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  1. @Stan AF ஆளே இல்லாத கடைல யாருக்குப்பா டீ ஆத்தற ...???
  2. problem with our TM is they will chances to players iike rayudu , dk , pandey etc
  3. considering the debt situation of Pakistan mostly they will stop with some verbal attack
  4. here we go https://www.thehindu.com/data/where-does-jammu-and-kashmir-stand-in-comparison-to-other-states-in-key-indicators-of-growth-and-development/article28855512.ece
  5. Did you mean Dhoni is a nuclear submarine ?
  6. most of the time he end up concentrating on plugging the holes of a sinking ship
  7. if he hates scoring runs , he wont be averaging 50+
  8. blame the TM for picking pandey .. he was dropped by
  9. comparing apples and oranges .. dhoni is #7 batsmen anyway.. average not outs
  10. just checked the scorecard .. scorecard analysis .. @Nikola if someone trollvotes me , enable your bots for me
  11. probably only china ( sort of neutral stand ) and north korea are with pakistan in this https://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/uae-backs-india-s-decision-on-article-370-bifurcation-of-j-and-k-119080601464_1.html
  12. dont rate him as a ODI player .. brittle head but he is a damn good T20 player .. its better to give him chance in his favorite format to establish himself .. and pandeyji is not a T20 player and we are doing what we did to rayudu ( mean wasting time )
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