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  1. Amazing thing for me on kohli latest ton

    in this game saffer bowlers were targetting him with short pitch balls and he was well aware of it .. probably something related to that
  2. OP will blame narendra modi if we couldnt win the world cup
  3. who merged my thread
  4. None of the batsmen in ODIs ever came closer to matching this !!! Virat Kohli's stats from 2016 is bradmanesque !!! ps:- i checked the stats of Dhoni , sachin , viv , ponting , abdv etc etc
  5. damn it .. you ctaerted this thread aftre i told you that i will be creating this
  6. DK got a free safari in this trip
  7. i really dont think it migth have chnaged anything culturally .. western tamilnadu ( whole kongunadu belt ) was part of mysore kingdom from 1300 to 1800 till the 3rd anglo mysore war .. but there was no change in those 500 years because culturally whole kingdom was more or less same
  8. it was 1000 vs 100 runs .. now its 500 vs 46
  9. Please post your suggestions. If the tip is bit personal , you can PM @Trichromatic . He already wasted 3 SIM cards.
  10. 28 in ODIS 16 in Tests 0 in T20s
  11. bump .. @rkt.india after i created his thread he scored 10 centuries in 8 months
  12. i craated 50th 100 thread .. and he scored his last 15 hundreds in a year
  13. as if Dhoni reads ICF and bothers
  14. and thank our real captain as well you cnat captain by fielding at deep
  15. my threads are always lucky for kohli

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