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  1. @SLICKR392 https://www.ibtimes.co.in/die-hard-argentina-fan-commits-suicide-after-messi-cos-rout-by-croatia-772766
  2. velu

    Football memes !!

    by some hardore messi fan
  3. velu

    Football memes !!

    Starting with
  4. musa guy defender chasing him simply gave up @Old guy
  5. https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/shahid-afridis-daughter-celebrates-wicket-in-dads-style-with-lion-in-background-1865519
  6. most bongs are behind argentina and mallus are behind brazil
  7. you missed neyar football oscar should be given to him
  8. velu

    Football memes !!

    a picture is worth thousand words .. albeit thought of putting it as memes and images
  9. velu

    Two new balls

    for a moment i thought
  10. velu

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    all time xi will become minnows xi if we remove dhoni
  11. velu

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    i thought you will rename your username to Dhonifan
  12. velu

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    haterz reaction after opening this thread j/k
  13. velu

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    Dhoni is not there just as a player , but he is the captain
  14. velu

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    this thread has potential
  15. velu

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    please dont go @maniac
  16. Former India captain MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi has applied for a gun licence claiming that her life is under threat, Zee Media reported. According to the report, Sakshi has requested a permit to own a pistol or a .32 revolver. In her request, Sakshi has stated that she is mostly alone at home and has to commute alone for private work which makes her an easy target for an attack. Incidentally, her husband had applied for a gun license in 2006. His request was initially turned down but was eventually allowed to bear a 9 mm.
  17. if the pitch is flat and zero deviation , rohit can score a 300
  18. can watch dhoni playing for 5 days
  19. point to be noted here is lots of play and miss .. No edges
  20. problem with the teenage guys are that they expect they see only scorecard and SR and not the situation
  21. for the most part iran played 8 - 2 - 0 formation
  22. velu

    Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

    pist that image

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