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  1. who cares .. i am a simple man I see boobs thala I press like
  2. maybe he wont make it to any of these if you are the selector
  3. probably what he has done before 2014 is more than enough to overcome his post 2014 i wont be surprised if dhoni gets selected as cricketer of the 21st century award in 2101
  4. velu

    Mob attack on JNU

    bhai .. i still feel aam admi is still not ready for democracy we shld have got some dictators like korea or singapore got after independence , but sadly world has changed
  5. ADMK/BJP alliance swept Thoothukudi local body elections .. so much scene created by the commies that people dont want this copper plant
  6. velu

    Mob attack on JNU

    bhai .. there is a tamil proverb about using violence todo the right thing “அடி உதவுற மாதிரி அண்ணன் தம்பி கூட உதவ மாட்டாங்க” rough translation is "violence will help you more than your blood brothers" actually this was proven again this week .. short story ( though slightly off-topic ) during Thoothukudi protest against Sterlite copper plant , tamilnadu police ( or riot police ) encountered 15/16 people ( official figures ) .. whole media went on shouting that admk/bjp government is working for the industrialists and created a scene that local residents are against the copper plant .. last week they had local body election and results were out yesterday .. admk completely sweeped tuticorin district my view is if things go out of hand and government know that protests are wrong ( and politically motivated which harms the country ) , we should crush them with iron fist ( or lead )
  7. velu

    Mob attack on JNU

    if police beat them , libtards will make it as a big issue ..
  8. Dhoni vs Kohli in the final round .. 31,3698 votes so far .. thala leading with 70% of the votes polled so far vote karo https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/28426188/vote-your-men-cricketer-2010-2019-final
  9. Can you post his average vs spin n pace in international games ? I can also post his batting vs Dhananjay or that nobody spinner from SL
  10. decay will be there 95% of the time , only exception is when there is a news based move .. In the afternoon session there will be less Chance of delta loss ie mkt moves but still premiums will keep going down . In the morning session if there is a move , mostly there wont be any decay . Still you can sell in the morning session , but I don't do it because i don't do second trade if there is a loss . I put SL on combined premiums , 20pt max
  11. I usually wake up by 11am I will wait from 1pm and mostly I will short before 2.30pm .. Will hold it till 3.15 as long as the positions are not skewed or SL is hit
  12. I called Motilal Oswal and they told that this is not practical and most brokers will oppose this move , so mostly this upfront margin collectiom won't be implemented .. Looks like only Zerodha guys will support this because they are losing their very active traders to high leverage discount brokers .. Other hand sebi is considering lowering the margin for hedged trades , so it might compensate a bit in case upfront margin collection goes live .. Also this upfront margin collection will kill all expiry day traders
  13. I am like Cyrus the virus guy .. I dont think that far Its not easy to predict medium to long term If Iran escalates it will definitely affect the global markets
  14. iran is a liberal country ruled by religious nut cases .. i still think they are better than saudis
  15. cant avoid huawei now .. our telecoms are in big mess except jio .. probably huawei equipments are 1/5th price of ericsons
  16. i meant spouse cant take away 50% of the wealth in india ..
  17. doubt that whether she can take half his wealth .. also Pandya is a gujju , when comes to money only incoming and not outgoing
  18. nah .. she is 27 from other source
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