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  1. CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Bunch of oldies crushing everyone
  2. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    If he is not getting picked with currrent performances, don't think anything else will ensure a place for him in the team.
  3. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Possible? These experiments were not some kind of secrets revealed by some investigative agencies. Gandhi didn't hide it. He wrote about it in his book and everyone knew it back then too. Not saying that it makes anything right, but he didn't force anyone. But the critics on internet try to paint it as some kind of revelation by their fact finding mission. I have noticed this trend in last few years.
  4. Joe le taxi - Vanessa Paradis

    Nowhere in world modern music will be anywhere close to what was produced 30 years back.
  5. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    That looks like defense only when you mention that CSK had players and RCB didn't.
  6. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    All were in hut trying to accelerate because opener decided to play at SR of 100. They were 75-2 halfway through inning chasing 200+ runs easily falling short by 30 runs. At that time Kohli had scored 34 off 29, when situation and pitch needed 50+ in those many balls. It was not that they had lost 5 wickets by 9th over. They were left with RRR of 13 in 11 overs.
  7. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Kohli followed same footsteps, batted for not out (not for win) and was far behind.
  8. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Kal ka match dekhiye.
  9. Out of 26, 6-8 were from Punjab and Haryana. How do you explain rest of 18-20 golds? Quick look will show that golds were from all over India - Delhi, Manipur, Bihar, Andhra, Mahrashtra, Tamil Nadu (yes, Madrasi won the gold, unfortunately I don't remember the name.).
  10. Bengalis watch Hindi movies and listen to Hindi songs mostly in Kolkata.
  11. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    In IPL?
  12. KL Rahul scored fastest fifty of IPL

    Yeah, hitting centuries is common in T20Is.
  13. Rahul missed 6-7 T20Is after getting 2 quick big scores in previous 3 matches. Only clear bias is against a player, and it's stronger than bias towards a player.
  14. MSD is issue in this case? How come Rahul didn't get chance in all matches of Nidahas trophy where 2nd XI was fielded? Are these players just decent bat-main wk fighting for 1 slot? Why can't Samson or Pant replace Shreyas Iyer or Rahul replace Pandey? Reserve opener, experience, 1 slot of keeper - aren't these excuses to cover up bias team management has towards these players?
  15. Why do they have to compete as keeper? Rahul, Samson, Pant are good to play just as pure batsman.

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