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  1. no more conflict of interest BS .. mama shld focus on taking down icc
  2. sbi to get 12k crores .. banks are going to take 10% haircut and not more .. this is expected but it’s not completely priced in .. definitely bank nifty will fly IBC is a big reform by Modi government
  3. We need a lower middle order power hitter in our T20 lineup
  4. @Austin 3:!6 some good news for All of us MS Dhoni will be there at T20 World Cup: Dwayne Bravo “Dhoni has never retired. So I think he .. “Dhoni has never retired. So I think he will be there at the World T20. MS has never let things outside cricket influence him and he has taught us the same and told us to never panic and trust our abilities,” said Bravo. Read more at: https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/news/ms-dhoni-will-be-there-at-t20-world-cup-dwayne-bravo/articleshow/72582536.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  5. Me guess , someone from or will win
  6. Looks like NCP rajya sabha MPs absconded During cab bill voting .. Pawar politics
  7. Tamil employees won't work properly , if you visit to Tirupur , erode kind of places , you can find owners training and employing bhaiyas now... Our employees join cpi/cpm or whatever and start screwing small and mid size business .. Commies are a nuisance for someone like a factory owner employing 10-50 people .. Its Maaga here in blore
  8. Not a brahmin .. Till my grandparents generation we do farming and we use to have few cows , so milk and milk products are integral part of our food
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