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  1. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Maybe try Nagarkoti in place of Jadhav. Guy is a complete player, so also adds to the fielding.
  2. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22300070/india-surprised-dampness-wanderers-pitch-final-day
  3. lol. lunch called with 2 runs needed. no wonder cricket is dying. chutiya rules, chutiya everything.
  4. They have their excuse then for the crap performance.
  5. should have been all out for under 90.
  6. Delhi has an over abundance of punjabis. Although, I shouldn't scream too loudly since Haryana will be bringing back Congis next time.
  7. What a chutiya move. Spinners literally are imposing their will on the batsmen and the genius brings in a future big boss contestant.
  8. Pandya should go and signup for big boss. Hes got no business being a international cricket player.
  9. Indian commentators that can't pronounce indian names correctly should lose their jobs. m'fer, if you don't know the correct pronounciation, go ask the damn player.
  10. Pandya is a **** player. Couple of decent outings against the luungans proved nothing.
  11. Psychological statements. The fact that ROPers can do this with impunity while in minority... it first speaks to the bheegi billi nature of hindus at large (amazingly, those hindus that don't take ROPers' chunautis lying down - i.e. Jats in Western UP or Gujjus, are termed communal). 2nd, well demographics are inching only one way, **** will get bloody. Don't know what else need to be said. The word coexistence does not exist in the dictionary of desert cultists.
  12. awesome thread. I'm amazed that the resident uberBong hasnt noticed it yet.
  13. Indian Media reaches new depths

    B Raman (former CT head in RAW) called out Swami as an ISI agent a while back on twitter. Its quite likely that GOI is playing this fool or keeping a track on his information channels or he is a triple agent. I mean no one who writes this openly against India's interests should be allowed to breathe free air, so that's the way I rationalize it.
  14. India world champions U19 2018

    I meant more on the basis of their performance over the last year+ (since this squad came together). They owned every team they faced in their preparation for this WC (and then again in the tournament).
  15. Dominican Republic in 2000s had a better baseball team than US. It means nothing. But you will now see goras falling back to this line of argument more often since in 10 yrs India will be whitewashing every team in every format. IPL is important for this reason as well. Level of competition is about to go for a toss.
  16. India world champions U19 2018

    Best u19 squad ever, hands down.
  17. If pappu patel can eek out a 25+ test match career with India, Desai has more than a chance to make it at the senior level.
  18. WTF? this gujju is going to deny kalra his 100.
  19. that was stupid. There was no need to take any risk.

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