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  1. I don't have a biscuit for you.
  2. Apply the same let of rules to darwinian theory that liberandus have applied to Ram Mandir and you would be arguing in court for a 1000 yrs. I'm assuming you got triggered for the same reasons rest of the liberandus get triggered by such foot in mouth comments? Lets debate, how does the evolution debate affect (adversely or otherwise) the general discourse among hindus compared to desert cultists?
  3. You just admitted to being a liberandu. All it comes with is a collar. But I can't give you that. That would be your owner. Get off my leg and go bother him/her.
  4. Thats all I needed. An admission. Now wasnt that easy? Thank You.
  5. very applicable. Since your reaction (like the reaction of rest of the liberandu pack on twitter) is entirely based on someone else's experience to a situation vastly different. Like a grade A liberandu unable discern context or meaning.
  6. Hence the term Pavlov's dogs.
  7. Stop shadow boxing. If you don't know what the argument/conflict is about, its better to ask than to make a uber-chutiya of yourself.
  8. false information ... lolwut?! Prove the "theory" in court. I take the lolwut back. because your middle school logic isn't even lolworthy anymore.
  9. Pavlov's Dogs got triggered instantly. Nevermind the National Herald case or murder spree of communists/jihadis in kerala/karnataka. Regardless, his freedom of speech. And this is far less appalling than the history taught to children which has had actual repercussions on the ground both politically and socially over the last century. Besides, this viewpoint is certifiably sickular.
  10. How about standardizing the cricket pitch?

    Isnt there a euphemism about needing 10000 hrs to become good at something? If you think a training session or 2 is enough to get ready for different playing conditions, I don't know what to say. This is pro sports. You want to see both sides playing at their best, otherwise whats the bloody point.
  11. How about standardizing the cricket pitch?

    as long as they can make some money.
  12. How about standardizing the cricket pitch?

    Weather you can't control. But the pitch - I like the idea of drop ins. ICC needs to commission a study or two to figure this sh it out.
  13. How about standardizing the cricket pitch?

    If a batsman has never trained on pitches that offer more than waist high bounce and is suddenly asked to tour Australia - I don't call that fun. Rather torture for both the batsman and viewers.
  14. This is one major difference between cricket and any other team sport - variability in the playing conditions. If ICC/admins are serious about saving test cricket and the test championship, they really need to consider this. Home track bully syndrome is only going getting worse and is a primary contributor to declining interest in test cricket. How about deciding on a pitch that offers everything - seam/bounce early on and spin later (Dharamsala pitch from early last year is a good model to build on). Discuss.
  15. Series lost, whatever. I'm more concerned about the long term view. 10 (this plus ENG/AUS) big test matches over the coming year and change. If they can manage to somehow maintain their top ranking, we will be looking at a sustained period of dominance of 5-6 yrs (2015 - 2020+). A win in the last test will go a long way towards addressing the fragile psyches of our maharathis with the effects (positive or negative) sure to carry over to the following 2 big series. Discuss.

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