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  1. Sharma reaches fifth position among ODI batsmen

    Dhoni inside Top 12
  2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    we got a new dhoni call him as dhoni 2 or dhoni 3 or whatever you want .. dhoni who averaged infinity vs SL .. dhoni whose SR was in top 5 in his lastodi sers
  3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    you will end up loving new Dhoni as well
  4. @sscomp32 @Rasgulla @Ankit_sharma03 @SK_IH @Laaloo @Pollack @speedheat
  5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    @beetle ji
  6. i have mercury ( exalted/retrogade ) + venus + sun in virgo in my 11th house .. i am a scorpio ascendent but in bhava chart i have saturn + sun + venus in 11th house and mercury in my 10th house .. any predictions ? i know to read te chart but cant predict
  7. Ra and Ve are rahu and venus , they both are in 1th house i am sure
  8. i think its even good .. its n 11th house with rahu
  9. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    dat eyes
  10. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    Strong contender for the the Most Beautiful Women of All Time !!! And both her eyes are so really beautiful !!!
  11. Alexandra Daddario !!!

    i find her eyes are her best part ( more than other stuffs belwo ) of her
  12. Yeh yo yo Kya Hain, yeh yo yo!

    dont think ashwin can clear yo-yo
  13. but as per his kundli thats not possible .. he has the support of planets including our sreeni mama
  14. scored 20.5 in yo-yo .. physically fit as a bull , and fast as a cheetah
  15. M S Dhoni's contacts with influential people will definitely increase. think cement mama
  16. IND v AUS T20Is: Predictions thread

    2-1 in favor us

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