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  1. Trichromatic

    Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?

    No batsman in world, no matter how great he is can do anything without practice and proper guidance. People say coaches can't teach you at that level. They can't fix Suresh Raina for that, but no guidance or practice would have ruined even Dravid. Technically deficient players can't implement anything, but Superior ones know lot of things without an idea what to follow. In case they follow right thing, and it fails then they need someone to tell them to repeat it in future without any fear. Take Mumbai 2004 Aus test for ex, bowlers won't have won that match. Not because they weren't capable, but because they might not have idea about what to do. Kumble told them to just bowl at higher speed at stumps without trying to turn the ball as pitch would have done rest. They followed that and it worked. This guidance Ashwin and co missed in 2012 and couldn't do well on turners.
  2. Trichromatic

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    Kohli is one hell of unlucky captain. Loses toss most of the time.
  3. Trichromatic

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    Captain should always be the one selecting final XI. Adding a selector like MSK Prasad would complicate the issue more because he isn't the one playing with the team. Problem is lack of competant seniors and coaching staff who assure these players and captain.
  4. And add the work done by other security agencies. Intelligence agencies have to work and plan separately for such gatherings where 20k+ people are expected at one place. How much national resources would be wasted just to ensure that there is no dead rubber?
  5. Why would anyone agree to such arrangement and how will anyone arrange everything within 4-5 days or max 1 week? Satellite bookings are paid fully Why will govt keep slots open for them to decide according to outcome of result? Pitches are supposed to be prepared much earlier. For a match at Eden and crowd of 60k, 10k police officers are deployed. Can they ask govt to reserve those policemen and decide after 3rd test whether those will be used or not. Is it possible to assign duties of 10k policemen in 1 week gap between 3rd and 4th test? Traffic planning has to be done much earlier. Volunteers are decided and assigned in England for matches. Those volunteers are trained to assist people. Training them costs money. Organizers contact vendors for grounds, there are tons of other operational costs. Hotel bookings, flights, buses, food arrangements, matches. Add to that if any of those is cancelled people are left no alternative to earn money.
  6. Channels will still have to pay for remaining 2 tests - 10 day of cricket. How much margin a business can expect from 15 days of cricket to recover loss of 10 days? 40% reduction! In case of 3 final - boards lose gate money and channels lose operational cost. They followed that for some time and then discarded the idea. In 2003 WC, ICC wanted to keep additional day for matches affected by rain. Channels pressurized them to change it as in the end channels had to pay for extra day and there was no return in case matches aren't washed out. For boards it wasn't big loss as they had to organized the match next day in same stadium.
  7. Test matches are already loss making affair. Channels lose money for any day cricket is scheduled and not played. How can they work it out? Boards are not only entities involved in organizing the event. They have to pay to govt and other organizations for bookings and no one will be ready for no payment in case of cancellation.
  8. And who will pay for losses?
  9. Trichromatic

    Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?

    Maybe they are trying different things and still failing. Like Rahul's case, after first inning dismissal someone needed him to give confidence that whatever he did was right and put behind the unplayable delivery. Usually it's senior batsman or coach who does that. But there is no one.
  10. Trichromatic

    Grievances thread

    There are many reasons. 1. Most of the regular posters are 25+ which means they are in busy stage of their life. 2. Moderation eats up your time. Reading a single report and complain from someone requires you to go through the thread, then if complain is about something regular, then go through recent post. If it's obvious then it's ok. Otherwise ask other mods/admins and wait for their reply. If someone needs to banned then contact all admins and decide. If you're moderating a thread where muloghonto has posted then good luck asking opinion of others. No one will read it. 3. That's just moderation. There are other works too. Twitter, banner (you see banner during each series), random site issues, minor modifications, and huge discussions for different initiatives to move further. 4. It's thankless. So mods will says admins are lenient to trolls, trolls will complain about moderation, others will blame both mods and admins. In the end spending 1-2 hours for this without any benefit is boring.
  11. Trichromatic

    Your cricket bucket list

    Ranchi hosts FC games, why don't you attend those? You can travel to Ranchi during weekends and watch at least a day to return back.
  12. Trichromatic

    Your cricket bucket list

    Would add Ashes too. Overrated series, but atmosphere is great and long tradition.
  13. Trichromatic

    Grievances thread

    PP is full time professional site. People make living from that site. They have a group of active moderators. We are just a fan forum where everyone tries to find time out of their schedule. No one gets a penny for cleaning up posts for 2 hours. Someone like @Malcolm Merlyn works from 11 AM - 2 AM and then visits ICF after to do clean up. I get notification from him early morning. Most of the staff members are full time working people. We don't have college guys in the group who could potentially find more time to remain active on site and check everything. That's why even when moderators take an action, it's already been seen by most of the members giving an impression that no one has done anything when actually people read and remove lot of posts. ICF has no ads and owners spends money from his pocket to run this site. Sometimes people complain about right, wrong and all that. In the end using it is a privilege and it should be responsibility of members to ensure that everyone contributes to make it better place rather than expecting that a bunch of moderators will do it.
  14. Trichromatic

    Grievances thread

    He may seem like biased mod, but actions as mod aren't biased. Not at least since I have started noticing. Moreover he has helped group overall. One thing I have realized on ICF that people find easy to complain, but whenever I reach to other members to help us in staff group, people won't be willing to spend time. So, we can't be choosers either.
  15. Trichromatic

    Grievances thread

    This. I don't agree with concept of moderators/admins required to be some kind of neutral, nicey-nice members of ICF. They are like regular members and not special. In the end staff group of ICF is just bunch of members spending extra time maintaining it and not different from regular members.

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