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  1. surajmal

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    No dog in the fight so i will support Argentina. Messi deserves to lift the trophy to complete his well earned GOAT career.
  2. surajmal

    Karnataka election results

    If Amit Shah lets JDS-INC win the trust vote, the sheen will be off. Hes been riding the UP LS/state elections wins for a while now. This is will the second big loss for him in last few months after the Ahmed Patel fiasco (although that matters is still in court, it should never have got there).
  3. surajmal

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    Phenotypic markers don't get filtered down in a few decades. Unless, the population get affected by severe drought/disease which clearly UK has not as it is still a developed economy.
  4. surajmal

    Royal Wedding

    I like the idea of royalty. Too bad India lost/forgot its own royal families. I bet that's a contributing factor for the utter social/cultural destruction across the land.
  5. surajmal

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    You mean the one that conquered the entire world?
  6. surajmal

    Relationships and Morality

    Kya ajeeb aadmi hai. This is a cricket forum for RSS members. Here,every male is a brahmachari while every female is an aspiring saadhvi. Ask @velu, hes our Shakha pramukh.
  7. I doubt this case goes anywhere. If coppers had evidence, the charges would have been under 302, but the same coppers fe cked up (read: fe cked with on Congis' behest) the initial investigation, so whatever. Hope they keep the cases going against the bigwigs of gungadeen empire until 2019. Win the election, and go hard after the ecosystem funding sources in the following months.
  8. https://twitter.com/TrueIndology/status/995542405607665664 Can say from experience as this is true in my family as well. Discuss.
  9. the irony. https://twitter.com/squintneon/status/995524573247324161
  10. surajmal

    Is this the best bollywood song of the decade?

    acquired taste, like most good things.
  11. surajmal

    Isro spy case & delay in cryogenic engines

    Don't know when it will hit Indian junta that Congis are deshdrohis in its most simplest definition.
  12. surajmal

    Indian "Liberals" claiming to be Champions of Science

    New gem from Saggy https://twitter.com/sagarikaghose/status/993530030696292352
  13. surajmal

    Is this the best bollywood song of the decade?

    You never mixed couple of shots of bacardi in between whisky drinks?!
  14. surajmal

    Pakistani Hindu man humiliated by police

    Pakistani Hindu is a fine example of natural selection doing its job. Not that Indian Hindu is coming out victorious but atleast number game works in his/her favour. Hindus on the periphery of India were/are grade A chutiyanandans. I welcome mother nature ridding us of such defectives from the gene pool.
  15. surajmal

    Mystery of the Pyramids

  16. Lets not go that far. They are still third world **** holes. I know lemurians like to claim that, free from India, they can turn lemuria into singapore in 5 yrs. But thats why we laugh at lemurians.
  17. Hindu Dharma. You take it out, India is the worst hell hole imaginable. Hindu dharma is the only redeeming quality of Indians. This most precious real estate in the world has been made a open sewer otherwise.
  18. surajmal

    Jinnah portrait row in Aligarh Muslim University

    This needs to spread for the casteist chewtiyapa to dissolve and sleeping masses to wake up. ROPers are a stupid lot. They need to learn from ROLers and play the long game. Bharat wide Azaadi movement will result in a counter reaction so severe that what happened in Iberia more than a 1000 yrs ago will seem like a slap on the wrist to the momeen. Just remember who controls the state machinery.
  19. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    A definitive statement like that, you must be speaking from experience? Like I said. You are a sniveling bitch, you missed a few proper beatdowns in life to put things in perspective.
  20. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Jat women have won more medals in the last yr than bong women in their history. Chew on that for a second.
  21. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Could be **** load of reasons. type of building material used for example. Maybe they found that building houses out of wood was easier since forests were plenty. Are you actually arguing against your stated position that India was the largest economy on the planet before Renaissance just to win a internet argument? And you think I am Pmsing like a 15 yr old girl? You are a sniveling little bitch arent you? Would love to beat the **** out of you not because I'm a violent man or anything but that is just what sniveling bitches deserve.
  22. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    boohoo. suck my balls uberbongi. I'll raise a glass once, ROPers demand statewide sharia in west bangladesh.
  23. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Whats that got to do with Bharat? Euphrates floods, mesopotamians have no option but to reconstruct once water recedes because there is desert all around. Where are they going to go? Whereas bharatvasis could shift their settlement as there is plenty of good land available all over.
  24. surajmal

    Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    "real" story of ramayana is from early stone age. There must have been numerous settlements post that "event". They came into/went out of existence. Ayodhya is on the ganga floodplains. Any remnants of grand buildings from antiquity are probably buried more than a couple of metres under. Just because it hasn't been discovered by the mouthbreathers at ASI, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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