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  1. master22

    Karnataka and Mumbai Lobby selections without performance

    Rahul was averaging 45 till the beginning of 2018 (after playing around 20 odd tests). He has been in horrible form this year and needs to be dropped after this series. But let's not make it seem like he has always been bad, and a quota player. Even Murali Vijay averages 39 after playing around 60 matches. Comparison with Rohit Sharma is unfair. Rohit has been a total flop in Test cricket where as Rahul has been in top 10 test batsman ranking a few times in his career. Even if Rahul is replaced, Mayank Agarwal will rightfully take his place. Since Mayank is also from the same state, how does it matter to this so called lobby since they play for the same state.
  2. master22

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Well I respect your opinion but I do not understand what makes you think that Dravid did not have the attitude of going for the win, inspite of him scoring the highest number of runs in wins for India. Who were these superstars that always ruthlessly went for the win and why were they not able to score runs in wins more than RD.
  3. master22

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Are you serious? How can a knock in the 1st or 2nd innings of a match (that too just 60 balls) have any major impact on winning a TEST match. Its all hindsight. At the end of the match India still needed 170+ runs to win the match, and were scoring at 2 runs per over after 100 overs. They probably needed 70 more overs to chase that. It was not even close. How can you blame RD for that lol. It was inconsequential.
  4. master22

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Every batsman has one or two such knocks in his career. Even a batsman as great as Sachin scored 16 runs in 98 balls. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/14934/scorecard/64127/India-vs-Pakistan-3rd-Test-pakistan-tour-of-india-2004-05/#gp-inning-00 I can't think of any other test match ( other than probably Capetown 2006 along with Sachin) where RD slow innings costed India a test win. Dravid has scored the most runs by an Indian batsman in overseas wins.
  5. master22

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    He was never dropped after 1998 (until 2007). Here we are talking about Dravid's ODI place in 2002 when he took up keeping (infact he was the VC at that time). I don't see any correlation between him being dropped from the ODI side in 1998 to him taking up keeping in 2002 to get a place in the ODI side.
  6. master22

    Is Kane Williamson the modern day Dravid?

    Lol thats rubbish. Just watch the below video, Ganguly himself said there was no question about Dravid's place in the ODI side. I guess you know more than Ganguly himself.
  7. master22

    Name famous Kannadigas or people from Karnataka

    Prabhudeva (suprised no one mentioned him), Soundarya, Arjun Sarja, Sadhguru.
  8. master22

    Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    Are you even aware of Sanga's record in India?

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