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  1. my ex-colleague who is an lingayat told that this is BS argument .. may backfire badly for congress
  2. this seems to be a coordinated strategy by the opposition parties to counter BJP in few of the community forums i am active , DMK guys are claiming that tamilians are not hindus ( this is going on for the last 6/7 months) .. their BS argument is that tamils are either saivites ( iyer , gounders , saiva vellals etc ) or vaishnivites ( iyengar , ayra vyasa etc ) .. resident DMK fan @BeautifulGame can attest this
  3. its not that diffuclt to learn hindi ( and viceversa ) if someone tries to learn considering lots of common words in both the languages .. we dont learn our languages in a right way in the schooldays ( i myself studied till 8th , but our focus is just to pass hindi and even the syllabus concentrates only on the writing part )
  4. nahi .. attemp by DMK & seyal talaivar to create some issue to keep himself relevant ;-)
  5. for preparing sukku coffee , jaggery is always used if i am not wrong .. ok.. sukku is dried ginger ( gogoled )
  6. my grandma prepares jaggery coffee for herself , i prefer it over normal sugar .. i feel jaggery reduce the coffee flavor
  7. kya attempt hain ? this BS politics about hindi imposition by DMK is quite outdated and they are trying to bring this 1960 ka protests now and they tried to restart their anti-brahmin thing now and got KLPD
  8. i am more or less sure that @lanka-girln is @Rasgulla / viper
  9. i like both filter coffee as well as tea ( started taking tea only in the last 4/5 years ) .. but i prefer tea more than coffee now .. also if i take more coffee i get headache , no such issues with tea for me
  10. we are back to the era of sourav gangluly and sachin