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  1. velu

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    my father told this to me when we went to see some girl ( years ago ) she will become fair and slim after marriage and she will look better after marriage
  2. velu

    Grievances thread

    oh okies .. guess you gave few in cricket section as well .. anyway WE are more powerful than you think
  3. velu

    Grievances thread

    once we decided to trollvote him non-stop for all his posts .. he decided to stop
  4. velu

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    did you buy godrej fridge online ? i bought it long back .. installation people came and installed it first then they told that other guy will come and give demo about how to operate the fridge .. after they left i switched on and did set the freezer and refrigerator settings .. then called them and told that i dont need any demo
  5. he knows where mouth is :indiaCement
  6. velu

    Sans Virat Kohli, where is India's backbone?

    watched some highlights .. our batsmen might have done better if they tried "kiki challenge" when facing anderson & co instead of playing them
  7. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    baba ramdev and sadguru riding dukati in coimbatore ashram
  8. velu

    Indian batting average in test cricket this year

    kohli scored more than the combined scores of dhawan + vijay + rahane + rahul + rohit
  9. velu

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    soon they will recruit assemblers
  10. velu

    Your favorite YouTubers

    Inactive channel ..
  11. velu

    Your favorite YouTubers

    CrazyRussianHacker ( and his other 2 channels as well .. Taras and Taras kul ) Cody's Lab Ozzy Man Reviews EvanGraTV The dodo Captain Joe & Mentour Pilot The food ranger Slow mo guys the king of random backyard scientist veritasium and my all time favorite channel is FPS Russia His last upload was 3 years back and he still got 6.5 million subscribers..
  12. velu

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    yep .. like parents becoming match makers
  13. velu

    DIY culture of west v DIY of India

    most of the shops send installation people and they set it up and give demo these days .. i bought a microwave long back , one guy came , installed and gave me a 10min demo about how to use
  14. anderson is the son of saranyu ( god of clouds )
  15. lol .. not aware of this awesome idea
  16. velu

    Virat Kohli first ever Interview

    dude .. if you keep creating so many threads , everyone will think i am your bot
  17. velu

    Make KL Rahul captain in one of the formats.

    this migth actually work out .. it is very difficult for the batsmen if their place is not secure .. even rahane is pretty much insecure about his place in the playing xi which might affect him
  18. i thought you are not sensitive abt sachin what abt the video ? i just skipped it
  19. if things get hot , shastri will order some summer cocktails like pina colada or mojito

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