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  1. i want to create some channel like this for cricket.. something with recurring themes and characters characters like 442toons
  2. you guys play fetch .. leave me out of this
  3. considering the financial losses , they will prepare roads and rohit can make a comeback
  4. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    @vvvslaxman @The Dark Horse @Forever Indian @Vilander alagiris son is savage
  5. if i get paid for taking blame role , i am ready for that role
  6. velu

    MS Dhoni Videos

    we need 25,000 fps video recording to see dhonis stumping
  7. he is one of my favorite players wont reveal my all time favorite player , i dont want to give any chance to wheelchair analysts to take advantage of it
  8. government is bailing out air india every year .. consistently making losses for years and on top of that they are know for very very bad service
  9. velu

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    one of my distant cousin is damn rich and his father have known affair with another lady ( typical richie rich ) .. he gave this advice to my cousin , "Dont give any headache to me now , just marry the girl that i show and take care of the business . Later if you want you can arrange another women for fun "
  10. velu

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    my father told this to me when we went to see some girl ( years ago ) she will become fair and slim after marriage and she will look better after marriage
  11. velu

    Grievances thread

    oh okies .. guess you gave few in cricket section as well .. anyway WE are more powerful than you think
  12. velu

    Grievances thread

    once we decided to trollvote him non-stop for all his posts .. he decided to stop
  13. velu

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    did you buy godrej fridge online ? i bought it long back .. installation people came and installed it first then they told that other guy will come and give demo about how to operate the fridge .. after they left i switched on and did set the freezer and refrigerator settings .. then called them and told that i dont need any demo
  14. ahhh .. we saw that 2/3 days back

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