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  1. Sandeep99

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Looks a very good bowler in Asif mould. But Pakistanis may label him as a trundler. They never appreciate these kind of bowlers.
  2. Sandeep99

    Ajink in the armour: Rahane’s fading aura

    He looks awful batting these days. He needs to spend more time with Mumbai ranji team. Get in Nair and vihari who look in good touch. Australia will decimate any remaining hope of rahanes career anyway.
  3. Deepak Chahar of course! Unadkat may have a chance too.
  4. Lord.. Please help me quit Indian cricket.. It's excruciating
  5. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Sad.. Both have looked so good.. These two lads will earn huge bucks in ipl auction for sure
  6. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Looks like the player India requires right now.. Capable late order hitter who can bowl few overs.
  7. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    This guy Ayush looks gold.. Does he bowl as well? Fastrack him already!!
  8. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Simran and Ayush look so much better than some of the senior middle order batsmen.. Hitting them with so much ease!
  9. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Wow! From Pakistan? looks a killer bowler.. shades of Dennis lillee
  10. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    I think it is. Star sports will be streaming if I'm not wrong.
  11. Sandeep99

    Ind's answer to Starc-Cummins-Hazlewood

    I want Shami, Siraj, Bumrah to be fielded.
  12. Sandeep99

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    It's been a pain to watch him bat. Too clumsy. Even Hong Kong figured him out. Save some grace and retire immediately.
  13. Sandeep99

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    India's top order struggled against Afghans. These kids from Afghanistan are giving new hope to cricket. Amazing to see their development into a true force in cricket.
  14. Sandeep99

    WI tour to India - Warm up game.

    We need to groom spinners..
  15. Sandeep99

    WI tour to India - Warm up game.

    Could be reverse.. Another shami in the making

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