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  1. Bring on the ODIs

    for a moment i thought it could be true
  2. Lungi Ngidi tipped for Proteas Test honours

    hitting 145 for fun with little effort .. physically quite an imposing figure
  3. looks like everythuing will be a dot ball
  4. Bring on the ODIs

    MSD - average 78 with 4 not outs
  5. unfortunately this is not a dokla eating competition
  6. 0-2 , yeah we are doing well
  7. this is like dhoni briningng raina to bowl when two left handers were batting
  8. How much we will meke ?

    Poster who will predict corectly will get a from me !!! Should post atleast 1hr before the match gets over. @beetle not a jinx thread
  9. 250 - we can chase it 270/280 - squeaky bum time 300 - forget the game offtopic: lungi nigdi guy looks scary physically
  10. it has to be the physical activity that keeps them to eat more and stay healthy.. my grandma is 75+ and she still take more food than my father and my mother .. and my grandpa ( did agriculture till his 50s ) use to take twice the amount of food as my father .. i am a counch potatao and i take half the quanity as my father
  11. Apologise to kohli thread

    real KT is back
  12. who is the guy who got a chance to play for because he was a ward counsellor for DMK
  13. Currently smith has got 938 points ( on 11th december Highest 941 ). Second highest points are 945 and two players scored 942. Probably once his points are updated , he might move to the second best ever test batsmen behind only to Don Bradman.
  14. Steve Smith - Test Batting Ranking

    scored 83 in the last game and got 0 points
  15. Male Feminist.

    there are few in ICF as well
  16. Who selected bumrah? ... Kohli

    he randomly picked bumrah
  17. If he fails again in the next innings , Dhwan to repalce chepu @FischerTal

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