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  1. My wish is that primary use of Chabahar (from Indian viewpoint) is to supply Afghans (who are willing to fe ck with bakis) and Baloch insurgency. I don't have the slightest inkling or hope that Iranians are willing to trade with Indians over the longer term or let Indians through to Central Asia... Afterall, once a jihadi, always a jihadi. I hope GOI won't go all out in trying to match china dollar for dollar in terms of investment in this region. Do the bare minimum. And if they can mine and import from the minerals rich regions of Afghanistan, great. But that is just icing on the cake. Primary goal needs to be to fund the crap out of balochis so that balochistan becomes a no go region for Bakis and Chinis.
  2. Aus vs Eng ,Boxing Day Test at Melbourne

    ummm... Since when did Lyon start acting like he is the second coming of murali? BC acts as if he is going to get a wicket every ball. Someone needs to tell him that he still looks like a warehouse labourer.
  3. Pak lovers

    Its a mixture of masochism, cowardice, lack of self awareness, ignorance of history, consequences of commie dominance of the societal narrative and presence of too many Punjabis in high positions.
  4. Ishant Must Deliver in SA - Venkatesh Prasad

    I'm glad Ishant is being given a shot (probably his last). 3 big away series, Ishant has probably learnt (a little?) from experience. If he doesn't deliver now, his international career is finished (I'm sure he knows that atleast).
  5. KL Rahul at no.3-option worth exploring?

    I'm sorry. I though a simple no would be a sufficient answer. After the openers have been blown away by Rabada, you need someone to pitch a tent in the middle. Hence, Pujara is the only option at that spot.
  6. Ishant Must Deliver in SA - Venkatesh Prasad

    So this means that Yadav is out as #3 seamer?
  7. What a sham. And for all those clamoring for court proceedings against Gandhi Clan - This is why it is not happening. Courts are part of the ecosystem. Namo can't afford for Sonia/Pappu to be flashing a victory sign outside of the court.
  8. Kulbhushan Jadhav

    hindu kaffirs can't get "hired" jihadis to do their bidding. You pretty much have to make bakistan a hell hole along the lines of syria (so that there are no loyalities left) for jihadis to start targetting baki jernails in addition to fighting their own chutiya battles. Funding balochis or pashtos through intermediaries .... its a slow uphill climb.
  9. Mindy Kaling - whats your opinion on her?

    quota hire.
  10. Kulbhushan Jadhav

    Targeting their army leadership (outside of direct military conflict) sounds easy on paper whereas its anything but that. I would love a munich like hitsquad, but Israel had/has tacit understanding with European nations for mossad to act to freely. I doubt Indians can operate in such manner in dubai/middle east/europe (asean countries maybe the exception but I don't think this region is a big vacation spot for baki leadership).
  11. Kulbhushan Jadhav

    I'm surprised he is still alive. Bakis have couple of brain cells left after all.
  12. Hes not playing in the tests. Rohit Sharma has the #6 spot on lockdown.
  13. Pandey... just isn't international quality. May as well bring in Raina, if fit.
  14. Pandya should be nowhere near the test team. Seems early fame got to his head.
  15. Siraj - not impressed

    hes a bum. next please.
  16. Why are they making it look so hard?
  17. Lalu Convicted.

    Judiciary decided to do its job.
  18. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    What kind of effed up name is that?
  19. Tit for tat is on at the border. And it was allowed by this "waste of sperm". Other, more effective retaliatory options require major capacity build up that needs time and money (thank UPA again for this deficiency). And when they are ready to use such options, Namo won't be announcing it on twitter.
  20. 32 died in a bus accident too. Namo doesn't need to prove anything to his bhakts. And fence sitters are ... just that.
  21. If Rahul doesn't get picked in the Test 11, then we will know if Virat is playing favorites.
  22. Lalu Convicted.

    I get a sense, in many of the cases, there is no concrete evidence (remember all those "accidental" fires in home and finance ministries prior to 2014?). The only way Namo is going to get the big fish is by turning the small ones.

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