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  1. Plus police. You need whistleblowers to solve corruption cases. When police is hand in glove with the mafia and its footsoldiers, no potential whistleblower is going to come out fearing threat to life to self and family.
  2. Only usefulness of Ornob. Attacking lutyens media that is. He better be blaring not stop over the next few weeks on this issue.
  3. https://www.dnaindia.com/analysis/column-generals-in-a-labyrinth-2597010 Short article but agree with everything. Dont mistake the jawans for the decision makers.
  4. Cry for budget increase.
  5. Post a total population transfer? yes. Kashmir resolution by itself solves nothing. Total population transfer would have served the same purpose that Mao tried with cultural revolution in china - bring a broken civilization and its people on a common platform ( after a period of mourning) commemorating the end of a dark chapter of Bharatiya history. Tribes/Cultures/nations need scapegoats - somebody to blame - to move past hard times. Its just human nature. Particularly important where grievances are genuine since human beings will invent scapegoats even if none exist. But if real ones exist that prevent the society from coming together to form a cohesive unit, it is the only way.
  6. surajmal

    Music is in Punjabi blood

    lol. music and punjabi? Thats an oxymoron. Dhol peetne aur western hip hop tunes chori karne ke siva, inn penduon ko kya aata hai?
  7. surajmal

    Safe way of watching IPL?

    hotstar. Apparently, they will also carry WC matches. Useless streaming otherwise with crap library. Luckily I only paid 20 bucks for the year. As long as they show the WC matches, I won't complain.
  8. Kali and durga are pipe dreams. Besides, We don't need super hifi stuff against jihadis. Ofcourse, I'm getting ahead of my self since gungadeen mafia is likely to come back into power in 2 months and we will have whole another magnitude of challenges staring us in the face.
  9. Most of their nuke missile sites will have **** load of SAM batteries. No point in risking the Jets. Particularly since the scenario I'm describing is probably the first 20 minutes of the war - too short a timeframe for Human controlled planes to do anything. There is a reason you have brahmos (especially with the improved range of 500+ km). Once you have a taken care of their nuke missiles (and launch sites), then the planes come in. Having established dominance over Baki Airspace with help of S400s and AWACS, Jets have the option to use standoff weapons and once the SAM threat is cleared, go after the secondary nuke sites where any additional nuclear devices or unmated warheads are kept. Taking out their nukes is priority number 1. The faster you do it the better. Particularly since Uncle Sam is going to want to interfere to protect his adopted munna. If Umrica launches a few dozen jets from the gulf and India is forced to halt any progress, the least you want is a nuke free Bakistan. So first step has to be to rain brahmos hellfire on Bakistan.
  10. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Proof number 1000. Organization on a shoestring budget delivering you 21st century weapons while gungadeens with the 5th largest budget in the world - struggling and begging for more. Its all in the mindset. Slaves will always lose.
  11. Covers midcourse interception vis a vis Baki IRBMs. Use couple of hundred Brahmos for counterforce, pick off boost phase ones with S400s and cleanup the rest with these. After that, Let bakis know what kafir blitzkreig feels like.
  12. As soon as this version of ABM is inducted (along with S400s), Bakistan better start the countdown.
  13. surajmal

    Rahul Gandhi promises minimum income scheme

    I'm all but ready for the wholesale loot and auction of national resources and wideopen soul harvesting. On the bright side, civil war will come early.
  14. surajmal

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Ask the MPites and rajasthanis, whats the progress on loan waivers. BTW, 7.2 trillion rupees (more than the defence budget). Thats the cost of this promise on the taxpayer.
  15. surajmal

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Sootiya Hindus got a reason to vote congress now - promise of free money. Lets see if Namo has got any arrows left in the quiver as its going to be tough from here to squash this bold faced lie down.
  16. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Not when they are retired but while still in service. Their cartoonish getup sheds a light on their double digit IQ. An ascot is proverbially a dog collar. Dog collar of the goras, not dirty brown civilians. As these goose stepping morons walk with a chi chi attitude to everything around them... result of 20 yrs of sheltered cantonment living.
  17. surajmal

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Has a hindu ever won in a RoPer majority constituency?
  18. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Intitial versions of T90s were literally proven to be ovens when used in Rajasthan with no nighttime capabilities. Entire procurement was a boondoggle. Again, don't go by what is floated in the media.
  19. Voting regional party is euphemism for voting Congress. So this sample is either type 3 (Sootiya Hindu) or a type 2 (desert cultist).
  20. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Indian Defence PSUs aren't a monolith. Some setups are doing plenty of good on meagre budgets. Missile program is a living breathing example.
  21. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Deepak Kapoor has got a **** load of stains on him. One of them being the Col. purohit saga. That fecker, if he had any honour, could sink entire Congress for good, if he was willing to come out with all the **** CONgis were doing during those years. But it involves him falling on the sword first.
  22. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    Millions of rupees gets you ghanta. Umrika/UK/France have spent tens of billions over decades.
  23. surajmal

    Stop putting Armed Forces on a pedestal.

    you bet. It wasn't just MMS' call post 26/11. COAS at that time must have told him that GOI will have to own up the casualty figures of any conflict. Non-action was a end result of both set of decision makers chickening out.

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