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  1. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    relating smile and adopting a child
  2. velu

    Adorable/funny animals...

    kitty is scent marking rhino that rhino is his/her property
  3. velu

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    bank nifty is more volatile than nifty , when we expect a move then BN is a better choice
  4. velu

    De-colonizing Aryan Invasion Theory

    summary ? @coffee_rules my guess ( non scientific ) :- a) dravidians / south indians = native injians + arab b) north indians = native injians + iranian = when i stayed in tippasandra/blore , i use to goto hotel urabn behind manipal hospital for dinner .. many arabs stay there with their family ( usually their family member will be undergoing some treatment at manipal ) and 99% of them with regular hair can easily as south indians or darker indians
  5. he played 2 games .. was really expensive , got released he hot chance before lungi .. but when lungi got his chance , he grabbed it wth both hands we missed lungi
  6. velu

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    completely exited at close .. got 220 points mkt might move after exit polls , but vix might crash as well .. considering my position is skewed , i exited all
  7. velu

    Guess the Poster !!!

    @beetle ji .. nobody is guessing i izz disappointed
  8. John Wick 3 Slightly disappointed ( Went with sky high expectation ). Little bit boring in the middle part. Action sequences are one of the best i have ever seen ( with or without the guns ). Definitely a must watch.
  9. velu

    Kohli & Pant ad

    some of the ads featuring kohli and dhoni are downright pathetic and boring
  10. velu

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    yes .. bought 1300 ce + pe .. sold 300 ce + pe and carrying another 1000
  11. velu

    The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    bought 28k put and 29.5k call for 740 .. booked 20% already , premiums jumped in the last 15 mins
  12. velu

    Two more days to go !!!

    definitely watchable .. more action scenes and less story ..
  13. velu

    Two more days to go !!!

    still they are playing ads
  14. velu

    Two more days to go !!!

    padathai podunga da
  15. in practical sense both are used to refer the terrorists .. theevira mean - serious or extreme bayangara mean - terrific only a grammar nazi can argue that both have different meaning ..

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