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  1. Sandeep99

    When CSK met/meets SRH !!!

    Csk is too smart for ipl but I think SRH will somehow outthink and win it this time
  2. Sandeep99

    The great Orange Storm of 2019- official SRH thread

    You guys already have our good chef Rayudu with you.. He is already packing some mouth watering biryanis to London...
  3. Sandeep99

    Most likable team

    RR, KXIP, and Delhi are perennial minnows and nobody gives a fck about them. Many fans hate MI, KKR, CSK, and RCB. I think SRH is the most loved team for sure.
  4. Sandeep99

    Gambhir Picks his top 4 IPL sides for this season

    Fair picks but we all know csk will qualify ahead of kxip which makes it MI, SRH, CSK, KKR
  5. Sandeep99

    The great Orange Storm of 2019- official SRH thread

    Excited to see Warner and Bairstow bulldoze opponents and then watch Rashid clean up much famed batting line ups. SRH is going to win this time
  6. Sandeep99

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    Rayudu means ‘doesn’t write’. This guy is Rayudu meaning ‘can’t play’.
  7. Sandeep99

    Time to drop payload on Rayudu !!!

    But he plays for CSK macha.. should be automatically good, right?
  8. Sandeep99

    Faf ti miller- Aaaaa look at you go MSD!!!'

    Dhoni's PR is most amazing
  9. Deserves it. He has schooled the terrorist nation in their rented home last year. It was a great effort. Bangladesh is just a gift.. he will score at least one more double century in the next two matches and take his tally to over 920 points I feel.
  10. Sandeep99

    Template to beat India in the World Cup.

    Just get Kohli out soon enough and score anything above 270, you win the game.
  11. Khawaja - classic example of Pakistani genes... inept and useless.. clear candidate for the worst ever player to represent Australia
  12. Khawaja bhai is one of the most overrated batsmen and boring batsmen to watch. Always seems to be playing for his place
  13. Sandeep99

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    Such a shame for Pakistan..losing an F16 to MiG21... they have lost one of their best fighter jets just to show that they're war ready
  14. Sandeep99

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    Aaaaar Ceeeeee Beeeee
  15. Sandeep99

    1st T20. Ind vs Aus at Vizag

    If only Dhoni buried his ego in the last over by running a couple more...

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