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  1. Following the Basics of Test cricket

    Easier said than that done. These players know that very well. But after playing LOIs and trying too hard to fit in, putting bat on ball becomes habbit and kind of natural game for player. Vijay is good at it, but he has been dropped.
  2. Recently I added Cafe ICF forum and moved some threads, but there was hardly any activity in that. Idea was to add a forum which can't be viewed by guests and only those members who have 50+ or maybe 100+ posts can view and post it it. I was expecting this forum to be more ICF related than general discussion. Like moderation discussion, ICF birthday threads, ICF members photo threads or ICF members' interview threads or direction question and interaction with ICF members, some light discussion threads or even some banter, jokes among members. It is suppose to be the forum which doesn't appear on search results and guest have no point reading those. It could give members bit more freedom and assurance to members and in addition it could be less moderated forum too. Do you thnk this can work? Is it needed?
  3. Thread is not about who scores only on flat pitches. It is about who is best on flat pitches. See the difference. Btw, seeing how Dravid failed in SA and Aus except that one series in 2004, not sure how he is player for all conditions.
  4. Then may be least successful than all others except Dhawan?
  5. This thread is about who is better on flat pitches, not about "who is better only on flat tracks". Seaming conditions, turners aren't part of this thread. Who has been best Indian batsman on turners can be a separate discussion topic.
  6. Viru didn't have consistency of Kohli on flat pitches.
  7. Thing is on difficult pitches most of the dismissals would be like that only. Great players survive those devlieries sometimes. 10 out of 50 times or 100 times. They don't fail 100 out of 100 times.
  8. I would go with Kohli followed by Sehwag, Gavaskar and then SRT/Dravid. Kohli has amazing hand eye coordination and ability to pick gaps. He doesn't play risky strokes and very good at handling pace as well as bounce. Worst would probably be Ganguly among those who played 100+ tests for India.
  9. With all talks about the pitch and conditions, he has again dismissed cheaply - this time for 0. It's almost certain at least in this format of the game that Kohli will leave the ship in difficult conditions. He has managed well in ODIs so far though.
  10. Living in the shadow of limelight

    It was very emotional moment for all of us. SRT was part of our childhood memories. Endless discussion during classes, morning assembly where everyone used to be impatient just to talk about the 100 which he his last evening. That speech moved many people. Some of my friends even cried. One of the biggest moment in history of cricket.
  11. http://www.bcci.tv/news/2017/news/16795/we-believe-a-lot-in-ourselves-as-a-team-virat-kohli
  12. Your favorite SRT's innings

    It was more hyped due to nerves than anything else. Never seen such enthusiasm among all age groups before. Even the boring old guys who had no interest in anything were worried. I could hear fireworks in whole area. It was easily a very high pressure game for players from both sides.
  13. There isn't huge advantage in tests anymore for last 3-4 years. Teams are looking to win all matches and bowlers are no longer breaking their backs. Just look at the batsmen nowadays. Except Smith no one is averaging 55+. Even batsman like Kohli isn't averaging 50. This wasn't the case 2005 or 2007 onwards when lot of batsmen made merry of flatter conditions everywhere.
  14. He blatantly lied that his arm is bent and he cant bowl within limits. Just after ban he started bowling within limits. How convenient? No, bowlers are not on backfoot anymore in tests. This guy robbed Yasir Shah few years for sure. His argument that there isn't much for spinners doesn't hold water. Ashwin, Jadeja, Yasir Shah, Herath all top bowlers are spinners. In addition to that Lyon, Maharaj and Moeen Ali as important parts of their squads. International cricket didn't have so many good spinners at once for long time.
  15. Your favorite SRT's innings

    1. 98 against Pakistan in 2003 WC 2. 200 against SA first double 100 3. 143 desert storm 4.146 against SA 3rd test 2011 5. 175 against Aus in ODIs Those are not necessarily his best knocks for me.

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