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  1. Megha is the only positive in the movie .. definitely doable ( sorry @vayuu1 ) Marana mokka movie .. Dhoni first 50/60 balls eppadi batting pannuvoro athai Vida mokkaya iruku
  2. one of the player i like to hate is destroyed mental midget vs Mr.brittle
  3. velu

    thalaivi teaser

    i always need to google weather it is grammer or grammar
  4. velu

    BJP's Decline

    if BJPs fall is alarming , you shld be happy na .. anyway what you consider as alarming might not be considered as alarming by others
  5. Reporter: "Stalin ji.. have you ever visited maharashtra before?" Stalin : "I am fine"
  6. Bhai .. you are asking us about world war 1 era cricketers
  7. Two more injuries and thala will be back to save us again
  8. He went inactive in twitter .. But he regularly send reports to his investors , I think last 3 months might be good for him
  9. after i destroyed him , he stopped responding to me now his hate spilled to cricket section as well
  10. @Gollum dude .. can you tag your friend ( that resident ICF livemint article poster ) and ask him how wealth destruction is going on because of NS ?
  11. still better than having monthly ind vs sl games that we use to play earlier
  12. arrey bhai .. meant that stats are misleading .. yuzi is a mental midget .. if i am not wrong you yourself agreed and then complimented him saying that he is still a good bowler to clean up the tail
  13. yuzi chahal Limitations:- Cant bat . Cant Field. Cant bowl. Positives:- His embarrassed smile after getting hit for a six will melt even the hardest stones
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