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  1. Manjrekar the selector.

    For that you will have to change captain first.
  2. The one with 12m snake around the neck?
  3. On the first test day 1 type of pitch, SA will struggle to get past 150 against Aussies. We conceded 286 which was way too much in those conditions. Aus can fold out like India in batting, but they will win series 2-1. Even England can win the series against current SA team on these pitches. Last time SA gave Eng spicy wickets, saffers were bowled out for 80 runs.
  4. This actually might turn out to be good idea if it after being to put to bat.
  5. Why not in SA? Traditionally lower order has been successfult in SA, so it may work.
  6. Kohli's arrogance helps his game but not the team

    His arrogance makes him reluctant to leave slips and how exactly is it helping him? He has hardly improved as fielder. Still remains an average fielder.
  7. Can India win the 3rd match? (carryover effects)

    Margin will get bigger only.
  8. Bhai jab sapne hi dekhne hain to usme to ummeddon ko unchhai chhune do.
  9. Yeah, it will be 5-0 win in favor of India. 2 matches will be inning win. Kohli will score 622 runs in 5 matches. Rohit Sharma will score a triple century at Oval helping India in inning win. Ishant Sharma will bundle out England for 42 at Trent Bridge on cloudy first day providing 2nd inning win. Kohli will score unbeaten 174 at Lord's in 4th inning leading India to historic win by 1 wicket. India chase 358 runs on day 5. Completely unexpected win. Emotional moment after which players lift him on shoulders and burst into tears seeing his inspirational leadership.
  10. Congratulations to skipper. Hopefully he continues his form and wins more matches for India.
  11. Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    Well, he is our no 3 batsman. No matter how much pressure we put on him, no 3 batsman of any team will always be in firirng line. He can't be so limited in his game play. He is not Dravid-esque player. He is becoming Akash Chopra type limited player overseas. How has his game evolved in last 3-4 years? Can anyone point this out? What has he added his batting or change/improvements tried by him so far? Such players bat at no 5 or 6 in cricket teams. They don't bat at most important position in test cricket.
  12. Pujara needs to be dropped just for those runouts

    It's there on cricinfo. First test first inning Notice how Pujara allows bowers to bowl a lot of deliveries on outside off There are like 8-10 deliveries on pitching within stumps for him. Pitch map for even Bhuvi was more spread Pandya Rohit Sharma did the same thing when he went into that 59 balls 11 runs inning Both of them allowed bowlers to bowl too much at same line and length most of the time.
  13. https://sports.ndtv.com/south-africa-vs-india-2018/india-vs-south-africa-virat-kohli-questions-team-commitment-after-series-loss-1801390
  14. why can't rahane open the batting in test matches?

    Rahane would get into any cricket team in world atm except India even in current form.

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