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  1. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    after south korea , we have the cheapest internet .. braodband or mobile , thanks to jio
  2. Bharti Airtel Q3 profits - 306 crore Reliance Jio Q3 profits - 504 crore mumbai mafia @Malcolm Merlyn will still find a reason to sell/short Relaince reliance bull vs sunnyji
  3. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    @maniac today michael vaughn craeted the same poll in twitter but he is trolled mericlessly
  4. April - Kohli captaincy watch [ IPL Version ] May - Kohli's captaincy is refreshing !!! July - Kohli should follow Sachin and give up captaincy !!!
  5. my cricket acumen told this 2/3 years before after watching his IPL captaincy @maniac @mancalledsting
  6. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    TCS ftw. now you dont say that you are long in TCS
  7. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    i will take responsible Dhoni if i get rich , i will kepp this butler as my butler
  8. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    how about tests ? we need stabilizers
  9. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    thats called responsibility
  10. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    Huge debt plus increasing. Unstable Jio scenarion do you think those debts are going to the drain ? they are converted to assets .. nevermind .. reliance up 4% after the results ps:- you are a male version of your mamta baneerjee , stuborn mule
  11. hows your bullet carrying your ass across uttarkhand ?
  12. Jos Butler vs MS Dhoni

    you guys are saying the samething about dhoni as well infcat dhoni plays the same game regardless of the format as well
  13. MTC ( aka @New guy ) , whether this is your account in zerodha tradingqna ? Same username and same profile pic I receive "Likes or heartin" regularly from this user and if that is you , i will hate you little less ( but wont stop trolling you ) the
  14. what was he smoking ? @Trichromatic @Malcolm Merlyn http://indianexpress.com/article/india/under-mamata-bengal-turning-best-bengal-mukesh-ambani-5027802/
  15. looks like we are already doing that
  16. Let us all thank Goose

    when owls meet goose
  17. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    cash in hand is app 75k crore .. jio is worth 1/3rd of RIL FYI
  18. Yeah dude.. Wats yours ?
  19. whenever i booze i end up sleeping peacefully for 14 to 16hrs. And i think i might sleep even more if i dont keep alarm :alarm:
  20. Jio vs Airtel Quarter Perofrmance !!!

    Tell me how much of the jio profits were due to a slash in Interconnectivity charges by TRAI? dude .. this is not even the main issue going forward and you are stcikign to it do you think trai again levy ic charges , if yes then its a -ve .. if no , then why to bother abt it.. main thing that you are missing here is how jio accounted their usage which is misleading , but seems other +ves overcame this .. 1 year before i told you , ( after a disasterous quarter ) if asian paints wont keep showing incermental pfts , price wont move up.. nifty/sensex up 25% , but your asian paints stayed there
  21. when crows disturb them , they simply sit lazily in daytime

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