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  1. 6 minutes ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:

    He is really nice in person

    I met him during a CSK VS KKR match, and he was really really nice and polite.
    Didn't have the airs of a big celeb who is regarded as god.
    That's why he is the Thalaiva(and always remains the same) after all the politicking.
    Infact, he succeeds in politicking because he is a nice person in face

    Kohli with his inflated ego will not last long in public memory.

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    shukriya ji



  2. 4 minutes ago, Trichromatic said:

    Whole class (XIth standard) had somewhere around 550 students and school with ~6000. 


    Some players just avoid giving autographs everywhere and that's why I said if someone ignores then it can't be criticized.



    550 in one std and that too in small city like ranchi  :woot: 

    you guys needs to implement family planning ASAP 

  3. 12 minutes ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:



    Haha one of my friend's uncle works for a popular channel which telecasts moronic daily soaps.
    He has friends who work in media, entertainment and sports.
    However, this anecdote comes from a girl who works as an Executive producer in the same channel as Uncle.
    She was Iyer's batchmate in Podar but isn't really friends with him.

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    you can start one gossip thread here :phehe:


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