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  1. First person who comes to my mind .. When there is a dew or slightly under pressure , he will become 0D from 1D. titbit:- if chahal start chewing his shirt collar , it mean he is in big trouble
  2. happy birthday to both @coffee_rules & @EnterTheVoid
  3. as if they cant hit chahal in other grounds .. one six and then midget will panic , will start chewing his shirt collar pooran and hetmeyar are good vs spin as well .. hope they smash this midget out of arabian sea
  4. Chalal takes the Cake In both cases .. one bowling with dew and the other is bowling under pressure .. Pressure and dew , chahal will be the MoM for the opposition
  5. Comfortablely the worst spinner on the pitch last time .. Comfortablely the worst spinner with the wet ball as well
  6. if he is useless when there is a slight dew , he should be dropped .. cos he cant bat and field as well
  7. chahal vs cross batted sloggers in flat Aussie pitch will be a mouth watering six hitting contest
  8. jaddu is a good test batsmen .. his shots are limited but his defense is good
  9. Most probably location tracking . I am absolutely certain that it's far easier to solve crimes like these and robbery if police wants as long as culprits use their mobiles. But I not sure whether location tracking alone will be taken as evidence by the court.
  10. and chahal looks like comedians sidekick
  11. Nicholas Pooran first came into limelight when he stuck a 24-ball-54 for Trinidad and Tobago Steel against the Guyana Amazon Warriors. He was part of the Windies side that played Under-19 World Cup in the UAE. Pooran, an ardent fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  12. where is @Mosher .. only can screw this chase from here
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