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  1. Lovely analysis by Sanju Manju. Apparently his 'long-term' prospective Indian team is - Vijay Dhawan Kohli Rahane Rohit Parthiv Pandya Jadeja Ishant Bumrah Shami
  2. Should India try to go after Philander

    No.Tire him down. He's not young anymore. Calculated attack also will help. In 1st innings at Cape Town, Pandya's 3 boundaries in 1 over made Faf take him off..
  3. SA request fast and bouncy pitch for 2nd test

    Ideally - Vijay Rahul Pujara Kohli (C) Rahane Rohit/Pandya (prefer latter if the pitch is flat) Parthiv (K) Bhuvi Shami Ishant Bumrah
  4. India have played most of their games at home : Philander

    Charged up! Matches in South Africa are always fun to watch! Wish we had a 4 match series..
  5. What is this league??.. the hell

    WTF what is Sehwag doing there Bengal, Kerala, Maratha? Are you f*cking kidding me
  6. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    I have a good feeling about Gill. Should be fast tracked. Shaw can be an accumulator but Gill will be your match winner. I'm going by the generic template of Mumbai vs Delhi cricketers.
  7. 300 for Ashwin in tests : Fastest to get there.

    One of the greatest in Indian conditions. As it goes without saying, he needs to perform abroad. Maybe he needs to watch videos of Nathan Lyon to see how he goes about his business in hostile conditions for spinners.
  8. Ishant- Has he become mature?

    After 78 tests? The South African tour will give a better clarity. I hope he does well because he would add a great variety to our bowling attack. Bhuvi, Shami, and Ishant should be our pacers for Newlands on Jan 5th. Umesh, for all the good work he's done in India, I feel, will not be very helpful on South African pitches.
  9. Why can't India produce a bowler like Hazlewood/Ryan Harris who can hit the seam consistently all through the day? Starc may be the premium pacer but Hazlewood and Harris type bowlers win them matches.. bowl at 140 consistently with great discipline.
  10. It's not safe in Pakistan, especially for Indians. So NO.
  11. Woah.. great to hear Harsha on Star again.. Clarke is great too!
  12. Hardik Pandya-The Murderer of Spin Bowling

    This guy's a butcher. He picks the length early and just smashes it. Clean hitting. No second thoughts.

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