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  1. sickular dogs diverting the topic. What we should really be discussing is ROP and its incompatibility with humanity. What we have is political potshots. meh. I am already resigned to the fact that India is headed for a civil war. It's time for the centre to move the family jewels (i.e. ISRO, DAE etc) to the hindu parts of the country. 

  2. https://twitter.com/aurvabhrg/status/974885745222672384


    I completely agree with the last tweet. A confrontation with IOI gang is inevitable (my conclusion as well for the longest time). Namo has been hoping that consistent electoral winning will allow him to use a scalpel to dissect this beast without mess. But too many things have to go right for the dharmics to win out in the end that way. 


    IOI's natural position and goal is instability. If India was a stable socio-political entity, they would find it hard and almost impossible to come out on top. But India is unstable in every sphere of life. So Namo's approach i.e. minimize collateral damage is like hitting a bullet with a bullet while riding another bullet whose path is determined by a random function. 

    He better make decisive maneuvers after 2019 election or India is heading for a multi dimensional civil war.

    I'm sure couple of years of political chaos is an infinitely better route than what awaits us otherwise. 

  3. Voter Turnout in Gorakhpur is less than 40%. Basically, if Amit Shah isn't incharge of election proceedings, BJP leaders just leave everything upto god. Adityanath has proven to be an utter amateur. Hopefully, he learnt his lesson to never take any election lightly. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    Indians were also quick to revolt against Britishers too .In 500 years of islamic invasions rule destruction of temples forced conversions , There was never united revolt against muslim rulers but in 50-100 years Indian soldiers mutined against Britishers

     Thats because the numbers of brits at any given time was an order of magnitude less than numbers of ROPer invaders. Besides, it is not as if all of India had surrendered totally to ROPers. There was a (or several) rebellion going on in some corner at any given time. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Singh bling said:

    Thanks for confirming my point that pay pension perks are the biggest reason for joining army , other elements ate secondary

    You are trying to extract electricity from water. 

    Sustenance is essential of any living thing. Everything else will come secondary, naturally. Plenty of young folk who join army in this day and age can get better paying jobs in private sector but they chose the armed forces because it offers something more, abstract. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    And because of Swadharma Britishers were able to rule India.the soldiers that were recruited  by East India company. Helped them defeating kings after kings

    If Indian Kings had offered them similar salary, they would have fought for them. It's not rocket science. Subcontinent was war torn. There were no greater loyalties other than to one's stomach. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Muloghonto said:

    Nowhere has the case been made that secessionism in NE is due to religion. 


    Thats because your english is poor. 





    Or the Danes didnt extradite him, because India failed to provide probable or just cause.

    You have a strange concept of what flies for proof.....apparently suspicion of some hindu fundamentalists = proof. 


    See thats why you are a c hootiya. 




    No. NE faces racism from you hindi-stanis and many Bongs. you use the term 'chaptaa' for them. 

    They face far worse than any other part of India and that is a fact.


    2 hours from Delhi, I can show villages with poverty that these converts cant even imagine. Spare me the sanctimonious spiel. 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    Just as i thought. No data, no proof. Just dodging. 


    Already posted by a retired general no less. 




    I did read the link. The link does not prove your supposition that maoists are funded/supported by North Europeans. Show us the evidence that the origin of the plane is from Northern Europe. 

    Yes it does. And if Davy had been extradited, We would have had definitive proof. But why would the danes extradite him if he would end up fingerpointing at them? 



    You have not. You have just brushed all the grievances of NE under the religion carpet to absolve responsibility, further fuelling their secessionism. 

    No, you are the one blaming others for wanting to seperate from India due to 70 years of racism and 2nd class citizenship, on religion to absolve responsibility for the social ills created by the hindi-majority politics of New Delhi


    The level of grievances of NE is present in every nook and corner of India and more. Take your convert bitching elsewhere. 

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