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  1. WTF is jai italy doing with cess additions every month? and how can Namo just sit by idly? Middle class is the one assured votebank that BJP has and jai italy is doing his best to push them away. Wake the fe ck up!

    Good job to clouderson. Home track bullies have value and shouldn't be discounted so easily.
  3. Kohli is sitting at 18 matches and 1017 runs. We have 13 ODIs (all home) remaining till new year. So Kohli needs 878 runs. A double 100 would make things easier otherwise he can't consecutive failures.
  4. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    Calling out the vatican sanctioned pedophilia is slander apparently in the eyes of this coward. Pathetic. I hope mods will take notice of this member with a suspect moral compass.
  5. Pastor caught raping a 12 year old

    Pedophile is absconding because Police refused to register a fir after the pedophile union (i.e church) had a talk with them.
  6. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/noted-journalist-gauri-lankesh-shot-dead-at-her-house/articleshow/60380886.cms Congress needs Karnataka at whatever cost. Their Dirty tricks department will be working overtime (until probably general elections for that matter).
  7. Liberal Caste needs to become a thing because nobody is more casteist than a so called liberal.
  8. Her brother says (on NDTV) that she was getting threatening messages from maoists. Should have seen Omar's mistress face who immediately tried to flip the script by saying that relations between the two siblings weren't at their best... What scumbags these liberandus are!
  9. tailunt sucks in t20. He needs to go.
  10. Take away the fake english accents and you find out how astoundingly inarticulate liberandus are.
  11. Gonna have zilch effect on the ground. But when it comes to election rallies , namo can easily slip in piercing one liners targetting Congress for their support for jihadis (petitions for Afzal Guru clemency) and Naxals (state funeral for a Naxal).
  12. State funeral for a convicted naxal. This is what you get with Congress. https://twitter.com/CNNnews18/status/905387296958046210 Truly WTF.
  13. When people get confused by Liberandus response (or lack of) to Jihadi violence in India, don't. Look at their response to the murder of an urban naxal who was out on bail... Indian intellegentsia got hijacked long ago. Gonna need a hammer. I hope Namo will get the message soon.
  14. Jagrati Shukla is my new hero (assuming the handle is authentic). Taking on the entire liberandu gang single handedly...
  15. lol commies started protesting on the street 10 minutes after the news came out. Following a script. And these chewts think, aam aadmi will fall for it (well those with more than 2 functioning brain cells wont).
  16. Distractions. Siddaramaih will say one thing but Liberandus the world over (ohh yes, first it was christians, then dalits, then muslims ... now its the media under threat) will sing a different tune.
  17. Well, karmically speaking, she is correct. Commies are butchering RSS workers all over. But this is handiwork of Congress. Considering the kind of divisive moves Siddaramiah has taken over the last few months, this fits the MO.
  18. Gambhir is good people. BJP/RSS is the obvious home for good people.
  19. He should make his BJP membership official.
  20. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    lol. 2+ months long tour.
  21. US Open 2017-28th AUG to 10th SEP

    Shapovalov is my new favourite player. A lefty with a relentless motor and a one handed backhand. Seems like Rafa and Fed participated in a science experiment.
  22. Kohli's chances of beating SRT's 1998 record year

    Sachin Bhakts are just jelly. They know how hard it is going to be to preach/sustain Sachinism 100 years from now and how easy it will be for a Kohli missionary to come and steal away their flock. Lord Kohli is just a better story - Personal Loss, Sacrifice, Confidence, Leadership, Love, Spirit... Everything a potential bhakt is seeking in their lord and saviour - A new Krishna. While Sachin - A child prodigy who delivered... Such a boring story. No thanks
  23. Anitha's death is a murder not a suicide. DMK killed her.

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