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  1. My parents are still getting those priceless moments
  2. velu

    Do cats suck as pets or general animals?

    our first non-desi dog is Pomeranian ( white indian spitz ) .. it use to bark even for a slightest noise esp in the night time it was a female , but still we ( me and my brother ) named her as scooby doo .. but it repsonds only if we use "rani" , my grandma named her as rani
  3. velu

    Do cats suck as pets or general animals?

    house dogs cant survive though ( maybe it can survive by begging for food ) but house cat easily hunt and survive .. pack animals can show loyalty and can be domesticated .. like wolves , hyenas can be easily socialized with humans .. likewise lions and to some extent cheethas can also be can be easily socialized with humans .. coming back to the cats loyalty , its humans who needs to be loyal to their cat and not the other way .. cats will offer their hunt to humans , but dogs wont ( dont consider retrieving , dogs re there to aid/fetch humans hunt )
  4. probably everywhere else right wing parties are winning .. brazil , Philippines etc https://theweek.com/articles/804453/why-are-rightwing-populists-winning-everywhere
  5. 1) jos butler 2) aaron finch 3) glen maxwell 4) henry nnicolas 5) david warner 6) virat kohli 7) jimmy neesam 8) shoaib malik 9) perera 10) hardik pandya
  6. velu

    Do cats suck as pets or general animals?

    lol .. dogs dont have a personality thats why they butter humans and always at the mercy of the humans cats can survive all by itself if they are left alone
  7. velu

    Places to visit in India during monsoon

    visit some place where it doesn't rain much
  8. velu

    Do cats suck as pets or general animals?

    I think your pet cat can survive 4/5 years eating only you
  9. Cooks are mostly northies , the sambhar we get there doesn't taste proper Tamil or kannadiga style ( no jaggery ) .. But North Indian items in A2b is better than what we get in North Indian style restaurants in Bangalore
  10. 30mins to 1hr max per day .. but frequent 5/10mins power cuts which is a big nuisance
  11. "sharma" is a tamil word as well ( most probably northies borrowed it from US ) .. if i am not wrong telungu music director mani sharma is a a proper 100% telungu tamil singer blaze ka real name "Lakshmi Narasimha Vijaya Rajagopala Sheshadri Sharma Rajesh Raman"

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