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  1. Rightarmfast

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Damn, I forgot about it. I remember him bowling quick, but I dont remember the speeds. But 149 is serious quick. Maybe in international cricket, he will clock 150+ in a few yrs.
  2. Rightarmfast

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    If he has bowled upto 149, then he can be quick enough.
  3. Rightarmfast

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Is Avesh as quick? I felt he bowled a heavy ball, but not speed wise he was below 145.. ?
  4. Rightarmfast

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    That’s just sarcasm! The guy has put Lara and ponting above Sachin. Obviously he is from the neighbouring country and just trolling
  5. Rightarmfast

    Viv Richards: I'd pick Sachin over Lara

    Shaheed Afridi >>> Daylight >>>>>> Ponting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lara >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sachin
  6. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Siraj Mavi, Avesh and even Aaron, could be a good combination. Its about time we blood the upcoming bowlers and create a pool.
  7. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Indian bowlers do perform in india. But I would like to see some new bowlers to be tried for smaller teams like zimbawe. Lets see
  8. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    He must be 2-3 yrs older than his certificate age. But no more than that. His pace is still around 145ish. A 40 yr old cant bowl at that pace consistently.
  9. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Never liked Anderson. Clouderson defines him better. The next year is going to be interesting. I dont know India's schedule but this Indian bowling unit just may push over the other bowlers and proclaim the worlds best bowling unit tag.
  10. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Bro, ofcourse Shami is 2nd best to Bumrah. As a matter of fact, I used to rate Shami in the worlds top 3 bowlers till the beginning of this year.
  11. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Saba Karim was a damn good player, plagued with bad luck. He was one of the batsmen who could perform in adverse conditions and against the best of bowlers. He was unlucky to be not given chance because of politics. You got it wrong there.
  12. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    I sure am missing something here. The stats I see, show Pandya's strike rate to be the worst among all other bowlers! His average is worse than any other bowler. How is it exactly that he is ending up as the 2nd best pacer?
  13. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    No offence, but I think you were too young around 97-98. That comment about Warne is as immature as it can get. Also, the players of today are no match to the players of yesteryears when it comes to playing spin. This Indian team is pathetic against spin, and although Pujara can hold on to his end, I dont think a comparison with players like Azhar, Sidhu or any other batsman for that matter, will be fair. To give you a perspective, Muralitharan averages over 32 against India, and averages over 45, when playing in India!!! I dont need to tell you his average against the other teams. All teams except Australia, in Australia struggled against him. I am not sure if I agree with your 2nd point either. Firstly, you dont compare apple to oranges. Secondly, the reputation of a bowler is made when they make an impression against the condition, relatively better than other players. Ofcourse, adverse conditions will affect the performance. Glenn Mcgrath, however averages 21 in India.
  14. Rightarmfast

    Most wickets in 2018

    Yes, totally agreed. I mean there are threads on the legendary allrounder, Mr Sarhi Gobers as being talented. I get what you mean.
  15. Rightarmfast

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    Traditionally, Indian bowlers have relied on length deliveries. This has been a trend. Apart from Agarkar and Zaheer, dont recall very many bowlers who had good yorker. Now, when it comes to ODI's, one uses yorkers, however in Test cricket, even the experts use it sparingly. One reason is because if a yorker goes wrong and hits the bottom portion of the bat, it does a fair bit of damage to the ball. Secondly, in test batsmen are not in a hurry to score runs, wherein in ODI's, they are ready to hit the ball and in the process are beaten by yorkers. Now these are theories which I am assuming hinders the bowlers to try yorkers in test cricket. Also, I think the bowlers relax a bit when the tailenders come. They seem to be going just with the motion, expecting the batsmen to make mistakes rather than creating one.

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