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  1. September , 24th !!! But all the limelight was taken by :
  2. He is replacing chahal .. Then pick a seamer instead of him
  3. can you name any memorable perfirmance by him ? i have his meltdown vs klassen to support my point
  4. i am not sold on chahal if pandya comes back , we shld kick him out and continue with jaddu.. if we are going with one spinner , then drop jaddu for a pacer..
  5. i remember the super over as well .. when dhoni sent uthappa we were literally cursing him , but it was realy funny in the end for another reason that padosis bowlers were highly rated
  6. asking rohit to open , another master stroke by dhoni ..
  7. velu

    Your Gay Interests Thread

    i like headshots
  8. and their country is suffering from existential crisis @Lala
  9. velu


    second one is good , but was disappointed a bit because first part is far more fun ..
  10. velu


    wade wilson .. i am not really into superhero stuff , but deadpool is my favorite followed by batman
  11. before someone checks the scorecard , Dhoni got out before he could launch himself Dhoni 6 ( 9 ) @Jimmy Cliff @Switchblade @speedheat
  12. velu

    Why not Raina ?

    he bats like stuart broad against short ball
  13. he would be proactive if he is appointed as permanent captain .. in your managers absence , you wont be touching your managers setup even though you dont like him
  14. no other option he did captain one crucial test vs aussies and did really well
  15. everyone knows the real value of dhoni with bat or without bat , only few of the ICFers dont value him because of their inherent hate for him
  16. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    arnold - " your next game against pakistan is a virtual semi-final" or something like that mohamadullah - "at this moment pakistan is playing great cricket , it will be a tough game"
  17. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    "mohammed nabi , MSD of afghanistan"
  18. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    afghans lose another close game
  19. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    need a boundary in the last ball
  20. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    damn it ..
  21. velu

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    umpire gives leg bye .. cool as cucumber

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