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  1. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Since lemurians now want to live in a pre industrial utopia as promised by their local paedophile in charge, it is rest of india that will foot the bill.
  2. Because majority of cases lying pending in the courts are civilian. That's where the disgust/fear of /aversion to L&O machinery starts in mango man. It's the not that the system is broken, it was never a single,functioning unit to begin with. Mango man's feelings towards L&O are pathological now. It's absurd to think that procedural corrections or more cops on the ground or better training will somehow work as silver bullets. (except of course, attacking the source of the issue)
  3. Watch out folks, gultis are angry.
  4. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

  5. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Yup. Start listing all the things copper is used in..lol. fecking lemurians. making life hell for all indians. I would like Namo to introduce lemurian tax to pay for whatever cost escalation that manufacturers (and eventually consumers) have to pay.
  6. This is what happens when you have sh itty police. Which stems from having a shi tty judicial system. No one gives a crap about Law and order. Hate repeating ad nauseum but do a 1789 on Supreme court and its judges, Atmosphere in the country will start to improve on its own. That's the kind of debilitating effect these m'fers have on India... viruses. Won't even call them parasites because at least some types have a symbiotic relationship with the hosts; these douches only have destructive influence. Judges are an equal partner in the gungadeen empire alongside congees. Latter cannot be defeated without getting a handle on the former.
  7. surajmal

    War of words on JNU terrorism course

    sooner or later cbi will find proof of active connivance of JNU-jihadis with actual jihadis. You take that opportunity to shut down this sh ithole. Too much prime land in the middle of delhi going to waste.
  8. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Jobs losses being reported all over south india in various small and medium setups that have sterlite as a supplier. As twitterverse is already saying, this is the beginning of Lemuria going West Bangladesh's way. Good job lemurians on handing your singapore dreams on a platter to the church. I'm sure that bag of rice will taste just as good as the kobe steak you had once dreamed of.
  9. surajmal

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    Like I keep saying, Jinnah is a national hero. He deserves a bharat ratna. He has done more for us heathens than the entire congress from that era put together. Go by the actions (and their results), not rhetoric. Otherwise, what's the point of hindsight.
  10. surajmal

    Supreme court rulings

    https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/gujarat-high-court-extends-relief-from-arrest-to-teesta-till-june-13/articleshow/64353573.cms Teesta gets a helping hand from the courts, again. Again, this is a low level footsoldier for the gungandeens. And you people think they will allow incarceration of mother/son duo?
  11. Do people actually believe these closet jihadis? Aljizz umrika tried to implicate Peyton manning in some doping scandal. Manning threatened lawsuit, Aljizz soon after shut shop in umrika.
  12. surajmal

    NBA 2017

    Lebron is GOAT. Athlete. Not just bball player. There will be plenty of Feds, Tigers, messis to come but not LeKing. Dont @ me. This is the gospel truth.
  13. Bipolar contest works for BJP. It makes it simpler for Namo to brandish every opposition leader (macro optimization) with faults of any one opposition leader and any opposition leader with larger coalition (micro optimization in different states). Also makes it easier to play "Hindu khatre mein hai" card. Besides, if the opposition feels that 2019 is an existential fight for them, the flipside makes it a existential fight for hindus as well. Shah/RSS have to know that. So, we are in for a no hold barred election. No decorum, no mercy.
  14. surajmal

    Rani Durgavati

    Fake news. Pre feminazi revolution, Women had no agency. How do you expect them to fight?!
  15. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Most tamilians are either cryptos or lemurians. Thats why.
  16. surajmal

    Rising Fuel prices

    UBI will be announced, I'm sure of it. Natural progression from Direct benefit transfer. And middle class will hate him for that. But Namo knows which voters can be had with SOPs. I like that he still hasnt buckled under pressure regarding MSPs. Inflation control is hugely important for atleast limiting the damage that is being done to middle class voter base. It will ensure the worst case scenario is simply these urbanites staying home or voting NOTA and not committing mass suicide by voting for gungadeens. Sure, that's bad enough but SOPs being handed out to rural folk will balance things out. Just need 272, RS majority will happen sometime next year as well. After that you get CORE on your side by passing through key legislations.
  17. Much easier to have a side piece.
  18. surajmal

    Kohli unlikely to play county or Eng series

    We all know who to blame. I invite mallu keyboard warriors to do their thing.
  19. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Blame the church. From kudankulam to this. Any anti development protest will find its origins in Vatican. Hard to buy souls for a few bags of rice if those souls already have jobs.
  20. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    I wont give up my sources.
  21. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Yes, I am getting first hand info from an inside man.
  22. surajmal

    Sterlite protests

    Church funded riots.
  23. Sex is most effective antidote to almost any headache with no after effects. My basic mantra for life, if you don't have a solution for your headaches (i.e. issues that trouble you)... mauj lo, roj roj lo; na mile, toh khos lo. Either get a visa to gora nations, or learn martial arts and get a gun. Meanwhile enjoy life. **** is going to hit the fan soon enough. Why worry about it beforehand.
  24. ^ I was gonna post this. pretty ridiculous. Symbolic of the wholesale loot that took place during UPA years.
  25. Get a GF or start doing meditation. Even better, join a shakha. You will have a brain aneurysm otherwise.

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