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  1. Good that people are roasting him .. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-49176344
  2. told this in 2017 itself .. make hitman our LoI captain .. people who follow IPL and have some decent cricket acumen knows that rohits is a far better captain than kohli .. would rate rohit can be a better LoI captain than dhoni .. rohit is damn good in defending low scores
  3. we dont worship cats even we worship dogs ( bhairavar's 4 wheel drive ) but not cats
  4. CCD is under heavy debt though manageable amount .. in his last letter he meant the PE investors were asking him to buy back the share to increase its share value ..
  5. @Stradlater Built in the late 19th century /end
  6. cuteness overload
  7. mallya is fairly successful in almost every business he touched except airlines
  8. if your manager speaks telugu and you dont speak telugu you are gone ( @nikred )
  9. just gave an example about nothing is impossible .. you can live forever
  10. might be elites still caste plays major role .. inter caste marriages are still rare , but sl tamils dont bother much about religion as well ( esp hindus and Christians )
  11. libtards liberals ka twitter comments will be fun now
  12. only Hollywood movie that managed to scare me so far is The ring when i was a kid , watched "jenma nakshatram" ( cut copy paste of the omen ) in sun tv and i got terrorized for few days ..
  13. agree with criminalization part .. but considering our jugaad culture people will misuse it .. logically if something is banned , breaking that needs punishment many laws are not in favor of men as well .. like dowry and rape laws where whatever women says will be taken as words from gods mouth .. anywya dont underestimate the stupidity and idiocy of the indian liberals aka libtards .. most are against banning triple talaq as well in the name of religious freedom ..
  14. anybody from baltimore ? @FischerTal
  15. It looks like they created some noise when the hotel security wanted to check their luggage .. Probably they recorded it just for the proof, and someone uploaded it
  16. kohli > modi + dhoni combined
  17. velu

    Kartik Tyagi

    he has got mercury retrograde in his kundli i think
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