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  1. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Surprised to see so many people voting for Kumble in ODI team. Akhtar, Zak, Srinath were better ODI bowlers. Even Agarkar to some extent.
  2. Thread title is self explanatory
  3. Where are quality lefties in the world?

    This is lowest point for left handed batsman in world. Apart from Cook, there aren't many top lefties in test cricket. Most popular are Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali, best is Bravo but that's it. Cricket is over for LHB.
  4. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    If batsmen were shown speeds after each delivery, then they will definitely tell better than viewers which bowlers are bowling 90mph and which one 95 mph
  5. What's there to dislike about this guy? For all his limitations, don't think anyone can complain about him not giving his 100%.
  6. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    Played 1 match http://www.mumbaicricket.com/mca/Score_Sheet_U19_Vinoo_Mankad_Trophy_2017_2018_Mumbai_Baroda_09102017.php Scored 4 runs when side got bowled out for 143, bowling 1-21 in 2 overs.
  7. If BCCI implements this without paying test players from their revenue/profits, it will become a unique organisation which gives salary hike by asking other employees to take a salary cut.
  8. Yes, but probably some people think that players are already earning big, so cut down their share and divide equally instead of using other revenue sources.
  9. Thing is no one is saying that test shouldn't be more rewarding. But to make it more rewarding, you don't need to suppress T20. Simply pay higher salaries to test salaries without bringing IPL in the picture. That should still encourage players to play tests. For ex - say if IPL player auctioned for 6 crores IPL player gets 2 crores Test players earns 1 crores Test player gets 4 crores extra from IPL player to make total earning 5 crores. Instead of doing this BCCI can allow IPL player to keep their 6 crores and pay 7 crores to test players separately. It will encourage players to try for tests and it will actually reward players who are good in all formats. Players will try to become better player in all formats rather than being tuk tuk one trick pony.
  10. This is similar to what ICC was trying to do earlier with BCCI. Cut their shares from ICC revenues and give it to other boards and call it fair distribution.
  11. Kagiso Rabada [100 test wickets]

    Most of them tend to do well in Asia too. If they don't run through the sides, they don't produce 150-0 type figures either. The match where Sehwag scored 319, Steyn still managed to take 100-4. He can do well in SL and Bangladesh. UAE is dead for pacers. India is most difficult place for any type of bowler at this time.
  12. Kagiso Rabada [100 test wickets]

    Now he has taken his 100th test wicket.
  13. Kagiso Rabada [100 test wickets]

    22 matches 99 wickets Avg: 23.28 6 5-fers Match winning performances. Guy is 22 and already ATG in making.
  14. Rabada vs Amir

    Rabada is going ahead consistently.
  15. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    NZ and SA are producing flat tracks more often than earlier. Ball hardly swings in Asia anymore. It was much better for pacers till early 2000s with at least help in first session. Australia has never been flatter before. England is more or less with all the venues. It's just that England have much better pacers now.

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