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  1. looks like another 500 people who attended that tabalangi jamat is absconding because of the fear of quarantine
  2. way too many chokers in your batting lineup
  3. Gayle Dhawan Watson Kohli Raina Dhoni ( C + WK ) Russel Ashwin Bhuvi Bumrah Malinga Coach:- Fleming
  4. righties do well in the wc finals though .. Dhoni MoM in the finals .. sehwag top scorer vs austarlia in the finals that we lost zakk will screw us in the finals though
  5. velu

    Here be Dragons

    i though you are referring to brad pitt and jolie
  6. velu

    Here be Dragons

    i think this guy was some potential french president ?
  7. velu

    Here be Dragons

    Q15 is easy for me .. thala clint eastwood my favorite trilogy ( + add once upon a time in the west )..
  8. velu

    Here be Dragons

    Napoleon ( 1 ) Not sure about 2 and 3 .
  9. yes .. we get i didnt do KYC with paytm , cant add more than 10k per month and also i am using paytm for online food orders now
  10. velu

    Here be Dragons

    7. KF strong 8. Blue riband
  11. donated 250rs through paytm . will wait for the things to settle down before thinking about donating further
  12. no consumption .. no profits .. job loss dont blame wall street
  13. my cousin is a Dr there ( OP ), on sick leave for the past one week ..
  14. quality of the your threads going down @Harsh Thakor bhai
  15. few days back , libtards were praising how kejri and pinarai vijayan handling this corona virus crisis
  16. velu

    Here be Dragons

    10) Finding Nemo 19) Rat race
  17. TN CM .. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/rs-3850-crore-package-tamil-nadu-cm-announces-rs-1000-to-ration-card-holders-additional-dole-to-workers/articleshow/74788974.cms
  18. @Mariyam when and how to use the use the word "paavam" someone decides to go for a vacation .. same one saves 4 months of his salary for that vacation .. finally that person applies for leaves and got approved , then that person book tickets and hotels in advance .. < here comes coronavirus > that person tries to cancel the tickets and hotel booking .. both hotel and flight refuse to give refund .. now we can use the word "paavam @Trichromatic" or "ayyo paavam @Trichromatic " ( add "ayyo" for enhanced emotion ) .. if we want to feel bad for him in kannada , use "papam @Trichromatic " or "ayyo papm @Trichromatic "
  19. Scorpio mars for Scorpio asc .. doubt corona virus will waste time in infecting them
  20. Dhonis team which whitewashed aussies will steamroll old WI team in our conditons
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