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  1. MSD http://www.deccanchronicle.com/sports/cricket/131017/india-vs-australia-ms-dhoni-sets-unique-record-during-the-2nd-t20-game-in-guwahati.html
  2. Almonds boost men's sex lives

    you can have 4 packs of almonds
  3. Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Note to Northies:- We celebrate diwlai in memory of the day when lord krishna kicked narakasuras ass.
  4. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    domestic bullies and international pussy cats
  5. thanks for the bold part but dhoni is god of running among cricketers in running between the wickets
  6. i still dont think you can compete with this golden 3.98 secs .. dhoni might have crossed 40meters ( bolt might be 41.63 meters )
  7. bolt is 30 and dhoni is 36 .. bolt is a trained runner and dhoni is not .. if dhoni took tarck and field , we might have few gold medals in olympics ..
  8. 100m has only one lap though if we have 20m race , average dhonis time is just 0.02 seconds behind bolts best 20m time ( 2.91secs vs 2.89secs ) think we need a detailed study in a seperate thread
  9. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    Its haram if we fail to include coco cola cap imran khan
  10. Founder - @velu Co-Founders - @kumar713 @Viper @Lord @Texy @gaurav92 @Stuge @FischerTal @sourab10forever Members - @SecondSlip Honorable saala - @zakk
  11. What's your source for tech news?

    mkbhd unbox therapy . . . gsmarena
  12. Usian bolts fastest 20m in any race is 2.89secs MSDs regualr speed for the first 20m is 2.91secs @Rasgulla @sscomp32
  13. also in insta mahi7781NCA all test's done.20 mtr in 2.91sec. Run a 3 done in 8.90sec.time for heavy lunch
  14. can you guess our batsmen who cnat handle even a slight bit of swing ( even from the likes of kulasekara ) ?
  15. he didnt tweet about his test result

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