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  1. 23 hours ago, sarcastic said:

    You are missing the point. SRT n everyone is saving the match as we don't have enough time to score 383 and with some more patience and application, that match could have been saved. 


    Poster such as @Number and me are trying to convey that such slow knocks are needed and appreciated when the situation demands that. Not in every scenario is like that. The other test match vs England is the case in point.


    Rahul Dravid seems to be too soft a person (which is good but not always needed) to ruthlessly go for win when he can. You can see that in Kohli for e.g. He would have won that oval test for his team if he was in that situation in the 4th innings. 

    Well I respect your opinion but I do not understand what makes you think that Dravid did not have the attitude of going for the win, inspite of him scoring the highest number of runs in wins for India. Who were these superstars that always ruthlessly went for the win and why were they not able to score runs in wins more than RD.

  2. On 5/18/2018 at 6:21 PM, Number said:

    I'll give you another one 


    We should have got close to England's score if not for momentum killing 7 of 60.


    Are you serious? How can a knock in the 1st or 2nd innings of a match (that too just 60 balls) have any major impact on winning a TEST match. Its all hindsight. At the end of the match India still needed 170+ runs to win the match, and were scoring at 2 runs per over after 100 overs. They probably needed 70 more overs to chase that. It was not even close. How can you blame RD for that lol. It was inconsequential.

  3. 2 hours ago, Number said:

    Character wise yes but no one can match RD in the art of crawling. 

    Although significance of s/r is quite less in tests but some of his blockthons were directly responsible for India not winning the game which they could have.




    We were leading by 329 runs in the 3rd innings of the game, when he came to the crease.

    And then scored epic 12 runs in 96 balls. :((

    Every batsman has one or two such knocks in his career. Even a batsman as great as Sachin scored 16 runs in 98 balls.




    I can't think of any other test match ( other than probably Capetown 2006 along with Sachin) where RD slow innings costed India a test win.

    Dravid has scored the most runs by an Indian batsman in overseas wins.

  4. 8 hours ago, sandeep said:

    If there was "no question" about Dravid's place, why was he ever dropped from the ODI team?



    He was never dropped after 1998 (until 2007). Here we are talking about Dravid's ODI place in 2002 when he took up keeping (infact he was the VC at that time). I don't see any correlation between him being dropped from the ODI side in 1998 to him taking up keeping in 2002 to get a place in the ODI side.

  5. 2 hours ago, sandeep said:

    Nobody's underselling Dravid the ODI batsman - Until 2003 he used to have an SR in the 50s and 60s, and had an extremely limited scoring game.  He had to keep wickets because that was the only way he was staying in the ODI XI.  Ironically, that actually ended up helping his batting quite a bit, and he went to improve a bit as an ODI bat.  

    Lol thats rubbish. Just watch the below video, Ganguly himself said there was no question about Dravid's place in the ODI side. I guess you know more than Ganguly himself. :winky: 



  6. Let me give all the Dhoni bhakts an example......Here is the thing...when people rate Lloyd as one of the greatest captains ever....can we say he had a great team-Yes,Did he have a lot of trophies and accomplishments-Yes but then what seperates him than the rest? He brought people from diverse cultures/countries within the carribean towards a common goal and made them a world dominating side....Now I am not saying Ganguly is in the same league as Lloyd but just taking into consideration the time in Indian cricket Ganguly took over the reins and call it a coincidence if you want how guys like Yuvraj,Bhajji,Sehwag,Zak,Nehra,Pathan emerged around the same period automatically qualifies him to be our greatest captain.Never seen such a diverse talent-pool emerge under anyone else :hmmm:
    By that logic Azhar is our greatest captain ever because under him the likes of VVS,Dravid and Ganguly emerged:haha: Performance and results matter the most and ganguly dint win a single series outside the subcontinent.Dhoni is easily the better captain.

  7. From what i've seen the people from the N.E are very friendly and love socialising with us.Dont think they have anything to fear in Chennai as they will have the support of the locals
    Exodus from Chennai continues Students and workers from the north-eastern States continued to leave Chennai in large numbers on Friday, even as Chief Minister Jayalalithaa assured them that they were safe in Tamil Nadu. The rush to board trains bound for Howrah and Guwahati continued, with hundreds of youngsters, including women, purchasing tickets to these destinations. Southern Railway operated special trains and attached extra coaches to scheduled trains. Asking people not to believe baseless rumours, police maintained that there was no specific threat to the North-East population. Toll-free helpline numbers (9840295100, 9677066100 and 9789088100), which would be functional round the clock, were set up by the Chennai Police. Ms. Jayalalithaa said the Tamil Nadu had always been peaceful and the government would ensure that people from all parts of India faced no difficulty. ªénstructions have been given to Commissioners/Superintendents of Police to enhance surveillance in areas where those from the North-East stay. We are telling them not to panic and their safety is paramount, Additional Director-General of Police (Law and Order) S. George said. Commissioner of Police J.K. Tripathy held a meeting with office-bearers of an association of North-East youth to reassure them. «ñhere is no input of any threat to these people. There has been no instance of any untoward incident, he said. At the Chennai Egmore and Central railway stations, the rush to board trains bound for Howrah, Guwahati and Dibrugarh continued. ªá large number of people have purchased tickets and are waiting for special trains. We have deployed adequate manpower to regulate and guide the crowd. Besides scheduled trains, a couple of special trains are expected to be operated on Friday night, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Railways) Thillai Natarajan said. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/article3786374.ece
    So why are north east people leaving chennai,are they being targeted there too.I thought you genuinely opened this thread to talk about a sensitive matter but it seems like your intention was to just show a certain city in poor light and to big up your own city.You only want to see what you want to see.You still dint mention what attacks have happened in bangalore.

  8. Well the chewtiya in Bombay, read Shiv Sena-BJP-Congress combined, screwed up Bombay real good in 90s. Bangalore is now moving in the same direction now, it seems. Girls being hit by Muthaliks, NE getting kicked out etc.
    Wtf does moral policing in mangalore has anything to do with Bangalore.Also the north east people are leaving because of some rumour msgs being spread,no one has been attacked.The local NGO's are doing there bit to help these people.North east people are also fleeing pune,Hyderabad and chennai but nobody seems to care about the people there.Is this because bjp govt is in rule in blore?

  9. Maybe these are just rumours there have been too many incidents of moral policing and violence in Karnataka over the last few years
    Yup you are right but most of these are restricted to mangalore which has always been a communally sensitive area.Though the bjp govt has been defending goondas like pramod muthalik and are responsible for increased attacks in karnataka

  10. What the hell is going on?Why are north easteners being targetted in Bangalore?I've seen plenty of posts here supporting BJP' date='yet the state in which they recently acquired power seems to be the worst in law and order.[/quote'] Targeted? These are just rumors floating around .No one has been attacked.The article u have posted is very misleading .What action can the government take based on rumors.

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