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  1. http://www.samskritashikshanam.in/pattrachar.php# Its 1200 rupees for all 4 levels. I am assuming most (except lemurians) took Sanskrit till 8th class. So first level is basically a refresher. Sign up bitches.
  2. surajmal

    BJP's vision for India

    Bide time, till the next generation of RSS takes over (also get to middle income GDP levels ASAP). Thats when the real **** starts. Current (or previous) generation have too much of the coward gene in them. No will to fight. Always looking for excuses to avoid confrontation.
  3. surajmal

    Maya kodnani Acquitted!!

    Kodnani's acquital has been a long time coming. Pretty astonishing how the entire gujarat affair was stage managed by 10JP from godhra burning to the riots and to the subsequent false cases. Namo is an effin saint for not taking revenge and focussing strictly on development (I keep hoping Shah is more human qualities and less of the saintly kind).
  4. surajmal

    Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    People of the book generally have a superiority complex vis a vis the non-book people. Its even more apparent when it comes to converts. They have to justify their “new” belief system, do mental gymnastics to overcome the conversion of their ancestors (which was violent in most cases). His attitude towards Hindus is really symptomatic of that. (You see similar nouns and adjectives used by Indian Liberandus as well towards Dharma. Which is why I say that they are simply an extension of chrislamists – native conspirators even) https://www.livemint.com/Leisure/OZAtHxAe4xwoEYGPOpTdUK/How-to-defeat-a-rogue-nation-Find-a-bigger-thug.html Manu Joseph posted his review of a book by Sujatha Gidla (a dalit –commie-christian). Almost comical to see his characterization of her. His family is old time Christian, Gidla is a new convert. Gidla is essentially engaged in a revenge plot against upper caste and to reach her ultimate goal – She fled to US – “to a bigger syndicate than Indian State. And that is the meaning of every dalit conversion to Christian and romance with communism and revolution – a quest for force that can stare India down.” Weird, but totally understandable, dynamic at play here. New convert being put in her place by an old convert because the new convert is too blatantly flashing her new identity. Old convert is like, “Sit down, young padawan. You have much to learn.” Similar dynamics at play with Muslims – Ashraf/Ajlaf. So when you see why, so many new converts assume Arabic names straight away – its one of the methods to become at ease (as the old muslims are) with the new faith/identity (along with taking to even greener forms of islam). I’ve digressed too much. But, yeah. For converts, the confrontation with the natives is self-sustaining now (even if one were to turn the tap of poison from the source). They got to justify their being. Too much **** has happened. Coming back to Hoodboy's quandary. Since, he is starting from a point that Islam is superior to Hinduism and Islam has failed its subscribers. Only way out is to follow the other religion of the book - That got its renaissance when it abandoned (check - compartmentalized) its "bad" parts. So, How can hindus juggle 2 "conflicting" thought streams, while being a inferior belief system, when book religions couldn't. Hence, he puts Nehru on a pedestal because he abandoned holy scriptures and committed to "scientific temper".
  5. surajmal

    Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    Ramanujan credited his talents to goddess namagiri. Before Every launch/test flight, scientists at ISRO/DRDO do pujas and havans. Hindus don't have any problem conflating their spirituality with materialism as the latter has no bearing on the former. Desert cultists on the other hand have huge problems holding conflicting thoughts such as their professed dogmas and science because the very foundations on which the said dogmas are based on, get demolished if they choose a scientific outlook. This Pretend liberal is really a depressed Islamist. His description of this parallel universe where India run by RSS is a "garbage dump of crackpot science" is him lamenting about the Islamic world. Laugh and move on.
  6. surajmal

    Samskrita Bharati - online learning

    Sign up.
  7. Thats a standard ploy. I am more concerned with even so called "RW" hindus' disinterest in learning the language. You don't need to wake the entire hindu society up. This a country of almost a billion hindus. Even a small percentage of sanskrit speakers like 1% gives you 10 million native speakers. More than enough to drown any Orientalist propagandus. Bitchfaces would rather shout on twitter than learn something important.
  8. surajmal

    About Gandhi - Is this true?

    BN (Bhookha Nanga) Gandhi was a sexual deviant. That is the only (along with being a dhimmi) reason, liberandus put him at a pedestal (in every other way he was an antithesis to everything modern day liberandu) . He sets a precedent and allows them their own effed up moral compass.
  9. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Yes. very real.
  10. surajmal

    US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    WASPs are bored.... lets bomb some brown folk. rinse repeat. As a non WASP, I would gladly trade the current world order for one led by the teutons or mandarins (too bad Japs never made it big, I would have accepted them as an alternative as well. )
  11. Off topic: Whenever I hear a retired judge speak, its one of 2 types - Sanctimonious, inarticulate donkeys who keep on harping on protecting the judiciary or Tharoor clones that keep a thesaurus handy but unsurprisingly, never say anything meaningful. Utter mediocrity. Gungadeen Empire must die.
  12. surajmal

    History teaching in Pakistan

    What has sapta sindhu got to do with Al-bakistan? Let me give an example - Your Family sells the house you are living in and buys a new house. You (and your family) move into the new house - do some renovations, interior decorate to your liking etc etc. The family that bought your old house, does the same. Do you feel connected to the family that sold you the house? Does the family that bought your old house feel connected to you? You Shouldnt and they wouldnt. Physical structures is not what connects humans - its everything else. Besides Al-Bakis have destroyed much of what would qualify as Sapta Sindhu. So no physical structure and memories and emotions didn't exist to begin with.
  13. surajmal

    Cash crunch is back as ATMs across India go dry

    Time to recall the 2000 note and watch the fun unfold in karnataka elections.
  14. I subscribe to multi verse theory. So this is probably true.
  15. surajmal

    History teaching in Pakistan

    "Pakistan" is an acronym and Islam is iconoclastic, so its a reset on culture and everything else. Nothing exists before. My hometown has more history than what is Al-Bakistan.
  16. surajmal

    How has cricket influenced your life?

    Taught me that losing is okay.
  17. Those that can have Aryan genes.
  18. Namo needs to play the "Hindu Dharam Khatrey mein hain" card ASAP. He has enough data points now to present to the public. Northie Voters will instantly fall in line and thats all BJP needs.
  19. I've heard something similar.
  20. https://twitter.com/IndianInterest/status/985548290463805440 https://twitter.com/TrueIndology/status/985551115218370560 Pretty much this. Hoping at some point Namo will play his cards. Hindus are about to lose Jammu as well (at which point Ladakh is just a walkover. Nice knowing you, buddhists)
  21. https://twitter.com/jsaideepak/status/984871742337413122 I'm a big fan of this man. Very few hindus left (other than RSS) who believe in Karmayoga. Do contribute to his indic collective (http://www.indiccollective.org/) in whatever way you can.
  22. I must have typed in some obscure dialect of english for you to not understand. Let me try again. a) Please show me some primer or mission statement or abstract or interview clip where either Arnab or one of Republic's executives lay out that they will be shedding light on policy matters relating to Hindu social/political issues. b) Please show where Arnab Goswami came out and declared his party affiliation? (not toeing darbari media line doesn't make one Pro - BJP.) c) Did you get stumped by the == sign? Please show me all the victories BJP has delivered for the hindus for it to qualify. (for e.g. RTE, Temple management, Unfinished Land reforms, protection from predatory desert cultists etc ) - Jinnah delivered Bakistan to muslims. See the difference in results? Self attested labels don't interest me. Otherwise, Khalistanis are the gatekeepers of sikhism. Maybe, I should judge every sikh from that angle now.
  23. https://twitter.com/neelakantha/status/984525611992363008 Basically, one of Mufti begum's ploy to curry favor with the jihadis, drive hindus away from their homes and encroach their land. Same ****, different state. ROPers using similar bullying tactics in Assam and WB. They tried similar **** in Western UP. Unfortunately, SP lost the elections.
  24. Alright lets take this step by step. a) Since when did Republic TV become the arbiter on hindu issues? b) When did Arnab become pro-BJP? c) When did BJP == Hindu?

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