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  1. velu

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    yeah .. six of tsotsobe
  2. velu

    IPL 2019 Finals at Hyderabad...

    mods can ban any id if the user posts .. they cant ban anyone who is yet to post i recived 5/6 up votes from him/her .. not complaining most probbaly an alter-ego of @Laaloo
  3. velu

    Site Feedback

    @jalebi_bhai @Trichromatic @beetle .. solve this trollvote problem @Nikola bhai is accusing me that its me and he is blackmailing me that if it doesnt stop , he will create 10 bots and trollvote me he already did it once to me and i have to personally upvote 10 of his posts to cool him down
  4. velu

    IPL 2019: Remaining matches and status

    i think they have a training camp .. ( googled )
  5. velu

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    top #3 biggets sixes in IPL history chris gayle hit 119m six.. ben cutting 117m.. ms dhoni 112m .. both gayle and cutting hit the sixes with the wind .. but dhonis 112m six came against the wind .. if we assume average windspeed is 8/9mph , dhoni = gayle > cutting
  6. velu

    IPL 2019: Remaining matches and status

    Australia Depends on the schedule of ODI series in UAE (2 May 2019) Bangladesh 15 April 2019 England (Only World Cup squad players) 25 April 2019 Ireland 25 April 2019 New Zealand Available full season South Africa 10 May 2019 Sri Lanka 6 May 2019 West Indies Available for full season
  7. he is more responsible when playing for india
  8. velu

    Biggest sixes in IPL 2019 !!!

    https://www.iplt20.com/video/177126/dhoni-s-111-metre-six?tagNames=indian-premier-league,feature&references=CRICKET_TEAM:1 @sscomp32 plz rip this video .. upload it with the highest possible resultion in youtube and post it here
  9. velu

    Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka

    yep .. another commie from our land
  10. just negotiate archer .. next over will be bowled by undercutter .. can score 25 as well
  11. freehit .. poor ball form a spinner

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