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  1. Bengalis are probably 2nd most reluctant in learning Hindi.
  2. Good decision. It was played daily in my school till class 10th.
  3. and willing to be active on twitter?
  4. There is a requirement doesn't mean he has to be fast tracked. Without his batting he could lose spot with few failures and then it will be longer wait in FC cricket.
  5. A bowler can be fast tracked, but I doubt a batsman can do well in tests without FC experience. LOIs are completely different.
  6. Pandya should be 12th man and make sure that he plays enough FC cricket too. Indian batsmen don't develop directly at international level, they have to grind at FC level to become good.
  7. No one interested in being part of this?
  8. Shocked at seeing suggestions of dropping Jadeja in subcontinent. Guy is ranked 1 bowler in test cricket and it will be worst to any player if he is dropped at such stage of career. Similarly Ashwin is ranked 3 and he is proper batsman too.
  9. Hard to believe it's true. A person can be fooled once. No one would do it for so long.
  10. He has taken 4 wickets in tour match. Kohli hasn't been interested in giving him chance earlier, but has he done enough to break into Indian team.
  11. Never heard so much buzz about their performances earlier. They are doing well and people are following their game. I doubt that there will be anything to look back if they win this world cup.
  12. She is hardly active on forums. I think a young member can do it as they can find without going missing for most part of the day.
  13. We have a facebook and a twitter profile which we try to update regularly. However, sometimes we miss updates due to various reasons. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about tweeting cricket related messages, interacting with fans and cricketers and can promote us on facebook. Any ICFer interested in handling our profiles?
  14. Very helpful nation.