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  1. Hardik Pandya...

    he was defending or taking rashid khan out of the equation .. i think he might have whacked him , bowler hardik typically likes
  2. Gun market in Wazaristan !!!

    how badass are you guys comapred to the afridis
  3. stick to basics .. i am sure he is just bowling to the plan , watch his last over to hardik .. i thought short wide and outside off is dumb against hardik .. but he kept bowling the same ball .. defnitely part of the plan
  4. its too early for those calculations
  5. Hardik Pandya...

    i dont like to judge so early .. other batsmen were falling like a pack of cards , he was ina very tough situation
  6. Signal to Mumbai Indian fans !!!

    will be boring without these mindians
  7. Hardik Pandya...

    bowled well so far in this IPL .. but today he was stuck between rock and a hard place

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