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  1. Just hand over the cup to England so that Nasser can sleep tight.
  2. Sandeep99

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    This is not a bad idea. But DK has shown poor technique against fast bowling in the recent times. Not sure if he can survive a proper testing over.
  3. Sandeep99

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    Maybe we can try and fracture his leg by having some men sneak into his hotel room? On a serious note, just see him off in the first 3 overs and then thrash him.
  4. Sandeep99

    Pick your 6, potential semi finalists

    Who picked Afghanistan and SA and no one picked Lanka. At least Sri Lanka has 4 points
  5. Sandeep99

    Points Table Prediction

    Without even dwelling into details, you could go very very wrong as weather is going to spoil more matches and points will be shared.
  6. Cringeworthy descriptions. It was anything but a classic or greatest.
  7. Star Sports was cringe and this one is equally cringy. However, would love to see the same reactions by the Pakistanis after next sunday when they get their asses handed over to them.
  8. Sandeep99

    Marcus stonis is also out of the World cup

    Soinis is an underrated death bowler. Mitch Marsh is neither a good batsman nor a good bowler.
  9. Sandeep99

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    We're doomed... fcking doomed... bye bye cup
  10. Sandeep99

    Possible Replacements for Shikhar Dhawan

    Shaw/Mayank if they want opener; Pant if they want a batsman; Please don't be Rayudu or Rahane or whoever else
  11. India can now kiss goodbye to world cup... bye bye cup
  12. Get Rishabh fcking Pant in already! Or Prithvi Shaw if you don't want to tamper with #4. Please no Rayudu/Karthik
  13. Bumrah doesn't need to bowl short whereas Bhuvi can't and Pandya will and get a phainty..
  14. They're as good as the regular wrist spinners if they bowl at the right speed. Kuldeep bowls a touch slow to my liking.
  15. I will wait for a day when Kohli develops some imagination and out of the box thinking.

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