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  1. got mixed up with logan and logan lucky logan izz also watchable
  2. looks like multi-million dollar image building for Rahul baba has commenced from berkeley http://www.dailyo.in/voices/rahul-gandhi-congress-berkeley-trolls/story/1/19486.html
  3. mallus :- 'O'range , not 'ah'range 'O'ffice , not 'ah'ffice etc etc
  4. velu

    Desi Posers

    i think you are really high after watching Jr.NTRs Jai Lava Kusa
  5. velu

    Desi Posers

    dude .. 5 year old whine
  6. in all the 3 games , aussies failed to capitilise from their position of strength .. still i think 5-0 is possible
  7. Logan Lucky is really a cool movie ( no twists and turns but fun to watch like the Big lebowski )
  8. we both like his sister Sapna vyas patel as well
  9. i think investing in Rahul is better than investing on jadhav/jinks
  10. He has got 65 sixes overall againts australia .. next hight is mccullam with 61
  11. only bowler i can recollect other than those 2 is james pattinson ..
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