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  1. If Dhoni performs in remaining ODIs against Aus, there are good chances that he might end up top 7 in ODI batting rankings.
  2. It can become best with those bowlers, but India is still missing wicket takers with new ball.
  3. Considering that only good ODI bowler who is playing regularly for India is Bumrah, certainly no.
  4. Exceptional keeper who is poor batsman is probably not the requirement of ODI cricket anymore especially for fast bowling country like Aus. Batsman don't get much edges or there isn't much uneven bounce or movement to handle. Being good at stumping is probably still needed. Safe keeper + decent batsman is what teams should aim for. Poor keeper irrespective of batting is still no.
  5. Definitely worth it. This inning along with his inning in World T20 2016 against Pak are now 2 of his LOI innings in this list. It was not easy to bat here and he just kept his calm. It's not always that we see Kohli cutting down strokes and playing waiting game. Generally if he stays on pitch, he remains fluent for entire duration of his stay. These are good signs and indicate that he will do well in upcoming away series. Not that he wasn't doing well already.
  6. How do you rate BCCI.tv?

    It used to provide live telecast of matches. I remember watching matches on their site during my college days. They sold rights to star which shows matches on hotstar and bcci.tv stopped broadcasting matches. Since then it has become informative and brings lot of contents and good highlights. They need some type of fans corner and more connect with common people who drive cricket popularity.
  7. Downvoting/Negative Reputation has been disabled

    No, but one less feature to abuse.
  8. Unfair playing conditions

    Back in 2002 I read an article about the rain rules and tie rules that have been used in past. Most of the rules look way too ridiculuous in front of D/L system. It's next to impossible to create a system which can be criticism free because cricket is so heavily number dependent that there will always be chances of picking holes in the rule which set a target based on some calculation. Otherwise D/L is probably fairer option.
  9. Unfair playing conditions

    Runs are adjusted according to those 10 wickets.
  10. He is back to commentary box and started his hyperbole
  11. His technique is actually better. It's just that he has habbit of playing all deliveries. Need to leave more deliveries outside off. This is something which can be rectified by lot of practice and strong determination before the game.
  12. It means he can't score when it's difficult to do so.
  13. You can always be sure that if Indian team is down to 130-5 in ODIs or 220-6 in tests, then Kohli would have failed.
  14. What pisses you off?

    Share your thoughts, no personal or religious hate please.
  15. Most prolific scorers of Ranji Trophy

    Rohan Gavaskar scored 5k runs in Ranji which is not bad when you consider hate he gets. Moreover he played over 100 matches and scored over 6k runs at avg of 44 which indicates that he was a successful batsman at domestic level. That's itself an achievement if you don't compare him with his dad.

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