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  1. Welcome to 4 day tests

    laxman .. his nick name :poink:
  2. Welcome to 4 day tests

    our old test team ( sachin , laddu , dravid ... ) might have love this format
  3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    ok .. she is absolutely doa... errr loveable
  4. Netflix

    downloaded season 1 last year aftre @SLICKR392 bitched me to watch , but finished it last month .. really good and well made
  5. thats even better for our player
  6. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    his problem seems to be spin , not the pace
  7. Turning point !!!

    like how rohit gets bowled regularly when he expects an outswinger
  8. Turning point !!!

    Todays game .. Dhonis lightning quick stumping to get naxwell
  9. Turning point !!!

    Lets discuss about the turning point(s) of the match(es) ..
  10. you are doubting the guy whose team won 7 consectuvie fairpaly awards

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