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  1. turned out to jinx thread beetle ji
  2. can’t help if you think i m triggered [emoji12] i am as emotionless as terminator arnold [emoji41]
  3. when the ball swings , smithy will be as bad as hitman
  4. velu

    Score the players

    give more marks to shami
  5. step 1 : create a dhoni vs rest thread step 2 : start munching doklas step 3 : goto step 1
  6. And even better batsmen if the pitches are not flat !!!
  7. already created " if we win i will throw a party thread"
  8. no jinx .. dont mind if we win this i dont mind treating anyone except @New guy
  9. Got some moneyz today If we win i surely throw some party to the active ICFers @sourab10forever - in chick mangalore , may not join @SLICKR392 - may not turn up because he might not want to join the party with his poverty @jusarrived - like owl , may not join
  10. velu

    England's 0-8

    raditaion too kills cancer dhoni gave cancer to you as well
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