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  1. surajmal


    So Good!
  2. https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2018/04/30/west-bengal-pregnant-relative-of-bjp-panchayat-poll-candidate-raped.html Probably worse than Bihar Jungle Raj days. https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/991219920129200129 https://twitter.com/SujoyGhosh1729/status/991229468092940288 Send in the effin Army if you have to.
  3. surajmal

    Indian Media reaches new depths

    Quint just outed (and probably killed) Kulbhushan on the basis of information from two "unnamed" RAW sources. Either its a huge fe ck up or another case of ISI funded journalism. One of quint's reporters is already under investigation for a jawan's suicide. This online rag needs to be shut down pronto.
  4. surajmal

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    A consummate careerist. Goes from an octogenarian to somebody still incapable of growing a beard.
  5. surajmal

    #NRCAssam, Final draft...

    jihadidi threatening civil war... hmmm
  6. What are you even blabbering about? There are women specific temples all over india. These arent god(s), these are dieties. Know the difference, before popping a vein.
  7. This shouldn't even be a debate but because majority of "hindus" are mahachewts and the Supreme court is an arm of the desert death cults, hindus have to fight tooth and nail for every little bit.
  8. How the eff do people that dropped science and math at the first opportunity, more often than not because their puny brains couldn't handle logic, numbers and problem solving, become flag bearers of Scientific Thought? Discuss.
  9. surajmal

    Rank Indian prime ministers

    1 - Namo 2 - Who cares
  10. surajmal

    Loyal Descendants – Part 1

    BJP (more importantly RSS) needs to take the building of the ecosystem more seriously. In a post colonial developing economy, its a crime that house n! ggers still have a steady supply of recruits. With all the negative connotations that are attached to gungadeenism, most of the intellectual work is already done for RSS. Civil War may or may not happen. Regardless, building a new ecosystem is as bloodless as a power transfer can be. Hopefully, 2019 is a start of that.
  11. fe ck West Bangladesh.
  12. surajmal

    White Man's Burden

    You are going to have to define "civilize" for this discussion. From what the RW in US sing 24/7 - its a stew of anglo saxon social beliefs that has some roots in judeo christian values and some in english empiricism that produces the right conditions and incentives for humans to prosper. Other than korea have whiteys managed to "civilize" any other country?
  13. surajmal

    Beautiful or indecent?

    tharki saala. probably beat off to it when got home.
  14. surajmal

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    BJP needs to offer him a ticket ASAP. Kill two birds with one stone - gets him off the national team and keeps him away from Congress' stinking paws.
  15. surajmal

    Latest Punjabi songs

    I just copy pasted youtube link. Probably got lucky since I can't seem to embed twitter links.
  16. surajmal

    Latest Punjabi songs

  17. surajmal

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    lol. All colored men (except blacks) have a big handicap here. And blacks are the exception only because of the perceived cool factor and daddy issues of goris (they have no interest in any other race). Too bad MGTOW among goras isn't picking up. More likely, goras will branch out even more to other races.
  18. surajmal

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    No ****. Ask the east asian men. All are going MC BC to goras behind their backs.
  19. surajmal

    Loyal Descendants – Part 1

    Hence the need for a civil war... A proper reset in the power structure.
  20. surajmal

    Three minor girls starve to death in Delhi, probe ordered

    There should be no human rights in overpopulated countries.
  21. surajmal

    Priyanka Chopra engaged.

    Not meaning to remark on her looks (She is still a 9), but she is getting up their in age and considering how vain bollywood producers are, all the decent roles are probably already drying up. Trying her luck in Hollywood was probably the best move. She can be a quota pick for atleast a little while. Although since she has little in the name of acting skills, as soon as her eye candy days are over, there goes that as well.
  22. surajmal

    71% Indians Suffer From Poor Muscle Health

    29% still gives you the 2nd largest country in the world.

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