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  1. pagal kutte ne kat rakha hai? Had a misfortune of talking to a Baki in class once - discussion somehow veered towards general subcontinent history. Will never make that mistake again. Mfers are schizos.

  2. 15 minutes ago, asterix said:

    VP for 10 years, Hamid Ansari... Must say this will further help BJP.





    RoPers are caught in a bind regarding when to show their cards. If they do it too soon, BJP gets electoral gains. If they leave it too late (i.e. several years down the line), Indian economy will be too strong and GOI can start dealing with them like how China handles its RoPer population. 

    If their average IQ wasn't in low double digits, they would let RoLers take the lead in handling the idolaters while they keep working in the rural areas, increasing its membership size allowing it to encroach land very easily and freely. Alas, they can't help themselves and need limelight as much as the other death cult. 


  3. On 7/7/2018 at 5:40 PM, Gollum said:

    @asterix bhai can you merge the recent Arunachal thread over here? That too is church related with huge ramifications in the North East. If thread merging doesn't fall under mod's jurisdiction it's fine...I'll post future developments related to this topic on this thread. 


    So that turned out to be fake news as Ram Madhav himself rubbished it. Liberandus know how to needle twitter sanghis. Never believe anything that a liberandu publication puts out - rule of thumb. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    I guess they are preparing the stage for some ghar wapsi and bringing animistic religions under Hindu fold. But looks risky because they lack the persistence, ruthlessness and evil genius of desert cultists. 

    Numbers of tribes following some form of animism is too small to make much of a dent in the end. **** is really going to hit the fan in couple of decades when Bangladesh's coastline is getting flooded and all those ROPers make their way upward in the biggest migration in human history.  North East is a goner, no matter what. Interesting thing to speculate on is what sort of response the hindi belt going to have to the civil war between the two death cults.  

  5. 28 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    @asterix bhai can you merge the recent Arunachal thread over here? That too is church related with huge ramifications in the North East. If thread merging doesn't fall under mod's jurisdiction it's fine...I'll post future developments related to this topic on this thread. 


    lolwut?! Point of no return was crossed in North east 3 decades ago demographics wise. Now its a matter of seeing which death cult wins out in the end. Infact now that I think about it, BJP maybe playing some long term chanakiyan move by letting abrahamics ingress into the north east more and more. They may have already concluded that its best to deal with who ever comes out on top in a few decades. 

  6. 1 hour ago, asterix said:

    How many so called “liberals” & “feminists” have posted in this topic, leave alone prime time debates in MSM...


    Sorry, you guys are hypocrites, dishonest & agenda driven.


    Do not ever try to come and preach the RW.


    RW are much better than you hypocrites...


    This tweet by True Indology is apt



  7. pretty meh half way through and playing on the same old tired tropes. Understandable since its written/produced/directed by liberandu brigade. I'm gonna go back to watching westworld and come back to this when i get time. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Turning_track said:

    Are you based outside of India? Because for international audiences Netflix used dozens of voice over artists.

    As I'm in India the dialogues & narration you are talking about were in mostly Hindi. 

    Yeah. nevermind. I changed the audio track. all good now. 

  9. On 7/4/2018 at 5:04 PM, Texy said:

    The collective nature of the group is reflected by the success of their country...Look at India, dirty, unsanitary....people throw garbage on the street because they are selfish and do not care anything outside their homes...=== India == poor & dirty. Japan = clean, successful and developed. 

    Thats genius. This thread is genius.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Turning_track said:

    Binge watched "Sacred Games" in one go. Simply superb. The casting is top notch & it is definitely a lot more than the usual cops & gangster story.

    Credit to the author Vikram Chandra who has given so much content to the makers that they're planning to make the novel in a 4 part series comprising a total of 32 episodes.

    Just started watching. Looks good but can't understand why the dialogues and narration are in english.

  11. On 6/28/2018 at 11:27 AM, coffee_rules said:

    What a fall from grace, just like Shourie.



    Shourie's is infinitely worse. Many people were turned towards BJP after reading Shourie's writings. For him to turn luteyns at a stage of life where he should be cementing his legacy instead of destroying it, is mind blowing. 

  12. 1 hour ago, zen said:

    Let me illustrate through the idea that kids from all backgrounds should feel safe in our society. For e.g the rape and murder of a kid in Jammu, the case of the 7 years old that is currently being discussed, the kid drugged and raped in Guj, the cases of child abuses in schools, etc.


    We expect respect from our fellow humans, along with having that infrastructure in place that prevents and discourages activities that go against these basic expectations. We cannot have ppl thinking that they can get away with anything 




    Again with the oughts. I ought to have a gazillion dollars. I ought to have a harem populated with victoria secret models. I ought to be a real world Peter Weyland.

    I asked for a definitions on the basis of which you laid out your expectations and obligations of everyone in India...  not a poorly worded tautology. 

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