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  1. Trichromatic

    Let Pujara play the way he can

    Pujara has all the gears, in case you missed his last 2 centuries. Rahane hitting century in 100 balls. Please let him score 100 first.
  2. Are these signs that he is back in form?
  3. Trichromatic

    Tik Tok videos

    Will add them to ICF group
  4. If I say something and proven wrong then it doesn't matter because I have never played international cricket. But if a captain with 70+ tests experience and coach with 30 years of cricketing experience is wrong then their abilities have to be questioned.
  5. It's hot and good for batting. If one of the pacer gets injured bowling long overs, then what will we say about "phasst bowling captain".
  6. Trichromatic

    Tik Tok videos

    They don't.
  7. Trichromatic

    Best mobile phone

  8. Trichromatic

    Tik Tok videos

  9. Haan and need to remember the runs scored by Bhuvi in both innings.
  10. Trichromatic

    Virat Kohli : worst captain in international cricket ever ?

    What would be reaction if pitch cracks and Lyon starts turning the ball?
  11. Can't stop run flow, can't bat. Has to be really great strike bowler to get a place over Jadeja and Bhuvi. If Bhuvi and Jajeja are expected to be 1-50 with ball and 20 with bat, probably captain expected Umesh to take 1-15 (in 3 overs, given his economy rate). Anything worse than that will be waste of space.
  12. Trichromatic

    Kohli's captaincy watch thread

    Rohit in first test, 4 pacers in 2nd test, no Bhuvi in team
  13. Trichromatic

    Tik Tok videos

  14. +1. How UPA ruled for 10 years, BJP should have rolled them over in 2019 elections. But instead of that they will be struggling to get majority against a party which is at their weakest level. Only BJP has to be blamed for that and no one else.
  15. http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25509212/rai-edulji-war-words-hiring-india-women-coach

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