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  1. dhonis six vs australia in austalia
  2. not sure .. mexico is slick
  3. velu

    Centre drops Tamil, 16 other languages from teacher test

    they might be raked from #2
  4. velu

    ESPN Cricinfo test XI in last 25 years

    sachin and lara will be fighting for #4 slot and i am 200% sure that sachin wont give his position to lara
  5. atleast Dhoni never expected players to praise Sakshi for their success well things are escalating
  6. RAIGAD: She hated it when she was mocked for her dark complexion. Jokes about her cooking also irritated her. And when she was fed up with her relatives' constant taunts, she decided to take action. The 28-year-old allegedly poisoned food at her relative's house-warming party in Maharashtra's Raigad district on Monday. Five people died, including four children, and 120 guests fell sick after consuming the food, police said. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/maharashtra-woman-poisoned-food-after-taunts-over-skin-colour-5-died-120-fell-sick-1872033
  7. velu

    Football memes !!

    by some hardore messi fan
  8. musa guy defender chasing him simply gave up @Old guy
  9. @SLICKR392 https://www.ibtimes.co.in/die-hard-argentina-fan-commits-suicide-after-messi-cos-rout-by-croatia-772766
  10. most bongs are behind argentina and mallus are behind brazil
  11. you missed neyar football oscar should be given to him
  12. velu

    Football memes !!

    a picture is worth thousand words .. albeit thought of putting it as memes and images
  13. velu

    Two new balls

    for a moment i thought

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