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  1. velu

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    if dhoni does well , we all will be happy if dhoni screws it , we will enjoy the suffering of anti-dhoni brigade win win for us
  2. if you give him freedom @Starpower will start creating threads for street cricket as well
  3. velu

    Resurrecting the Dhoni fan

    age is just a number
  4. 53 needed from 43 balls with 10 wickets in hand .. they could score only 39 .. sounds fishy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2kP4eCMmkA
  5. velu

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    can understand your tanglish dont bother about pronunciation , it varies every 100kms .. chennai tamil sucks and stinks
  6. @Trichromatic @jalebi_bhai can you guys get that info ? Even approximate figures are ok , like Test : ODI : T20 = 2 : 8 : 5 .. Need it for research purpose .. thanks
  7. velu

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    naan rajni dialogue nu ninachutu irunthaen
  8. velu

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    நான் வீழ்வேன் என்று நினைத்தாயோ? - "did you think i will fall" - bharathiar to godess sakthi one of the lines taken from bharathiars poem from 1900s.. i was thinking its a rajni movie dialogue , did google "have you seen how our kushal perara did ( usually it implies committing murder ) . Its their place , their people and their bowlers. We dont have fear , this is the sample" .. Actually SriniMaama16 troll srilankan cricketers and cricket badly. arnlod is trolling him/her back
  9. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    @UrmiSinhaRay do you have any idea about the identity of the father cat of your kittens ?
  10. velu

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    attendance on 4th day : 11,073
  11. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    @maniac @beetle

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