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  1. Yeah .. kalacharam mean culture Kamals old view about culture is exactly opposite of what he said yesterday Few years back Kamal said that culture changes every 5 years but yesterday he said Tamil culture is age old and we should preserve it at any cost
  2. available over the counter .. let me try next time
  3. If I drink in empty stomach , I am sure to get extreme headache/hangover next day
  4. Myself too take mostly beer .. but when I drink , I end up drinking 2.5/3 liters. .. can't control Once in between if I don't get high I order cocktails like mojito
  5. 8/9 rounds of 50ml of hard liquor is quite high unless we drink in 4/5 hours .. Rarely I try whisky/rum , if I get high I can't close my eyes .. If I close my eyes , I will get a very bad feeling smiler to getting high speed spin in merry go round
  6. any company patents a working hangover cure tablet/syrup first will make billions
  7. velu

    Solution to Kashmir

    when Pakistan gets freedom from its army ..
  8. how dmk/(congress) people made money for themselves .. dmk ex minister invested 26,000 crore in srilanka for installing an oil refinery .. 26k crore is fecking huge even by western standards in short , how these guys get money .. step 1 : open a shell company in india step 2 : give some central government contract to that shell company at throwaway rate ( aka coal mining permit here ) step 3 : sell that shell company at a very high rate ( 200x kind ) maridhas explained one of this scam with the shell company names and the companies which bought out the shell companies ..
  9. @Stan AF அப்பா வெச்ச பெயர் #ஸ்டாலின் காவி வெச்ச பெயர் #சுடலை யார் தமிழை வளர்க்கிறார்கள் ?
  10. main reason might be because of stalin மணிமேகலை எழுதிய கீர்த்தனார் - ஸ்டாலின்
  11. Might be an inside job if true .. No sense whatsoever
  12. Only TN had issues with Hindi .. But recently bewdas started copying our outdated politics
  13. ED asked chiddu to appear before them for 2/3 years .. chiddu never bothered to present himself to ED.. now after spending few days in tihar , he wants to surrender before ED so that he can get relased form tihar .. but ED told chiddu that they will take him when needed .. most probably when chiddu is about to get released from tihar , ED will arrest him
  14. on a serious note , this exposes the gutter level standards of our media .. kohli posted some random thing about dhoni and someone started spinning a story just for capturing the eyeballs
  15. i think @Nikola & others will get shock of their lifetime if dhoni indeed retires today
  16. when we launch a satellite , if the final stage screws it then whole thing will go waste .. dhoni is the last stage of a satellite laucnh
  17. horses for the courses .. everyone does .. including your bambi bhagwan who always hide @ 4 in tetss
  18. you know msd is a responsible person
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