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  1. Crookbond

    Shami of the field

    A text with the message "Good Afternoon" is now "Sexting"?
  2. Crookbond

    Hardik Pandya needs to find a solution

    There were two phases of Pandya's innings Phase 1 : 22(12b) Phase 2 : 23(20b)
  3. Crookbond

    Reports of violence by Afghanistan fans

    The most sensible comment in this thread. Here's another side of the story
  4. Crookbond

    Dhoni saved India from collapse again

    MS Dhoni Strike Rate 91.8 Virat Kohli Strike Rate 87.8
  5. Dhoni Strike Rate 91.8 Kohli Strike Rate 87.8
  6. Crookbond

    Uproar against Aleem Dar

    The soft signal is like a fall back if technology is inconclusive. In that case, the situation falls in the hands of the umpire.
  7. Afghanistan and Bangladesh have a lot of rivalry on the field. You could see that even in the Asia Cup. Bangladesh lead 4-3 in the ODI encounters but remember Afghanistan defeated Bangladesh in the Asia Cup Group Stage and then lost by a meagre 3 runs in the Super 4 stage. If the pitch helps Afghan spinners, I expect them to run Bangladesh close.
  8. Crookbond

    Irony is....

    A link would be nice.
  9. The ball bounced more than normal.
  10. Crookbond

    Irony is....

    When did he say that - source / link?
  11. Marathi mansa zaaga ho!
  12. Crookbond

    India needs to find pace bowling all-rounder

    Both Bhuvaneshwar and Bumrah bowled a couple of overs to Malik and Sarfraz. Bumrah bowled right in the beginning and Bhuvaneshwar bowled 2 overs when they were well settled.
  13. Rohit Sharm's captaincy throughout the game was extremely good and almost never allowed the game to drift.
  14. Crookbond

    Cheerleader paid in advance for Eng tour

    Yeah sure.

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