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  1. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    whoever dies in the next 2/3 days , will be reported as they died because of shock
  2. sometimes 50s or 25s are more important than a century
  3. not asking about your bhagwan
  4. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    he dont deserve it.. i dont mind removing all those memorials in the marina
  5. this .. i check his horoscope , he might even play till 2023
  6. but sachin was the main main in those whitewashes
  7. how many match winning 50s ?
  8. If kohli is sachins sishya , he wont be having countless match winning 100s in chases
  9. He needs on field support as well
  10. Kohli is yet to master dhonis last over finishing :phehe:
  11. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

  12. velu


  13. velu

    Age of Rohit

    when i close my eyes , i can see steyn bullying rohit .. nightmare
  14. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    i have no idea about anna .. i think kamarajar is more popular than anna i guess .. periyar is not even popular during his time mgr and jaya > dmk and karunanidhi last election ( admk ) amma contested alone and dmk contested as a 16/17 party coalition and won for the second time which is a great testament for her popularity .. nobody is saint .. amma , mgr , karuna etc etc .. all are corrupt heard mgr did some good work in his second term .. same with amma , first term was riddled with corruption charges but the last term she did rule better dmk rule tamilnadu media more than congress rule national media
  15. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    i think we were expecting the news for the last 25 years
  16. there are rumors that orphanages and shelter homes are there for organ harvesting .. i really dont know the authenticity of this though
  17. people having that combo in horoscope gets short term anger easily ( like when you see something you dont like , you get annoyed and it last for 5mins and then you forget it ) .. i am serious and atleast i am sure abt this mars combo @Temujin Khaghan am i right guru ( mars in 1st house or in aries , scorpio and capriocorn )
  18. in ODIs too we thought that rahul wont be dropped after his T20 century .. but TM decided to make a tactical change by bringing DK in place of rahul
  19. @sandeep bhai .. if you dont mind can i ask you one personal question ? do you have "mars or mangal" in Aries or Scorpio or Capricorn or in your 1st house of your kundli ?
  20. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/batting/most_runs_career.html?id=12172;type=tournament

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