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  1. no reason to finish the sentence with !!!
  2. velu

    Rohit & Shaw opening at MCG ? Thought ?

    not sure about rohit though .. if he can survive first 10 overs somehow then only he can get himself out
  3. velu

    Best mobile phone

    just checked few reviews ... most gave good reviews my advice .. dont keep it in your jeans pocket
  4. velu

    Best mobile phone

    not into mobiles now 5000mah , can be used as grenade
  5. @Jimmy Cliff your boy didnt expect to be yorkered
  6. velu

    Tik Tok videos

    now i m in love with both of them @coffee_rules
  7. only a bakchod bowler will bowl yorker in a test match
  8. "inzamam is million times better batsmen than sachin" - miandad
  9. velu

    Communism in India

    she is tamil but i dont think she is tamil brahmin.. most of her articles are pro-dalit , anti-upper caste and anti-brahmin
  10. velu

    Kakinada Killer Hanuma Vihari watch

    most important question .. can he make tasty biriyani ?
  11. velu

    Communism in India

    family WA group sounds scary
  12. velu

    Tik Tok videos

    double trouble

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