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Everything posted by velu

  1. So nice of you badava dhoni - mama @sscomp32 @Sidhoni
  2. lots of efforts gone in this post
  3. The Never Ending Thread

    badass mongoose
  4. awesoem gif target speedheat as well
  5. i am 200% sure kumble will make sure will pick them .. can you guess which think tank picked vinay ?
  6. hope we got one or two good pace bowlers .. always our weakness rabada or lungi or mills
  7. ok.. enough of this argument
  8. whther anyone has got right to match for stokes ? butler > light years > root
  9. so you are agreeing whatever you said outside is **** ok .. i agree that you are always classy
  10. calm down .. its you guys are the ones who got trigerred
  11. braindead people should be made fun .. we got more than enough people in this world , and darwin's theory will hold true for humans as well .. anywya now you are getting serious
  12. as if you guys dont go low when comes to hating dhoni donate it to @SLICKR392 , he is also a needy kid
  13. time to bring cancer jokes
  14. someone who dont bother tipping 1$ after haircut dont care whether it is bhawda or badava
  15. in your own words , bots are immune then
  16. whose brain cells are getting murdered
  17. rasagulla bhai murdering all the trolls singlehandedly
  18. soemtime back you got triggered in another thread .. same player
  19. he is not a match fixer
  20. gujjus are ideal businessmen , there is a reason why ambanis are doing well but not GMR
  21. another Smith brain fade?

    @New guy
  22. IPL will chnage lives of atleast a dozen cricketers

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