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  1. Indian police image has been dented severely by Bollywood. So much people think that experience with them will always going to be troublesome. My first experience with police in Kolkata, they responded within minutes when I dialed 100. Was really surprised how quickly they manage to reach the place to help out. Since then I never thought twice whenever I thought I might be in a problem. Before that I never had confidence.
  2. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    They scan the tickets, so, e-tickets should be enough. I just mean that option to collect paper tickets isn't bad idea as long as it's not a huge trouble.
  3. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    Going through ticketing isn't bad idea, but keeping it at completely different location is bad. CAB does same thing and you can get tickets just near the stadium, you don't have to go to different route to do this.
  4. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    They don't have 30 yard circle marked at the ground.
  5. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    This stadium was built 15 years back and easily one of the worst stadium I have visited in India. Looks ugly and structure already looks old and incomplete. Compare this to even grand old Eden Gardens and even that is much better managed. Guess HCA doesn't get much funds from BCCI.
  6. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    Someone just kill me. Ticket counter is 2 km from station and they have 1 counter for all types of tickets - online or offline. One you manage to get your tickets, stadium is another 10 km from counter. *ing brilliant whoever came up with this idea.
  7. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    For IPL they do this. Tests are ignored for some reasons. Today attendance was close to 10,000. So numbers aren't so low for them to ignore all this.
  8. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    Haven't collected ticket yet. I have travel to Secunderabad to get the ticket. Travelling 20km just to get tickets which I already bought online - just didn't feel like going there. They should have added more collection centers or option for courier. I don't know whether I will get it tomorrow or not as they advise collecting it a day before. Any idea whether tickets can purchased offline or not?
  9. Trichromatic

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    I will be there on day 3. Haven't decided on day 2 yet. Tickets are available at https://www.eventsnow.com/hyderabad/ind-vs-wi
  10. ICC doesn't restrict spouses. It's BCCI who does that. Next Kohli will ask for wives during team meetings too.
  11. Last 20 matches, 86 wickets at avg of 29. During this period his batting has declined too. First 43 matches, 1749 runs at avg of 34.29, next 20 matches, 547 runs at avg of 20.
  12. Trichromatic

    Who overstayed their welcome more

    SRT was ranked 1 batsman in 2011.
  13. Trichromatic

    What single cricketing ability do you wish you had?

    Wristy flicks. Always miss those deliveries.

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