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  1. 8 minutes ago, Khota said:

    20m has no context in other sports. For cricket it is a meaningful number. I can tell you it will not be 40/2 as there is setup time.

    Like I said dhoni is good but not special. 

    You are a good man velu. It is a good discussion and I enjoy your posts till the next time we disagree.


    from the beginning i am comapring dhoni vs bolt in a 20m race because i am know comapring them in a 100m race is farce :p:


    dude .. having some fun with anti-dhoni brigade , but you are taking things seriosuly :icflove: 





    You may have taken the captaincy from MS Dhoni, but you can't take the captain out of MS Dhoni. Not just once, the Ranchi man has proved this time and again, despite handing over the captaincy baton to Virat Kohli. He is often heard guiding and advising the young players during the match. NDTV.comcaught up with young sensation Yuzvendra Chahal, who gave insights on how the former skipper takes over from Kohli without letting anyone know.


    "Dhoni bhai is still our captain," Chahal told NDTV.com in an exclusive interview.


    "Sometimes, when Kohli bhai fields at mid-on or long-on, then we need someone who can guide us too. It is not possible for Kohli to come up and tell what needs to be done. Then, Dhoni takes over," Chahal said.

    Chahal explained how Dhoni signals to Kohli and tells him to relax in whatever position he is fielding at.

    "Dhoni signals Kohli to remain at his place. He says - tu wahi reh, mai dekh lunga (You stay there, I will handle)," Chahal said.


    "Actually, it saves time too. Dhoni has abundance of experience with him. We all are lucky that we are sharing the field with him," the 27-year-old said.

    Chahal also revealed that Dhoni calls the youngsters in the team as 'Chotey'.

    "Dhoni bhai is approachable. I know he has quit captaincy but we all know he will always remain the team's captain. He calls me Chotey," the young leg-spinner said.


    Recalling some of the moments when he was instructed by Dhoni, Chahal said: "He knows how to read a batsman's mind. I don't know how he does, but he manages brilliantly. He calls me and says, Chote isko bahar daal ya straight daal. I do the same and get the results. He is an amazing person."


    During the Australia series, the 36-year-old's tips came in handy for the spinners as Kuldeep Yadav bagged the wickets of David Warner and Marcus Stoinis, while Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade and Pat Cummins were dismissed by Chahal.

    "Woh maarne waala daal naa andar yaa baahar koi bhi (bowl the one where he attempts to hit, turning in or away, anything is fine)", Dhoni was heard telling Chinaman bowler Kuldeep during the series.

    Ghumane waala daal ghumane waala (bowl the one that turns)," Dhoni was constantly heard advising Chahal and Kuldeep.

    "Na, na, na. Isko itna aage nahi (not this full)," Dhoni told Kuldeep after he was unhappy with the latter's line and length with Glenn Maxwell at the crease.

    "Tu bhi nahin sunta hai kya (You also won't listen)? Aise, aise dalo (bowl it like this)", Dhoni was heard telling Chahal during the match.

    Known for his unorthodox methods on a cricket field, Dhoni has groomed many spinners with his verbal tips behind the stumps.

    Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin are the biggest examples before us.

    Not just spinners, captain Kohli sometimes is seen taking Dhoni's advice when it comes to using DRS.

    Dhoni called time on his Test career during the series in Australia in 2014. However, he stayed on as ODI and T20 international captain.

    Dhoni stepped down as the captain of India's limited-overs teams ahead of the ODIs and T20Is against England in January earlier this year.

    The 36-year-old led India to victory in the 2007 World T20 in South Africa, the 2011 World Cup in India, and the 2013 Champions Trophy in England.

    Dhoni captained India in 199 ODIs. India won 110 and lost 74 under his leadership.

    He also led India in 72 T20Is. India won 41 and lost 28 under his captaincy in the shortest format of the game.



    :hahaha:  @Laaloo   :hehe:   

    :hahaha: @maniac :hehe:





  3. 14 hours ago, Khota said:

    This is the table you have:




    Here is the time of NFL players. 40 is critical for them. 60 m for baseball.


    1. Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

    Track times: 10.19 seconds (100 meters), 20.14 seconds (200 meters) | 40 time: 4.24 seconds



    2. Marquise Goodwin, WR, San Francisco 49ers

    Track times: 10.24 (100), 21.24 (200) | 40 time: 4.27



    3. J.J. Nelson, WR, Arizona Cardinals

    Track times: 10.49 (100), 21.76 (200) | 40 time: 4.28


    10. Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants

    Track times: 22.31 (200) | 40 time: 4.43


    I have put the time for top 10. 40 dash is the most critical for them and they are all faster then Bolt. 100m is not that is where they are slightly slower. 


    Similarly hundreds of baseball players can run 60 at almost the same pace.


    Open your eyes.


    i kept my eyes open all the time :phehe:

    if you read the whole stuff agaian , i clealry mentioned first 20ms of bolt is 2.89 vs dhonis 2.89 secs ..


    anyway nice work dude .. do it for 20m as well :phehe:


  4. 26 minutes ago, jusarrived said:

    Seems like a pretty safe strategy .Do you look at charts for BN ?

    I have tried a few things with options , but they have been best use for me as a hedge for my future positions ..when I do take multi day / week  positions . This has worked for me for couple of years now .

     Its my intraday with stocks I have been working on to refine a little more , so was curious to know what indicators others use here .



    no indicators :p ..

    want to take advantage of time decay on weekly options and nothing else .. here profit/loss is very less when compared to other intraday trading staregies ..

    thing is we should be aware of option price behaviour and potential things which affects vix ..


    like if BN ATM straddle closes at 320rs on thursday and next day if the ATM options  trades at 300rs , by expereince i know that it might close at around 265/270rs on friday , we can do iron condor ..

    but if it closes on 220rs on monday and trades at 180/190rs on tuesday morning , we know that it can go down by another 20pts max , so better not do iron condor ( here we can do reverse iron condor , but i m still skeptical of going against time decay ) ..

    also if there are any events or triggers , premium wont go down , like the week when RBI meet is there ..


    thing here is that , we make good money if BN doesnt move much , little gain/loss if BN moves by 0.5% kind and big loss if BN moves substantially ..

    from expereince i learnt that initiating it at 10.00am is safer than doing it at 9.25am ( BN takes direction and it is better to let it settle )..


    there are cases when vix jumps , premiums too jumps , like when there is a sudden fall in BN , premiums of the straddle moves like 265 to 285 in minutes ..

    i did have the data about the movement of the BN which i will put it in the end .. 


    * there is no other way other than putting market orders when initiating the postions .. i split into 5/6 orders of 5lots each if i want to put 30lots .. this itself will take bid-ask spread losses of 1-2 points

    *never do short straddle in options , there will be plenty of small profits but we will get 1 or 2 disproportionate loses which takes all the pfts away


    BN movemnts between two timeframes ( wednesdays and thursdays are not included ) 

    9:55 - 1:45:-
    000+  -> 11
    050+  -> 5
    100+  -> 1
    150+  -> 2
    200+  -> 0
    250+  -> 1
    300+  -> 0

    9:55 - 2:45:-
    000+  -> 9
    050+  -> 6
    100+  -> 3
    150+  -> 0
    200+  -> 1
    250+  -> 1
    300+  -> 0

    9:55 - 3:15:-
    000+  -> 10
    050+  -> 4
    100+  -> 2
    150+  -> 3
    200+  -> 1
    250+  -> 0
    300+  -> 0

  5. 10 hours ago, jusarrived said:

    Also whats your strategy on Banknifty / Nifty ? ... Too many false triggers for intra day on technical for index futures in my experience , so I prefer stocks for Intra day . 


    ** i am yet to perfect this strategy 


    i am trying to take advantage of the weekly options time decay .. sell at the money / near the money options and hedge it with outside the money options ( iron condor but i really dont remember these :p ) ..


    for example , if ATM options are trading for 250rs in the morning , if the net movement is less than 100pts , it might close at 210/220rs , ( we might gain 20/30 pts in shorts but lose 10-15 in our long hedges )..

    we dont lose as long as the movement is less than 0.5% of BN and vix doesnt jump..


    again we have to avoid trading if the premiums are less ( inseatd we can try  reverse iron condor like on wednesdays/thursday the expiry day  ) ..


    i tried this as my secondary startegy for the last 3 months and this seems to be working .. i improved/optimized my staregy a bit , but yet to perfect it..

    potentially we can make 25-30k per day for 20L capital , but on worst case scenario we will lose 75k as well ..


    tried few other things as well in BN , but primary long stargeies doesnt work because of time decay.. i am yet to perfect this and i will try this again after result season gets over

  6. Monday 12:35 i posted:

    No he will not. For 100/200m you need lots and lots of muscles to propel you. Dhoni is not there. It looks fast but it really is slow at that level.

    More indicative is the 27 Km/hr whic is less than 17 mph. Decent athletes will pull 20 mph routinely and good one can 23 mph. That is more than 35 kmph. Dhoni is good but not special.

    Again don't keep running in circles ..
    Dhonis fastest speed is 2.91secs and that of bolt is 2.89secs, and i compared this because you know in cricket we are running 22 yards..

    What is the speed of NFL athelets who are faster than dhoni and closer to bolt abd their speeds which you pulled it out from some thin air or wherever

  7. 5 minutes ago, Khota said:

    Let me help you for the last time. For the first 10 m even you would not be too far behind Bolt no more than a fraction of second. Comprehend?


    0.02 secs in a 20meter race is against the fastest man ever on this universe is some serious pace ..

    if if this is insignificant then why dont you put some data points rather than running in circles ?

  8. 5 hours ago, jusarrived said:

    So what you guys been up to ?


    I also use more Zerodha than ICICI now , save a lot on brokerage ..but not as reliable . I guess "itne mein itna hi milta hai" .



    i use zerodha and i daytarde in banknifty  when there are no results to trade ,  i find zerodha is more reliable for traders .. 

    which paltform do you use ? i use kite as well as PI 

  9. Reminds me of what great warriors/workers used to do in old age in historic times. After they were too old to earn a living they used to entertain people by performing cheap tricks to earn money

    Agreed ..

    Only player who claimed tax benefits as entertainer/actor was sachin

    The same old people try to save whatever they can for their future comforts , like tax evasions, not paying gift tax for the cars , getting 5crore tax benefits claiming as actors

  10. 7 hours ago, Pollack said:

    Even the most poor Mumbai team manages to win Ranjj trophies. S Gavaskar was hardly mentally weak. Sachin was a bit vulnerable though but he had huge pressure of being the only hope from public for a large chunk of his career. Even around ganguly and Dravid people expected a lot from Sachin alone.



    domestic bullies and international pussy cats  :p:


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