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  1. few of the posters here can try their luck
  2. To watch his movie :JKRITHESH
  3. Hmmm... Wait for another two days , you will get 100rs and chicken biriyani [emoji56]
  4. There is no kannada dubbed version
  5. IMHO bhajji improved his bowling ( shorter format ) after he was dropped , in my observation in the past 2 IPLs he was difficult to hit .. problem for him is that ashwin completely overshadowed him and as a player Jaddu brings more to the table .. i would pick bhajji over the mental midget mishra anyday .. anywya i want bhajji to keep his mouth shut , wont help him anyway ..
  6. for terrorists
  7. probably you ll be in a better job if you have not discovered iCF
  8. padosis
  9. pakistan is a dangerous place for women , men and donkeys
  10. add money as well .. most of the pakistanis sent to india in a sucide mission take down their lives just for 50,000 Rs .. have no idea why guys who are living a comfortable lives will turn to terrorism aka bin laden kind of guys
  11. Dhoni is struggling against the spinners big time . Hope he does practice agaisnt spinners in his free time ( got plenty of it )