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  1. dangerous samson gone .. similar dismissial samson shld avoid these kind of dismissials
  2. north india too had their fair share of temples , but vast majority were destroyed during invasions .. there were many wars in the south as well , but rarely they touched temples
  3. thakur 140+ bowler .. chahr is really impressive and not slow
  4. even though windies players are paid less , still they are well off unlike padosis ( ++ our old players ). They dont have any reason to make some extra money by shwoing fake bills
  5. i do remember one mahesh babu action scene .. mahesh baba vs tons of villains .. next frame all the villains were bloodied and confused about what happened to them mahesh babu will tell them , "it all happened so fat , you guyd might have not known what happened to you guys" and then they will show the action sequence great scene though
  6. we might have scored 25 more runs as well ..
  7. watson gone .. should have stayed not out
  8. forget about northies .. last week i saw few new tiny thugs in bangalore a2b and asked the manager about them .. he told they are bangaldeshis they are slwoly ttaking over as well
  9. he scored 77* (44) .. 50++ in 20 odd balls yes he can

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