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  1. On 20/10/2017 at 3:05 AM, New guy said:

    India has the highest amount of air pollution related deaths in the world, at 2.5 million per year




    And this NRI, sitting comfortably overseas, with his family and children breathing in clear air and being safe does not need to care for that. For these NRIs, Indian lives do not matter. Indians are not individuals trying to live their lives, wanting to be safe, comfortable, as individuals living peacefully. Nope, these NRIs see Indians as disposable soldiers which they can take pride on sitting safe from afar with their comfortable lives and families. Hence they look at Indians as holder of ideals, symbol of their religion, of patriotism. This is why they are comfortable calling for a war with Pakistan. They are comfortable asking Indians to choke to death over their religion. Asking them to fight for death over whether a temple or a mosque should be build. Sitting safe and comfortable with their families and children, wars, riots, pollution, nothing going to affect the NRI. So they can afford these ideals


    The very fact that the people cooperated is a slap on the faces of people like these. The Indians are largely a very sensible group of people. And the reason why we even exist as a country despite our multiple religions, languages, diversity and needs. Because the common Indian is focused on their day to day lives. 


    We have survived despite our enemies. Despite people trying to divide us. And we will survive despite the lofty ideals of the NRIs who want us to fight and die and choke so that they, sitting safe far away can brag about their religion and rituals. No religion is greater than common sense and Hinduism is the prime example of a pragmatic religion. Heck even Gita talks clearly about karma over rituals but then picking and choosing what to follow has always been the way of the religious bigot



  2. SC is going to go one step further next year and ban fireworks outright because milordas feel emboldened as no one is challenging their overreach and 2018 is also a do or die year for liberandus with Ram mandir verdict hanging in the balance (watch out for shenanigans here as well) I am going to make sure I'm in delhi next diwali and this is what I'm doing to SC:



  3. 11 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    I thought that was common knowledge ?? In either case, i don't think necrophilia was the cause of Jauhar, since if the women didn't kill themselves, they'd end up as sex slaves, not dead and corpse rape. 

    In anycase, i see Jauhar as a coward's way out. Its a lot easier to kill oneself than live with dishonour to avenge the injustices. Death is easy. Surviving is hard. And instead of living to fight another day, most Rajputs took the easy way out. 


    Sorry, it should read, one of the reasons.

    And its not really common knowledge. When people try to bracket desert cultists, its often headlined by " the sword" or "suicide bomb" - portrays a very clean, sanitary image. Puts them on the same level as samurai/Japanese (sepukku/kamikazi). Whereas former are so much "worse" and unacceptable. They have literally scraped the bottom of the barrel of human existence.  

    What I'm saying is we need more descriptors to describe the desert cultists. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    Hindus need a reminder, but the jauhar sends the wrong message IMO. 

    We shouldn't be like the Rajputs - talk about unity and fail (which we are inching towards), then go on suicide mission while all civilians kill themselves. Then we all die. We die = we lose. End of story. There are other examples to follow. Perhaps not Indian, but that shouldn't stop us from doing whats best for us. 

    Thats what I mean. Ignoring/not doing anything equals suicide ala Rajputs. Time to take the initiative. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Tibarn said:

    Going by their own ministers tweets, ie Dr Harshvardhan, some of them are celebrating the move.


    Honestly speaking, 


    This is why it's better if Hindus tactically vote for parties:  particularly regional parties,  based on who will actually do stuff that they need, ie repealing RTE, Temple control, etc.  


    Hindus should stop being useless and just selling their votes to the national parties (INC and BJP) who suck their blood to feed non-Hindus. 


    That asura Harshvardhan deleted his tweets after getting mauled by annoyed hindus. faack, this BJP has been a disappointment. Hindus need to turn towards sympathetic (or our own) advocacy groups, forget political parties. Get the temples freed first and use to funds to fight for remaining hindu causes. 


    I'm done with shouting equal application of unjust laws. I want freedom to live my life the way I wish. If desert cultists like their barbarian ways, go nuts. Just leave me the * alone. Libtards are itching for a confrontation and they will get it. 



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