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  1. velu

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    senstive bumrah
  2. velu

    #MeToo India 2.0

    her victims might start #WeToo starting with hardik pandya
  3. velu

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    he came because of gujarat and karnatka elections
  4. velu

    #MeToo India 2.0

    doint it post by post :P:
  5. velu

    Gossip Thread 2.0

    @UrmiSinhaRay i meant this ..
  6. velu

    #MeToo India 2.0

    let me try that
  7. velu

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    he can retrie from iT20s .. but he should not retire from IPL , people may bring this and that reason and why national duty is more important but fact is even people like to watch IPL more
  8. velu

    Is Kohli hinting at a early retirement?

    so are you part of old sachin express ?
  9. that is @UrmiSinhaRay 's department
  10. now we are talking .. queue starts from where dhoni stands
  11. he minimizes his own mistakes
  12. velu

    The elephant in the room part 2

    i dont troll in FB .. but dont mind trolling some uber sensitive like you if i find them like to remind you about how sachin fans went ballistic whwn sharapova said she never heard about sachin funny fellows
  13. meanwhile turkey keeps leaking the news one by one instead of giving the whole report .. sort of like turkey wants saudi to keep telling lies and they want to embarrass them again and again

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