. On a serious note, Congis are turning out to be in bed with ISI. How much you wanna bet that, if Kasab hadnt been caught, 26/11 would have been labelled a RSS plot? (hell it was already in motion with Diggi Raja parading with resident jihadis for that "book" launch) These mfers...
  7. Malegaon blasts conspiracy

    I read that a while back. But now you have more data points coming out. It is just infuriating that a blatantly anti national group like Congress has a majority in one house of the parliament.
  8. And everytime a SC judge opens his/her mouth about what a Hindu should be, I want to rip out his/her balls/ovaries and feed them to his/her children. Mfers have 5000 judge vacancies in High courts, 4 crore cases pending all over India, but sirs/madams want to do activism... Suck a dick.
  9. Women are allowed in temples all over India. Just not Sabrimala. Why you ask? Wiki (if you dont know already) who Lord Ayyappan was. (probably similar reasons for other temples that have restrictions on women. And I want to see them enforce their diktats on muslims. They can do that to hindus, becaue Govt controls the temples (biggest WTF in the history of mankind and another example of sickularism).
  10. Regarding every cheerleader from the sidelines for constant pontifications and needling by SC in Hindu matters, Just shows why secularism is called sickularism in India. In the age of google, chewtiya brigade is so ignorant of such a fundamental idea.
  11. If Sanatan Dharma is so patriarchal, why dont these women just emancipate themselves. Be free. In words of the famous poet, Belly, "...She told me no religion was the new religion She said she don't believe in God but her shoes Christian...". Materialism is the new god, Why do these women want the old god? Less said about this Supreme Court the better... It has an expiry date.
  12. Jungle jungle baat chali hai -new version

    Do you want a medal? You make it sound as if you are leading the salt march.
  13. Jungle jungle baat chali hai -new version

    Why must you go all auntyji, when at loss of a proper argument? Kipling was a Raj apologist. You can't get any more explicit in support of colonialism than "The White Man's Burden". While Jungle book re runs used to played on DD in the 90s (I grew up on them too), I chalk them up to Gungadeen (Congi) Chicanery. We may or may not have known better then, but we certainly have the wherewithal to present the counter narrative now. If you don't have a problem with Jungle book, then I suggest, you put up a picture of General Dyer and Churchill in your living room, and start singing god save the queen every morning.
  14. Jungle jungle baat chali hai -new version

    I dont expect you to boycott. We live in a free world (non mullah part atleast). You've the freedom to believe whatever - even slavery. I am just hoping VHP types would go and do their thing.
  15. Jungle jungle baat chali hai -new version

    Mowgli is supposed to be a metaphor for Kipling's own life. Jungle books, taken together, are supposed to be a parable of his own childhood, growth and internal struggle about staying in the jungle (backward heathen India) or going to the village (civilized England).
  16. Jungle jungle baat chali hai -new version

    should be boycotted.
  17. And greatest moment of Venkatesh Prasad's life Also my first memory as a fan.
  18. Unmuted the game, 10 seconds later Raja says "rickechot". Quick reminder why I watch cricket games on mute. Back to mute it goes.
  19. BTW obcs like sainis are equal partner (looting and damage to public property) in these riots (if not moreso). They managed to think they can instigate and get away scott free... that too in jat heartland. It doesnt matter when this sh!t ends, OBCs have a target on their back now from hisar to faridabad. Since much of the rioters are below 30, caste divisions will harden rite from the school days. What a fecking shit show. One and only legacy of Ambedkar. Oh and Kejriwal Senior, VP Singh, may you be reborn as a dung beetle 1000 times.
  20. beginning (very early but still) of the end of reservations.
  21. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force station, Punjab

    Yeah... Emergency had nothing to do with that.
  22. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force station, Punjab

    On a bilateral level, that would be the easiest move. But in the eyes of the world, India would be considered the devil for denying 10s of millions the most basic of necessities. Best chance was 1947. then 1965 then 1971. While India may be more "useful" to the west, it is still dispensible considering India plays no crucial role in any economic value chains except diamonds. Besides, you have the manufactured bogey of "hindu right" to bracket India with the Ropers, anytime the west wants. China is beyond reach now. They can do whatever the feck they want and US would look the otherway. Killing a few 100 terrorists doesn't solve India's problem. terrorists are like bullets... expendable. Your main enemy is ROP and the Paki Army. In 1971, India was firmly entrenched in the Noble - Serf setup, So the masses were easily to manipulate. There is no basis for that assertion.
  23. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force station, Punjab

    Do you think India can withstand economic sanctions that west will bring upon India for open war? You think China will sit quiet on the eastern border? Even if we can have a handle on their (non)existent nuke stockpile, how do you think India handles the resulting internal security situation of closet Pakis doing their deeds? So no FDI, no exports, no jobs, economy goes into the tank. BJP loses handsomely in 2019, Sickular Scamgress comes back and shuts the door of any economic revival for rest of the 21st century with demographic dividend becoming a demographic bomb. I mean, how do you see things playing out?
  24. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force station, Punjab

    What language is that?

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