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  1. PAA-G

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    Billings would surely form the Xi!!!
  2. hahahaha, abhi itta bada nhi huwa o
  3. Hi and Welcome to the official thread of THE CORPORATION. To introduce to our supporters and fans, we have had a face upliftment for our team from previous year. Donning the new roles are the following members: @zakk AKA THE ROCK Zakk is a world-class fantasy league player, who has recently won many accolades for his outstanding performances in fantasy league games over the years. A tough and far-thinking super selector enjoys a second successive stint with the Corporation. He has always been a great inspiration for each and every super selector and a real team player. The critical situations bring out the best in him. Welcome to the team! @-Robin- AKA KANE Robin, a charismatic fantasy league player, who will always keep you guessing. His judicious use of subs and the ability to take calculated risks puts him ahead of other super selectors. He believes in healthy competition and taking the fight to opponent's den. This super selector player has all the weapons in his arsenal, ranging from an initial onslaught at the start of the tournament to the quickfire scoring at the end of the tournament. Welcome aboard! @laaloo AKA BIG SHOW Laaloo is an experienced fantasy league player, who gives the team his all. He has been in fine form and have evolved a lot as a player. Believes in playing with a balanced team, the super selector player would be aiming for the podium finishes this season. The main attack and defense for him is his unpredictability with the transfers. On his day, can top the global leader board. All the best mate! @nanda14792 AKA TEST Nanda, one of my all time favorites super selector, continues to find place in Corporation after his magnanimous performance last season. The most experienced and senior player among us all, makes a comeback from retirement. This year, he promises to achieve more than what he has so far achieved and carry the legacy of Corporation to new heights. Fortunate to have a player like you! @flat_wicket_bully AKA TRIPLE H FWB is a gem among the finest super selectors that ICF has ever had. He backs himself, always have a plan B and can work out the negotiation of points vs subs on the spot. He knows exactly where he has a chance to read the opponent's mind and ouster him after the game. A dangerous player, who can give you run for your money, if he is provoked/challenged as he believes in the song "Bach ke rehna rey baba, tum pe nazr hai"Good Luck FWB! @Pollack AKA SHAWN MICHAELS Pollack, an emerging super selector, will debut from this IPL Season. He is currently a novice, but going by the predictions for Ind Aus Test series, this maan has surely some good superselector skills in him that he would like to show to other ICFers and global competitors. His innovative skills, temperament, logical thinking will add a new color to the Corporation Rainbow. Lets do it maan! @PAA-G AKA MR MCMAHON I would just like to say that just go ahead and bajaa daaloo sabki! Fans & Supporters: Thank you folks for your love and support, we shall perform to the best of our abilities!
  4. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Kya announcement.... League se withdraw kr rae ho???!
  5. PAA-G

    Delhi Daredevils | IPL 2017 Fan Club

    Zakk hi h cappo! And I think jayant and m Ashwin will play ahead of nadeem
  6. Some seriously have the injuries while chances are high that some are faking it.
  7. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Good suggestions but thoda collective sochte hn as a team..... I Wud say Team CORPORATION.... Just find a name and we can start our thread by that name!
  8. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    he has gone for hibernation saving himself from ipl chillsz!
  9. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    No shraddha please... Kuch aur socho!
  10. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Koi nhi.... Iss ipl m ache se khel k apne ko establish krlo... Bids to hoti raengi!!
  11. PAA-G

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 : IPL MEGA LEG !

    Sahi robin hazir hon

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