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  1. Has got 49 tons so far. 32 in ODIs and 17 in tests. Hope this doesnt hurt us like our previos miletones
  2. this is not a good news for anti-dhoni brigade IMO.. if kohli can play till 44 , dhoni can play till 42 to 46 years ( give or take 2 ) https://sports.ndtv.com/cricket/virat-kohli-can-play-till-44-and-break-sachin-tendulkars-century-record-shoaib-akhtar-1779107
  3. After his technique tweak it looks unpossible to get his wicket !!! https://68.media.tumblr.com/38ef63ac17d735ad7183613bef6359cb/tumblr_oocb3j7wxV1umk4ogo1_400.gif
  4. http://www.timesnownews.com/sports/article/indias-yo-yo-test-report-card-ashish-nehra-reveals-yuvraj-singh-yet-to-pass-it/128996
  5. mad mallus @SLICKR392 http://www.firstpost.com/india/believe-it-or-not-tom-moody-trolled-after-kerala-cpm-supporters-confuse-him-with-credit-rating-agency-4217219.html
  6. i created the first thread there
  7. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    my requirement is putting multiple orders in a very short time and i am using it for the last 3/4 sessions.. like iron condor mean buying ATM call and put and selling OTM call and put together .. before there use to be a delay but now it works like a charm.. if i am creating 50 lots of iron condor , i need to put 40 orders , now i can do it in a minute.. also now closing the postion is also easier .. before i always use to be worried about clossing my postions on time .. you can link amibroker with kite apis .. like when you get a single in amibroker , you can use kite apis to place the orders.. i dont have thta requiremet , but few guys are doing it already i guess ( need to get sebi approval if it is compeletely automated trading )
  8. India 4 Pakistan 0 Bangladesh 1 Pakistan 0 can anyone guess the game
  9. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    @jusarrived extremely customized the order management system for my exact requirement ( only for index options , index futures and stock futures .. firing market order is blocked for stock options )
  10. Pak Defence Twitter handle got suspended

    never followed them on twitter.. but openly supporting terrorists is a cause of concern in pak defense .. rarely visit these days
  11. yep .. i was thinkign about that innings only.. also the way he bats from the beginning of the innings , or batting at 100 or 150 , his enery level seems to eb same .. most players gets tired after a long innings but not sehwag
  12. then probably Sehwag might top the endurance charts
  13. @Pollack @speedheat @Khota
  14. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    two haterz bromancing
  15. ICF Bangalore meet !!!

    missing the dick @slicker
  16. 5 - Extremely satisfied 3 - Neither Satisfied nor dissatisfied 0 - Extremely dissatisfied
  17. Hi Sunnyji !!!

    Hi @Malcolm Merlyn ji .. Any plans todo your MS in Bangalore ? Need one walking ATM down here in bangalore
  18. 74* (105) to 104* (115) . What an unselfish way to reach his 50th ton !!! Kohli took 10 balls , just 10 balls to score his last 30 runs and this is not a T20 game or some ODI game in BD. @vvvslaxman

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