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  1. lol. I'm expecting an infraction. But totally worth it.
  2. Lemurian says what? Every area commander has the option of stepping down and giving the politicians a middle finger for not accepting the burden of preventable deaths of jawans on their heads. Do they exercise that option? No. What do they do? Every arriving commander vomits about winning hearts and minds in his first briefing to media. So the tip of the god damn spear accepts restrictions on itself. These mfers got one foot out of the door already when they get these "tasty" postings. Yes, for them its an opportunity to shed some crocodile tears after retirement in their memoirs in the hopes of getting a lucrative job in firangi think tanks. M'fecking BSF commander in Kashmir, 2 fecking days after the attack, started barking about winning hearts and minds of the local jihadis. Suck my fe cking di ck if I don't fall for the daily propaganda from these glorified security guards. If not for people like Sarabhai and Kalam, these turds would be sucking dongs of ching chongs daily on the border.
  3. Defense industry has one customer. Free market mumbo jumbo doesn't apply here. If Indian armed forces continue to spurn domestic R&D and chase foreign toys and hangar queens, this sad state will continue.
  4. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Quint just outed (and probably killed) Kulbhushan on the basis of information from two "unnamed" RAW sources. Either its a huge fe ck up or another case of ISI funded journalism. One of quint's reporters is already under investigation for a jawan's suicide. This online rag needs to be shut down pronto.
  5. Swami is a scumbag extraordinaire. Whenever I see his mug I have this unhealthy urge to reach through the screen and pull a Dexter on him.
  6. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Modi cant be proactive until majority of the IAS and IPS cadre are thrown out. Do people even realize that until 5-6 years, he was an outsider to even national BJP? How many things exactly to do people expect one man to do in a third world craphole of 1.3 billion people?
  7. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    A country, that not long ago was in top 5 in per capita GDP, and with the largest oil reserves is insignificant? What does that make India? What exactly does India offer other than second largest collection of mouth breathers in the world? A cursory google search reveals Goras neck deep in North East and Naxal Insurgency. Goras have most indian politicians by the balls (the price they pay for stashing their ill gotten wealth in Western safe havens).
  8. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    West is in no mood to prop up another China. So if you openly take action against their agents, they will go full venezuela on your ass.
  9. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    ehh wat? SC is one of the sources of problems in India.
  10. You talking from experience? Compare Indian casualty rates to any other army then come back to me.
  11. surajmal

    Tactics, strategies and ideas on repealing article 370

    haha. that dominion state canard used to be floated by RWers back in the day. More believable conspiracy theory is Umrikans playing an active hand in propping the Jihadis in the valley and India not having the balls to give the middle finger to them as of yet. I mean a DEA double agent (david headley) was caught reccing for 26/11, what else do you need to know?
  12. There is a reason pre-Modi BJP kept losing to a firangi barmaid.
  13. More unnecessary casualties. Time for Govt to cut the army size in half. Use the savings on better weapons and training. This **** is getting out of hand
  14. Role is defined by the situation. If they are sent to terror prone areas, I'd expect them to be atleast be a little experienced in counter insurgency ops. Kashmir is no place for armed security guards.
  15. Point is they are not cut out to be in a war zone. Either increase their funding or dont give such brutal postings.
  16. CRPF recruitment standards are beyond pathetic considering the amount of massive casualty incidents they seem to invite. I am not laying the blame or anything just a fact which makes sense considering you have to be an idiot to join the force facing such daunting odds - under armed and underfed. People want quick retribution so that they can join in a social media orgy and pat themselves on the back as if it was their outrage theirs' alone that got a few jihadis their invitation to pretty hooris' residence. What after that? You wait a few months and another one of these mass casualty events comes calling... You outrage again... rinse repeat. You cannot win until you define what you are fighting and what is your ultimate objective. And therein lies the crux of the problem. All these forces are fighting a tactical war - against an enemy whose strategy has been crystal clear of a 1000 years. Can you win a tactical war? sure. Can you fund a tactical war? Not as of yet. And not for several more decades. Not when majority of your defense budget is increasing going towards recurring expenses i.e. salaries and pension. Not when your domestic military industrial complex is non existent and thus your capital expenditure which always seems to be increasing but keeps netting you less and less in return. Tactical wars are gora wars. whose economies are 20x larger than yours. So what you have essentially done is that you are trying to meet Harvard admission standards with govt school education in your local vernacular. You will fail 10/10. YOU ARE FIGHTING THE WRONG WAR. Rahi baat jihadiyon, my views have been clear for a while. Its not a Bakistan Problem or a Bangladesh Problem. Its not a spatial boundary problem. Its a people problem. Desert Cultism is a virus of the mind. **** gonna need chemotherapy. People who sing about Chinese Solution to the problem need to realize that uigyhr form a tiny fraction of the population so when they bring the hammer down, blowback is easily controllable and their state apparatus is single minded, sterile and systematic in approach - qualities which neither the indian bureaucracy or the army possess ( yes, indian army officer class also has similar percentage of liberandus in it as the babus). This problem is coming to your doorsteps in a decade. Get ready, get a visa or accept the infection. Those are your only 3 options. You have let this virus fester for a 1000 years. You didnt die, you should have died, you are still here but you are skin and bones. Cure is not going to be pretty. Support the only organization that is ideologically clear about the way forward. You would be dead in the water without it.
  17. surajmal


  18. surajmal

    Priyanka Gandhi enters active politics

    After MP elections, I'm back to treating 99% of Hindians as chewtiyas... Shock to the system, those results. Gori chamdi ke saamne sab ki reed ki haddi gayab ho jati hai. 2019 is up in the air. You laugh the at dynasty at your own peril. What you really should be doing is expressing contempt and disgust at those who vote for the firangis. Its way past time to call the virus out.
  19. surajmal


    First bhaiwood movie that I have paid to watch in my life, ever. Not saying it rivals Saving Private Ryan or anything (although it surpasses anything indian cinema has produced, techincally speaking) but one must support the message.
  20. Why do Indians suck at Tennis so much? Discuss.
  21. surajmal


    So Good!
  22. https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2018/04/30/west-bengal-pregnant-relative-of-bjp-panchayat-poll-candidate-raped.html Probably worse than Bihar Jungle Raj days. https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/991219920129200129 https://twitter.com/SujoyGhosh1729/status/991229468092940288 Send in the effin Army if you have to.

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