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  1. this attempted run is worse than kohlis attempt for the second run
  2. more than that he will breakdown at any time ..
  3. thala in 20th over ( T20s ) and 50th over in ODIs
  4. iyer , sundar , chahal , bumrah in the field
  5. thakurs ( + chahar ) batting improved only because they batted with dhoni in T20s
  6. chahal most probably will be the worst spinner with dew
  7. if chahal screws us in this game , i expect @Ankit_sharma03 to blame dew ( + pune's latitude , longitude , air pressure , wind speed and temperature )
  8. there is a dew as per balaji .. balaji saying chahal is a good bowler under dewish conditions ( smoked some high quality stuff )
  9. these three guys are better T20 batsmen than pandeyji
  10. in the last IPL , he batted better than thala when they were batting together
  11. or in ODIs .. was batting well . when spinners came , he delivered klpd to himself .. time and again
  12. add chahar as well .. both groomed by thala
  13. when pandeyji thought he can play a cameo and seal a spot , thakur screwing it
  14. another 10runs from thakurs bat , he will be sealing his spot for another year
  15. they wont get out immediately when facing them .. he struggled vs afghan spinners as well .. so much for being called as slaughterhouse of spinners
  16. pandeyji shld give strike back to thakur
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