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Everything posted by velu

  1. every ball jaddu bowls worth more than 10 lakh
  2. our older players are fitter as well .. watto is made of glass but he is fit as anyone else and no need to tell anything abt dhoni
  3. i think management sponsored theit trip egg on the face of the libtard and commie protestors
  4. nah .. i posted after seeing this catch and posted about the catch as well thakur is not a good fielder .. use to misfield many times , though i ahev not seen him dropping any catches
  5. guys .. calm down i am the super mod here
  6. he keeps flighting irrepstive of the previous ball if he picks a wicket , then all will say that tahir is brave to flight
  7. Criteria : Atleast 12 balls ( 10% of the innings )
  8. tahir is surplus to our requirement .. or drop other spinner karn
  9. stokes 34*(29) chasing 200++
  10. that throw from jaddu went like a tracer bullet
  11. bravo bowls slower balls 95% of the times - clarke

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