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  1. velu

    Site Feedback

    1) copy the link from twitter .. 2) paste the link in some address bar and copy the link again 3) now copy paste the link links copied directly from twitter is in some format ICF cant embed by default
  2. velu

    Congrats Jon Snow and Ygritte !!

    only thing i know about GoT is jon snow .. and watched few steamy clips in egoallstars.com and nothing else
  3. velu

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    if we find hair in our food , the relationship between us and the person who served the food will be good and long lasting
  4. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    mgr and jaya are not atheists .. no idea about anna .. everyone knows kalaignar is afraid of navagrahas
  5. velu

    Your cricket bucket list

    yet to watch one in the ground
  6. velu

    Wtf statements you have heard from people.

    honey and salt makes the hair white
  7. i want to create some channel like this for cricket.. something with recurring themes and characters characters like 442toons
  8. considering the financial losses , they will prepare roads and rohit can make a comeback
  9. velu

    Karunandhi health status...

    @vvvslaxman @The Dark Horse @Forever Indian @Vilander alagiris son is savage
  10. if i get paid for taking blame role , i am ready for that role
  11. velu

    MS Dhoni Videos

    we need 25,000 fps video recording to see dhonis stumping
  12. he is one of my favorite players wont reveal my all time favorite player , i dont want to give any chance to wheelchair analysts to take advantage of it

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