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Everything posted by velu

  1. Hope we dont get to see another cobra dance !!! When cobra met honey badger meets cobra
  2. KKD hatsoff

    DK vs BD ( copied )
  3. Sending Shankar over DK

    hindsight is always 20/20
  4. trying to register.. wats the nickname of bcb chief ? :mad:
  5. Is KL Rahul mentally shot?

    he is still doing better than how rohit has started .. either he is nervous or playing too casually definitely million times better than pant
  6. KKD hatsoff

    singam vijaykumar to KKD - "இத்தனை நாலா எங்கய்யா இருந்தே " @vvvslaxman @Vilander @The Dark Horse
  7. in DK I still dont trust !

    he is a different player after amrring dP
  8. dedicating this ad to all Bangladeshs
  9. proves that stats is not everythigng
  10. Twitter messages

    did a decent finissher job
  11. he has proven that he is a damn good death bowler
  12. thakur shld be given chances .. he is brainy and can only improve form here on
  13. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    another budding cricketer career almost runined by this panuati OP
  14. When we thought a single cobra is meme worthy , here comes the gang of cobras !!! Brett lee is speechless !!! Anyway , lets do the cobra !!!
  15. DK saved us from cobra dance
  16. KKD hatsoff

    because @Khota is Deppika pallika's ID in ICF
  17. Sending Shankar over DK

  18. ICFers you have met in real life

    met both @Trichromatic and @Rightarmfast today.. the way vibash plan his things , i am 99.99% sure that vibash is never going to proposh to his crush
  19. KKD hatsoff

    to be frank even deepika might not have expected such a performance

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