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  1. damn it .. went like a tracer bullet
  2. fridnly shortball .. gift by chahal
  3. Shirt collar in the moment for chahal so far
  4. velu

    Shivam Dubey

    @Ankit_sharma03 after dubeys 50 ..
  5. velu

    Food thread !!!

    cooking is not our boys job
  6. add pant as well .. if any of these batmen gets dropped because of form or injury , TM most probably will bring manish pandey
  7. dale steyn's fastest ball is 156.2 shane bonds record is far better than lee though his career is cut short because of injuries
  8. There is no management or regulation of crops for vegetables
  9. I think if it rains before onion harvest , yield will be very poor
  10. ideal Dhoni situation to make the game more entertaining
  11. he ran 50mts and fielded .. but gave overthrow
  12. some IPL team needs to pick cottrell and change his life for good
  13. thala will finish it for us in the last over
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