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  1. Similar pace ... Swing bowlers !!! Foxy as well !!! @Nikola
  2. velu

    Rishabh Pant IPL ad

    mahi bhai is also in the ad
  3. many are doing "assemble in india" anywya still its a progress
  4. Imran Khan Govt Bans Hafiz Saeed's JuD, Its Charity Arm as India Pushes to Put Pak on Terror Blacklist https://www.news18.com/news/world/pakistan-bans-hafiz-saeed-led-jud-and-its-charity-wing-fif-2044527.html
  5. at this point of time , its not good for us to wage a conventional war with pakistan .. but this is the right time for us to wage some economical war with china .. ban huawei , 100% import duty on redmi , vivo , lenova etc .. if they assemble these products in india , then 75% duty .. sometimes i feel modi is way too defensive when comes to internal and external issues
  6. velu

    A question for gym goers

    i walk for 30mins daily gave my bike ( honda dio ) to my cousins wife , and i walk whenever possible
  7. velu

    Is this govt serious!

    bcci will ban icc
  8. https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/world-news-jaish-chief-masood-azhar-warns-imran-khan-govt-of-taking-any-action-against-him/325902
  9. our socialist model screwed us bigtime .. private vs government companies .. usa has got lots of air defense companies like boeing , lockheed martin , norterp grumman , bae etc .. we got only HAL
  10. velu

    India to stop water supply to Pakistan

    i think this was suggested 2/3 earlier as well .. this will be a long term plan from our end .. anyway if i am not wrong , lots of water gets drained in the arabian sea
  11. velu

    Is Kashmir Worth Fighting For?

    we should ask this to pakistan ...
  12. velu

    The Never Ending Thread

    why do only lioness cook food ? feminist ka nightmare @beetle
  13. bhai .. 3 players can be arranged in 6 different ways laxman , inzi , waugh laxman , waugh , inzi inzi , waugh , laxman inzi , laxman , waugh waugh , laxman , inzi waugh , , inzi , laxman Number of ways 3 players can be arranged = 3! = 3 * 2 * 1 = 6
  14. velu

    England are an extremely scary ODI side.

    their bowling reminds me of our default bowling in the early 2000s
  15. velu

    Saudi Arabia to invest $100 billion in India

    whatever china invests in CPEC is free for you guys recently china gave loan waiver to cameroon
  16. velu

    Political memes !!!

    @CSK Fan .. dude , Indian right wing will be considered as borderline leftwing if we apply western standards of right wing.. meanwhile indian left wing can be equated with 1900s ka russian/german communists
  17. velu

    Political memes !!!

    now i got why this wojak memes are popular
  18. velu

    woow..vintage chris

    dhoni usually come to bat after 30th over .. 80 over match , then dhoni will be ahead
  19. velu

    woow..vintage chris

    dhoni also does the same
  20. velu

    woow..vintage chris

    damn .. time to switch on the tv
  21. velu

    Political memes !!!

    yes the same guy .. he toned down his rhetoric a bit after his party men were brutally treated by tn police when they attacked csk/ipl fans

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