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Everything posted by velu

  1. Sunrisers Fan Club- IPL 2017

    ask them in MI thread
  2. Mama confirms Dhoni to lead CSK in 2018

    we are the boss
  3. SRH is the new powling bowerhouse

    rcb choked as usual
  4. IPL will be more competive without CSK
  5. Your favorite IPL moments?

    andy morkel assault on kohli/rcb bowlers when csk needed 42 in 2 overs.. sort of impossible task to repeat
  6. there is no fun without csk vs mi or csk vs rcb
  7. watching rohit vs srilanka will give him enough confidence
  8. Samsung Galaxy S8 !!!

    Rcih farmers will be really interested in this gadget . Meanwhile @Malcolm Merlyn at his basement ;-)
  9. Sarfaraz injures leg - out for 2 months

    you hate rcb for dravid right :P
  10. What a messed up Country Russia is

    came to know abt this from his show only
  11. What a messed up Country Russia is

    chechan boss is another badass just like putin.. last year he lost his cat and requested the citizens to find it
  12. dude .. why dont you just ignore sachin related topics ? you know very well that all are trolling you i <3 MTC
  13. Just because they dont like viper who is dissing kohli rightfully this time , these trolls keeps downvoting all his posts
  14. msd is like undisputed champ .. better than #1 :P
  15. ok.. when i saw the title of the thread, i know MTC will be fuming like sachin at 194 not out
  16. In ODIs and in T20s - clearly kohli is way ahead ( probably kohli is the greatest ever limited overs player ).. though his stats when batting first is not that great , his chasing over compensatesthat .. In tests , 50-50 .. cant go wrong by picking either Looks and swag - Kohli all the way
  17. The Never Ending Thread

    some badass stuff
  18. Some Virat fans are "classless"

    oh .. didnt read that.. probably he got married then ;-)
  19. Some Virat fans are "classless"

    sachin was doing that more than anyone else
  20. Some Virat fans are "classless"

    and manboobs you like to enjoy are getting bigger j/k
  21. Some Virat fans are "classless"

    sachin fans are anti-dhoni for no apparent reasn
  22. Some Virat fans are "classless"

    bulbul is out of icf i guess.. we use to chat thru PMs.. too much trolling and he got bored

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