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  1. Which soap do you use ?

    I usually go for pears mint or pears glycerine. Tried khadi mint soap and i am really in love with it. I smell like mint for 3/4 hours.
  2. Most of the padosi posters started liking our team and i can clearly see there is less hatred nowdays. Very few non resident padosis still hate our team and still majority of the NRP likes us. About time to include padosi players in IPL and start "Aman Ki Ayesha" tarin. Want to see lala playing for before he retires.
  3. Twitter messages

    or it could be other thing which we are missing ashwin might be dropped in ODIs because of his yo-yo score and he is mad at this
  4. Twitter messages

    i guess they never played against each other ( doubt tthey faced in IPL as well ) .. usually ashwin is really good in giving nosecuts , but this time for some reason got annoyed and jumped the gun early
  5. watched equilibrium ( torrented ).. underated action movie ..style over substance though
  6. Twitter messages

    gibbs got ashwin triggered .. just like how we triggered @jalebi_bhai in Dhonis thread
  7. Twitter messages

    ashwin use to troll others and it was fun .. but really he cant take it .. he is trying to acting cool now but its too late i think queens need to find a good numerologist for a lucky name to avoid getting another wooden spoon
  8. Twitter messages

    i didnt mean he made this joke because he became a srdar i meant he is a sardar now and not a chusky check anotehr sardar here
  9. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    dude .. i am a delta neutral guy i really dont break my head trying to predict where the index will go
  10. this is expensive even for america
  11. against west indies rohit will go crazy
  12. 28 in ODIS 16 in Tests 0 in T20s
  13. recently Bangladeshs massacared lankans http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8631/scorecard/1130739
  14. Twitter messages

    ashwin got triggered .. he cant take a joke he is a sardar now ..
  15. pandeyji http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/ms-dhoni-manish-pandey-india-vs-sri-lanka/1/1038620.html
  16. on a serious note , if BJP & shiv sena allaince breaks , BJP can troll shiv sena by allowing padosis in IPL
  17. Rohit and Dhawan ....test career future??

    what about ishanth sharma
  18. our next series is with srilanka right
  19. 58 balls 71 runs - Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey

    dhoni was showing some intent from ball 3 onwards .. cant blame him this time kohli .. even if he scored 20 of 40 i wont blame him
  20. there is a role for consolidator / anchor batsmen in T20s .. started by badrinath and perfected by Dhoni england has got hitters from #1 to #8 and never lost all the games in this series so far

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