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  1. Regained top spot again with 937 points. Gained 18 points in the last test. Need 1 more point to break into all time #10 batting . I think with one more good test for him , he can overtake Smiths #2 all time ranking of 947 points.
  2. velu

    Virat Kohli [ Test Batting Ranking ]

    no swing in Australia though
  3. velu

    Legends of Prithvi Sahw-legend in making.

    @mishra whether you met sahstriji last night ?
  4. velu

    Virat Kohli [ Test Batting Ranking ]

    935 .. gained 5 points vs indies for scoring 139 & 45 .. need two or three good tests to eclipse 950 ..
  5. velu

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    checked some videos , .. yes have not seen any 30yard marker in tests
  6. velu

    Shades of Sachin in Shaw

    nah .. that LBW appeal check the video
  7. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    probably egg laying breed of chickens .. males are useless for them and they are not good enough for meat , so they will sell it for whatever they get
  8. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    @beetle are you the clyde in this video ?
  9. velu

    #MeToo India 2.0

    she is derailing #MeToo .. she is bitter because she lost some modelling contracts because of someone
  10. whatever sidhu replied to some reporter is little overblown here .. he said that he cant survive in south india for long because of the food .. nothing serious and he said using one punjabi bad word is better than using 10 english swear words ..
  11. Oneline prediction based on moon signs Aries - Fecked Taurus - Awesome Gemini - Royally Fecked Cancer - Super duper awesome Leo - Screwed Virgo - Average Libra - Awesome Scorpio - Not bad Sagittarius - Average Capricorn - Awesome Aquarius - Awesome Pisces - Awesome
  12. velu

    Happy Jupiter Transit to all ICFers !!!

    last 1/1.5 years were bad .. dont think it can get any worse unless i do something incredible to screw myself
  13. and i am waiting to see @Jimmy Cliff performing nagin dance
  14. velu

    Grievances thread

    probably you shld be active during IPL season no holds barred
  15. velu

    Preferred squad for Aus Test series

    rohit sharma is our best best for us in non-swinging , fast and bouncy surface , sadly
  16. velu

    #MeToo India 2.0

    ARR is far bar bigger than vairamuthu .. also lyricists are not that influential figures , vairamuthu puch above his weight because of his political connects illayaraja stoped working with vairamuthu long back
  17. velu

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    anyway i am surprised that @Trichromatic didnt blame modi so far in this thread
  18. velu

    Anyone attending Hyderabad test?

    but why we need to to go through ticketing , if we can get e tickets ? even for movies , e-ticket is more than enough .. show the barcode , scan it and get in .. if they cant do this in a place where 20/30k people might come and watch , we should screw them
  19. his stats till that point backed him .. probably he was our second best test batsmen behind kohli ( or might be ahead at that time , not sure ) .. if rahul's mind get muddled because he was dropped from the team , the same thing should be applicable to pujara and rahane as well .. and if someone performs well at home , its unfair to drop him overseas .. i really dont think any batsmen or bowler got dropped overseas because they have the history of failing there .. getting dropped from the team definitely affects him mentally but as a cricketer he should overcome .. if he is so brittle mentally , probably he wont survive .. if you blame everyone except Rahul for his failures , probably we should stop here .. i agree that team treated him unfairly , but rahul should also be blamed for his failures..
  20. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    i really doubt that here they are separating male and female chicks .. anyway male chicks should start a #MeToo movement of their own
  21. 30 tests and counting .. this is more than enough to establish if he is a half decent player for comparison rohit sharma has played 25 tests and more or less he wont be playing tests again .. i said that both pujara and rahane too got the same treatment ..
  22. frankly he was trying to survive against the afghans spinners.. against dhanajaya , instead of trying to read him , he tried to attack him and it backfired .. he did this again and again and he got out to him again and again .. and another complaint i have is , he is way too casual in the way he bats .. good example is how he got out in his first test in england ( we were in a strong position till that point ) anyway more these technical things which can be rectified , if he is mentally weak then nobody can help him ..
  23. he has got more than enough chances in tests as well , and if he is so good and talented he should have sealed his test spot by now .. and it is not only rahul , even pujara and rahane got the same treatment from kohli .. both were suppose to be default picks but both pujara and rahane got dropped in the middle of the series
  24. because the struggle is real bad player of spin in ODIs rarely turn out to be a good player of spin tests .. and i am maintaining this stand about him for long

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