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  1. what happened to rahul gandhi ? looks like he is on a vacation
  2. May not be easy to hit as it looks
  3. velu

    Dhoni does it again

    proof that dhoni told his plan to solve the kashmir issue to modi
  4. velu

    Dhoni does it again

    It just took 3 days for thala to fix Kashmir
  5. velu

    India vs WI, 2nd T20

    pooran is making dhoni proud
  6. anyway check what happened in kashmir .. thala went for a patrol and whole valley is shivering
  7. which one ? there are few .. but none is comparable to the effects of smithy http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/35320.html?class=1;template=results;type=batting;view=series
  8. comment section good amount of desis wont understand saracasm or joke
  9. if average matters then sanga > sachin .. whenever aussiea are in trouble , smith saves them .. rarely sachin did even in his peak
  10. For some reasons religious slogans in common usage mean donating something or losing something .. Like if someone asks to return his money , if other guy replies Govinda Govinda or arohara or aro harahara mean forget it
  11. Haryana and Delhi - "mc , bc "
  12. fan of may 17 movement .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirumurugan_Gandhi this guy keeps opposing everything by the central government and state government .. against development projects like roads , hydrocarbon extraction , sterlite and openly talk against india but still he is roaming freely without any sedition charges
  13. 2 year old pic .. i still dont know what central government is doing wiht these guys
  14. velu

    India vs Wi 1st T20

    Our batting looks weak .. Pandey is not a T20 batsmen
  15. Money well spent
  16. thala is planning something big
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