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  1. My conspiracy theory regarding GST council - jai italy intentionally fe cked things up knowing full well that a rolling economy would mean dumping of lutyens gang in BJP, post 2019. Namo needs to take the next budget off jai italy's hands, streamline the tax bands and "ensure" states' cooperation during next council meet. Less than 282 seats plays into D4's hands.
  2. Biggest problem with GST council is giving each state an as equal say as the centre in the name of federalism. State governments' fiscal prudence is legendary. So if you allow them to set the tax rates, they will always vote for higher taxes. Centre (i.e. Namo) needs to put its foot down fast otherwise things could get hairy in 2019... GSTN is already struggling mightily, fu cked up tax rates will make sure recovery is postponed by several quarters https://swarajyamag.com/economy/the-nightmare-called-gstn-implementation-issues-can-derailindias-biggest-tax-reform
  3. Rahul Gandhi Berkeley speech

    What did he say about artificial intelligence?
  4. That loan is for bullet train. If India decides tomorrow, it doesn't want a bullet train, there will be no loan. And considering the terms of the loan, it would be a crime to not take it.
  5. Kyunki unki barbadi (khushali) or aapki khushali (barbadi) mein pratilom sambandh hai.
  6. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Get some fresh air.
  7. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Anyways, tried to watch a Jagmeet Singh speech.... mediocrity personified. Liberandus, the world over, are ruining their project by hoisting champions of lowest common denominators, in the name of diversity, over rest of the populace.
  8. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    You wanna a debate why a land (of 1.3 billion people) that got pillaged for centuries is a craphole 70 years after independence? Clearly I touched a raw nerve.
  9. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    Of course Khalistan will never form. And putting aside the value judgement, Jagmeet Singh is still banned from coming to India. GOI doesn't restrict many people from travelling to the country, some exceptions being terrorists (and their sympathizers). This guy is "free" to shout Raj karega khalsa and demand a separate homeland in US, Canada or England... considering majority of khalistan dreamers reside in those places anyways.
  10. http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/andhra-pradesh/2017/sep/06/pastor-caught-raping-12-year-old-tied-up-to-pole--thrashed-but-yet-to-be-arrested-1653030.html One desert cult wants to kill everything thats different, other desert cult used to feel that way but now just satisfies itself with pedophilia (while outsourcing the killing to governments).
  11. US Open 2017-28th AUG to 10th SEP

    snooze fest. Murray and djoker better be back for AO.
  12. Piss poor portraits; looks like something elementary school kids would draw/paint.
  13. Canadian Sikh Politician handles the racist heckler

    lol. This guy is a khalistani. GOI (both Congress and BJP) has rejected his visa applications several times.
  14. Can Anderson end career with sub-25 average?

    lol no. He is gonna get a major phainty on Australian pattas.
  15. WTF is jai italy doing with cess additions every month? and how can Namo just sit by idly? Middle class is the one assured votebank that BJP has and jai italy is doing his best to push them away. Wake the fe ck up!

    Good job to clouderson. Home track bullies have value and shouldn't be discounted so easily.
  17. Kohli is sitting at 18 matches and 1017 runs. We have 13 ODIs (all home) remaining till new year. So Kohli needs 878 runs. A double 100 would make things easier otherwise he can't consecutive failures.
  18. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    Calling out the vatican sanctioned pedophilia is slander apparently in the eyes of this coward. Pathetic. I hope mods will take notice of this member with a suspect moral compass.
  19. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    Pedophile is absconding because Police refused to register a fir after the pedophile union (i.e church) had a talk with them.
  20. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/noted-journalist-gauri-lankesh-shot-dead-at-her-house/articleshow/60380886.cms Congress needs Karnataka at whatever cost. Their Dirty tricks department will be working overtime (until probably general elections for that matter).
  21. Liberal Caste needs to become a thing because nobody is more casteist than a so called liberal.
  22. Her brother says (on NDTV) that she was getting threatening messages from maoists. Should have seen Omar's mistress face who immediately tried to flip the script by saying that relations between the two siblings weren't at their best... What scumbags these liberandus are!
  23. tailunt sucks in t20. He needs to go.

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