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  1. This is a top quality post. Our Army is as spineless as our people and politicians. Even Bangladesh didn’t hesitate killing 20 some BSF soldier and hang them upside down. IAF planes collides in mid air. IAF lose so many planes every year because of incompetence. Now don’t blame on politics everything. If there is a shortage of spare parts why don’t the IAF speaks up? Nearly 25 percent of army is made up of Servants who serve officers. Yes they literally polish their shoes every morning. Behanchod kya hoga aise desh ka. 300 people is the average number of Gujarati joins the armed forces each year but behanchod these people are giving certificates of patriotism to rest of India. I look at newspapers and never see any Modi, Shah or patel dies in Kashmir fighting for this country. It’s always some Punjabi, haryanvi, tamil, Pahari, reddy etc. behanchod modi shah patel toh sirf money scams news meh hi milte hain.
  2. Mongolia has such a proud History. It kicked China A$$ so much that China end up building a wall to protect itself. But today Mongolia is surviving on China donations and basically its pet dog. Who should be more happy China or Mongolia?
  3. Jatboy

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    Which machine/calculation/ survey is used to find out that majority of Jaats are bad? What defines a community is bad is subjective. Kashmiri Muslims are very soft spoken but you must be loving them for this and must be hating patriotic Jaats because they are bad because of their attitude. Also you must be lickin bengalis who has let millions of their Bangladeshis in their love for Bengali language. Jaats only doe for India and bring medals when your good castes flop at international stage. Your verbal diarrhea is throwing $hit now.
  4. Jatboy

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    I don’t have any Issues with any caste bhai. I normally just casually visit this forum to see what’s happening with indian cricket. I am doing this since 2011. Now I am seeing for so long for no reason this dude has picked Jaats for no reason and trying to blame them for all the evil in indian society. Jaats are no angels but why just blame one community all the time. This made me start posting here to tackle his nonsense. And no poster here on this forum asked him to shut up. I used the same tactic and in one post mentioned Reddy , Rajput etc and people start asking me What’s the problem I have with reddys or etc. so I guess posters on this forum only speaks up if it’s against their caste. Looking at that I have done the right thing.
  5. Jatboy

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    Don’t worry. Take your time till you get your next Jaat hating diarrhea. Just quote me in your post. I will give you the right dose to minimize your anti Jaat diarrhea effect.
  6. Jatboy

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    You can be deaming to Jaats but asking others not to be deaming to UP? Are you a UP walla? I guess your hatred for Jaats is not because of riots in muzzafar nagar? Are you from Ummah brigade? So that phainty is what keeping you in pain till now?
  7. Jatboy

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    Three main religions are have caste system and you are using mostly for Hindus? Your Jaat caste hatred cancer is turning into a Tumour. Also, tell what did your Jaat colleague did to you? Half story is no fun
  8. Jatboy

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    Your hate cancer is deep rooted and I firmly believe that you won’t come out of this. You are asking me not to bring other castes, so using this logic why are you bringing Jaats into this? Only ask me not to clinge to My caste when you are done with Rajputs, Brahmins Etc. Why don’t your ask Brahmins and Rajputs to lead the way and set up an example by giving up on their caste? Isn’t historically these two castes have shaped Indian caste system. Why Jaats to lead this time? By the way Sikhs, Pakistani Muslims have caste as well. So Hindus are not the only one. I guess in your hatred you are missing the facts. Get well soon. I am still waiting to know what my fellow Jaat Bro did to you? Must be in pain still? Was that phainty given to you by your Jaat colleague at work? Let the whole story come out now.
  9. Jatboy

    Swachh Bharat Mission: A remarkable transformation

    You again showed your hatred for Jaats. Before Jaats start with Brahmins, Rajputs etc. Is not your BJP beloved Rajputs brought shame to India while protesting for Padmavat. What about Reddys in south ? How about Muslims? There are so many who needs to clean their act before you bring Jaats to this. By the way at least now be brave enough to share with me what My fellow Jaat brother did to you?
  10. Jatboy

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    You are such a joker who openely preach hates against Jaats and trying to point to me that I am a catesit. So, you bring your Jaat hatred to a new level of bigotry. You started with Jaats being mannerless and then you said you don’t like them because they own most of the Haryana land and now you hate Jaats because you thing Jaats don’t like non Jaat CM in Haryana. And your view of all caste getting coming together against Jaats is the biggest joke of this Year. In a country where one caste is not united among themselves and assuming different caste coming together against one is a joke. If because of Jaats all caste are united then Jaats should be awarded. We have done something which is not done in 1000 years. What ever you are smoking must be lit. Wake up
  11. Jatboy

    Ramzan Ceasefire

    Modi is another gujju in the list of many who made the fools out of Indians.. starting with Gandhi, Harshad Mehta, choksi, Jinnah, chotto Modi etc. Were people really expecting Modi Gujju to be a strong man? He has a meak personality and is all media hype. I don’t even want to write about Amit shah. This man alone has destroyed Indian social fabric. Riots after riots are engineered by this man. Rajnath singh is good just to do Kaddi Ninda. Jaitely made fool of Indians with Demonitization drama and job growth is stalled. Most of the BJP mantris are good just to bark. It’s a Baniya-Brahmin-Rajput party and toying with rest of the Indian populace. It makes me sad when I see educated South Indians have started following this scam party.

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