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  1. Crookbond

    500 & 1000 rs notes stopped from tonight

    They did. https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx?prid=38520
  2. Crookbond

    Saeed Ajmal is a legend

    After the Champions Trophy final, Shoaib Malik - Azhar Mahmood were giggling with Yuvraj and Kohli about this very incident itself.
  3. Crookbond

    Legend Harsh Goenka strikes again

    Velu of Twitter
  4. Crookbond

    Thank You Kumble

    OTT optimism for everyone doesn't mean there's no yaraana for Dilli mundas.
  5. Crookbond

    Thank You Kumble

    No, this is not about letting Kohli go as captain. This is about letting Kohli know his chutiyaap is being noticed. This isn't about the on field decisions at all - don't intentionally muddle the two to sway away the original topic. Kohli could not sort out differences with a legend of Indian cricket who is nothing but a gentleman and statesman. That shows Kohli's character - the same that he always was. It sends out an absolute wrong message to Indian cricket.
  6. Crookbond

    Indian Future Captain After Kohli

    In these situations, the best way is to do what the ECB did with Moores and Pietersen - coach and captain both go. This kind of politics shouldn't be entertained in the dressing room.
  7. Crookbond

    Kohli/Moody 2019

    I'm also backing Kohli to ask Moody to be his bitch and fall in line. Otherwise, strong boy Kohli will go and complain to momma-papa about management style.
  8. Crookbond

    Thank You Kumble

    And he decided to leave because of adamant Virat and reports suggest it was personal, not cricket related. Please stop being sympathetic because he is a Dilli ka Ladka or Punjabi munda and call what it is. We have a pig headed captain and it also sends the wrong message to the next coach as well.
  9. Crookbond

    Thank You Kumble

    It's got to have a special kind of mental gymnastics to make that conclusion. Everything won't be spelt out - it was clear that Kumble was forced out because Kohli was adamant.
  10. Crookbond

    Kohli in tournament finals

    Read carefully what I typed again - WT20 Semi Finals 2014 South Africa , 2016 Australia (one of the best chases EVER). What are you on about?
  11. Crookbond

    Question about Virat Kohli batting today

    It's the angle - he hadn't faced any such bowler throughout the tournament.
  12. Phew! He is susceptible to balls outside off stump early in his innings. That's it. Much like Ricky Ponting or any other batsman in the world.
  13. Crookbond

    Kohli in tournament finals

    Check his score in Champions Trophy 2013 final, WT20 2014 Final and Semi Finals, WT20 2016 Semi Finals
  14. Crookbond

    The disaster which this really isn't

    Let me quote Richie Benaud's 5th rule of commentary when people use the word "tragedy" or "disaster".
  15. Crookbond

    Your openers for Champions Trophy?

    There's 2 months to go for the Champion's Trophy. What's the point in deciding the openers now?

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