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  1. Bajra and jowar more or less tastes same .. We usually take bajra in liquid form , bajra + curd mix and it is to be taken with onion ( bajra is quite heavy , something in onion makes it helps in digestion ) as a breakfast or lunch Decades back we use to take bajra for breakfast and lunch .. Raagi for lunch and dinner
  2. Only mallus like red rice .. more than its taste , the size of the rice is scary Actually plain white rice has no taste of its own . Both brown and mallu rice has its own taste ( because in rice husk and outer layer has its own taste and nutrients )
  3. 15 billon usd That's lots of money . Probably Mukesh Ambani will give Akash Ambani 25k extra pocket money for next month .
  4. "bc david warner is using sandpaper to scratch my balls now " - ball sends sos to the rss feed
  5. anurag kashyap deactivates his twitter account
  6. They will start protesting by throwing stones when they get money from our padosis .. Problem is you guys are not in a position to fund these stone throwers
  7. using unpolished rice ( you meant brown rice i guess ) for making rice items are out of fashion even in 90s i guess .. also rice was a staple food in only in parts of tn and andhra till green revolution .. south karnataka , western tn and some parts of andhra/telengana use to take raagi .. north karntaka use to take jowar .. south tn and malluland use to take kapa and red rice .. only the rest ( and rich ) use to take rice
  8. dude.. never tag any hardcore feminist in a food thread
  9. In Korean street food they give lukewarm water with live krill to drink
  10. South East Asian food looks disgusting as well
  11. I will make it clear . There are FEW things which women can do better than men . But There are MANY things which men can do better than women .
  12. true .. even i wont experiment even after spending 3/4 years in korea i use to take only 2 korean dishes .. dakalbi and kimchi egg ramen
  13. probably peeps cant cook biriyani at home , so they order
  14. Bhai .. if they booked return tickets it doesn't mean they will return Anyone mess with SEBI , they are going to get screwed . Roy is going to get screwed .
  15. 5 years late .. probably now NDA got some confidence to take on libtard media Ndtv posted a message about this but they deleted it within 30 mins in their site
  16. I hope the law is to prevent forced conversion like there are many NGOs in TN coastal areas who have monetary incentives to convert Dalits to Christianity . There should be no law to prevent anyone from following their religion of choice .
  17. yeah .. we will definitely have a referendum after you guys pull your troops out of kashmir
  18. padosis are cornering themselves https://www.thehindu.com/news/international/un-chief-invokes-shimla-agreement-calls-for-maximum-restraint-on-kashmir/article28919234.ece
  19. @Stan AF ஆளே இல்லாத கடைல யாருக்குப்பா டீ ஆத்தற ...???
  20. problem with our TM is they will chances to players iike rayudu , dk , pandey etc
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