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  1. Option is to choose between earning lakhs or to invent. Why not both?
  2. Yes, they can do it legally. Each board signs agreement before the tournament. That MPA is yet to be signed. However, this news doesn't seem to be true.
  3. Trichromatic

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Not really, they get more traffic from Indian than from Pakistan
  4. I am planning to attend first ODI on 2nd March. https://www.eventsnow.com/events/11384-india-vs-australia-1st-odi
  5. Even now those who play only tests are doing better than those in 80s. Test cricket has been growing financially, but is no longer a top draw.
  6. Trichromatic

    Bowling Units in WC !!!

    India has strongest ODI bowling unit.
  7. Any numbers to show that test cricket is less profitable now? How were finances in 80s?
  8. Trichromatic

    Bumrah should not start in WC

    How did we miss this?
  9. Trichromatic

    Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath

    I posted it few years back on ICF. Among all modern bowler, McGrath probably has highest (or 2nd highest) percentage of top order dismissal. Akram has highest lower order dismissal.
  10. Trichromatic

    Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath

    10 years, 450 wickets at avg less than 20.
  11. Trichromatic

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    How's he better than Panesar who averaged 34 while Moeen averages 37? Even Giles was as good as Ali.

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