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  1. i think CBI has finally got watertight case against chiddu & sons .. July 11, 2019: Sheena Bora murder case accused and INX Media owner Indrani Mukherjea turns approver
  2. p chidambaram not traceable ..
  3. RIP.. actually this guy might have saved abhinandan's life .. they know the value of him .. had the civilians caught him , most probably they might have killed him ( as per some ex armymen interview )
  4. i think this is haram for padosis .. @Alam_dar
  5. Don't care about UK .. If you guys try any sort of revolution in India , we will find you and we will gill you
  6. not 100% sure .. finance industry might move of london based on the brexit deal .. finance industry brings lot of revenue to London
  7. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/donald-trump-on-us-pakistan-relations-says-cutting-1-3-billion-aid-improved-us-pakistan-ties-2087283
  8. TC @sscomp32 @Alam_dar check your padosi libtard
  9. simpler solution for uk is to abandon london and build a new capital ?
  10. BJP is little soft with China .. We are a potential market for their finished goods like electronics , solar panels etc .. Whenever we get an opportunity we should pile them Start with Huawei 5G network bid .. just like IPL , invite Huawei but ask our telecom companies not to pick them
  11. English deserve this for invading india London is a Rat infested mess
  12. trump threatened Guatemala with remittance tax .. he might do it to indians as well if things go out of hand
  13. It was like taking IPL Strategic timeout when the chasing side needs 2 runs in 4 overs I myself too delayed paying the bill as long as possible like how Dhoni pushes the game to the last over
  14. China has sunken them in deep debt like what they did to SL and other countries .. If I am a Pakistan FM , I would ask China to take a big haircut on their loans .. Most of the infra projects developer by China is useless not only in Pakistan , it is useless everywhere
  15. I don't smoke .. I don't like it as well , maybe I am tolerant to nicotine Few years back four guys went to Bombay post ( Domlur ) , one of our colleague treated us for going to us for higher studies .. Next day 3 of us got admitted to hospital except me We shared the same drink and same food as well .. Report from Manipal was that we took rat infested food , and for me it didn't do anything
  16. He was holding the phone and I pressed the click button
  17. Sarayamae engaluku sugarcane mathiri thaan Yeah .. that’s me .. not that slim now , have round face though .. had minor laser surgery last week on left cheek , swelled a bit still .. I have 7th house Taurus moon with 1st house Scorpio Mars venus combust , debilitated at 11th house with sun and exalted retrograde mercury .. Any predictions
  18. @Cricketics last time when @Malcolm Merlyn visited Bangalore ( with 1.2 crore ka check ) , i was happy thinking that he will feed me for a week .. first day he did pay .. second day when the waiter was about to bring the bill , sunnyji took a strategic break and went to restroom , i ended up paying the bill .. after i paid the bill he came back and started scolding me for paying the bill
  19. Republic trolled him badly.. Didn't watch the whole thing .. Saravanan ran away from the debate , then republic called him to explain I think suntv network removed republic channel temporarily
  20. Yeah dude .. this bugger stays somewhere near my home only .. We planned to meet almost a year before , last week I told him , if he is not going to come this week to brewsky then I will be releasing his financial report to public
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