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  1. 2026 WC will have 48 teams, so it is certainly doable. Discuss.
  2. surajmal

    This will break your heart

    Read what I typed again. and maybe a third, fourth or fifth time. I used plain english diction, not hindi.
  3. surajmal

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    huh?! I would like you to take me through your reasoning where you concluded that I was "seeing all these reaction videos". If it is not too much trouble.
  4. surajmal

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    Not a new trend. TVF chewtiyas even started appearing on some mexican lodu's videos. I was like, have some self respect; you people are creating original content and that lodu isn't even white so what's with seeking approval?! I'm sure that was a contributing factor in me losing interest. Slavery is genetic, that's my conclusion from all this.
  5. surajmal

    This will break your heart

    Difference between rule taking and rule making countries... Rule takers cant even protect themselves from jihadi hordes in the name of human rights. While rule makers get to arbitrarily decide where the line is or if one exists at all. Suck on that, losers
  6. surajmal

    So Einstein was a racist.

    If somebody was looking for more proof that WW2 was a godsend for colored people, here you go. Nothing makes you recalibrate your existence like getting a spoonful of medication you been dishing out to others for centuries. (I'm overstating but atleast goras have the pretense now. Behind the scenes they may as well be singing kumbaya to the ubermensch) https://indianexpress.com/article/world/albert-einstein-held-racially-offensive-views-his-travel-diaries-reveal-5221307/
  7. surajmal

    Highest average speed in test cricket since 2010

    aussie guns are boosted. Take a couple of ticks off from their numbers.
  8. You lamenting or admiring? Most hardcore mountain climbers would qualify for welfare. So how do they manage their expensive passion? Gora sports require cash. Something like mountain climbing would only be accessible to somebody making at least 2 lakh pm in India. And if you are making 2 lakh pm in India, you are most likely a desk jockey with muscle tone of a teenager going through puberty. Earning in dollars/euros goes a long way. A gora climber can get by on a physical labour job (a job that would pay 500 rupees daily in india). Indian economy is ****. So you cant hope for the "invisible hand" to take care of the talent (whichever field) lying in the masses. You either take the communist approach towards sports- top down and make it a matter of national pride, or watch from the sidelines.
  9. Rich people don't do sports. Its the middle/lower classes (with easy access to resources) who partake in physical activity. US is a prime example, even the crappiest inner city schools have a track/field, basketball court etc. Genetic advantage does play a role, so some african nations can produce world class athletes inspite of the circumstances. Otherwise, If chinese can own the podium, so can indians. Its a matter of spending the moolah on necessary infra.
  10. that was pathetic. Messi should take retirement from international play in protest. He doesnt deserve this mediocrity.
  11. Why do Indians suck at Tennis so much? Discuss.
  12. surajmal

    Journalist Shujaat Bukhari shot dead in Srinagar

    Centre is for people who are either too busy with the mundane or too ignorant to have an opinion.
  13. surajmal

    French Open 2018

    Back to -3 in GS tally. Rafa is 32, Fed will be 37 in 2 months. Man, if only Rafa hadn't choked in 2017 AO... could have already buried Kevin Federline's corpse and taken the GOAT mantle for good.
  14. OPINIONS http://www.opindia.com/2018/06/akhilesh-yadav-leaving-his-govt-bungalow-in-ruins-is-the-real-vision-document-of-secular-alliance/ Congis did the same to the national economy and central budget prior to losing in 2014. If Namo hadn't taken the steps he did, Country would be staring at bankruptcy right now.
  15. surajmal

    Cricketer Hardik Pandya Dating Esha Gupta

    Anyone else get Chitrangada Singh vibes from Esha Gupta? She would be a total package if her acting skills were worth a lick.
  16. surajmal

    Why is Jinnah portrayed in bad light in Indian history?

    didn't we already do this thread like couple of weeks ago?
  17. surajmal

    of mowgli aur bengali

    Kipling was an self avowed orientalist and bongs made the best gungadeens.
  18. surajmal


    Whatever gains they made during the World cup are now all gone. Was laughing my ass off when Mithali Raj was championing for women's IPL. ROFLCOPTER. Yeah, maybe when you raise you level from u12 boys cricket.
  19. Pretty women should get leeway. So back off, you crocodiles.
  20. surajmal

    French Open 2018

    too easy.
  21. https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1004982450563440640 On expected lines... And we haven't even talked about jihadis waiting in the shadows. Gonna be a bloody election year.
  22. How the eff do people that dropped science and math at the first opportunity, more often than not because their puny brains couldn't handle logic, numbers and problem solving, become flag bearers of Scientific Thought? Discuss.
  23. surajmal

    ROLers, Commies planning Namo's assassination.

    Jihadis are children in front of the ROLer+commie combine (which really should be read as tentacles of the deep state). Namo needs to send a message to these fecks and double down on FCRA regulations and bring in a nationwide anti conversion bill. Give a middle finger and say that I've played nice guy enough. Atleast take one page from middle kingdom's book. They have vatican big wigs begging at their doorstep. Show of strength is important. You cant be playing "chanakya" all the time.
  24. How come dalit maharathis aren't fighting for equal representation in manning the border (ignore mahar regiment for this)? discuss.
  25. Americans are so fecked. If there is one developed country thats is primed for a civil war, it is Umrika. Too many guns in the populace, Racial tensions, loaded and roided police force... have fun feckers.

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