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  1. Woah.. great to hear Harsha on Star again.. Clarke is great too!
  2. Hardik Pandya-The Murderer of Spin Bowling

    This guy's a butcher. He picks the length early and just smashes it. Clean hitting. No second thoughts.
  3. Average bowler but excellent under clouds. All in all, not a top 20 bowler. There have been many better pace bowlers in the past.
  4. Can Anderson end career with sub-25 average?

    Yes, if he plays his remaining career in England under clouds.
  5. WTF shot is this !!!

    A scoop.
  6. I think it's just that they wanted representation from other countries. Pakistan have no better batsmen than Inzamam and Miandad. Not a big deal. Calm down guys..
  7. What a futile thing to fight over.. just ignore and move on!
  8. While it is true that Indian crowds were just as bad previously, this comment still comes in poor taste. You'd expect better from a world cup winning captain.
  9. Dumbest ball ever bowled !!!

    But the ball was phaaaashht
  10. Hopefully this is the end for him. All the best to him for the rest of his life. Hopefully his buddy Dhoni will join soon and they can enjoy retirement together.
  11. ODI squad for SL series selected. Yuvi dropped.

    It would be incredible fun to see India going in with 2 solid wrist spinners turning it either way! Never been this excited for a bilateral series in a long time..
  12. ODI squad for SL series selected. Yuvi dropped.

    They could have easily retained Pant and dropped Rahane.. all in all good selection I would say. Here's my XI for the first ODI - Dhawan Rohit Kohli (c) Rahul Pandey Dhoni (k) Pandya Kuldeep Chahal Bhuvi Bumrah Bring it on!
  13. H Pandya - 26 runs in an over

    Last ball he clearly was looking for a single. That ball was in the slot.
  14. India A team's tour of South Africa

    Disappointing performance with the bat. 74-6 after conceding ~350 in the first innings. I expected better performance from Iyer and Nair.

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