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  1. hi guys .. this is awesome great guy @velu throwing some gyan to @Rightarmfast about how awesome dhoni is
  2. Do i have to come to dehradun to kill you or you will come to bangalore?
  3. Ashwin, not sure! But I see what you mean. He is definitely more dependable than jaddu, with the bat.
  4. +1. I like Vijay Shankar. He deserves it. He is a step up of our 90’s Robin Singh I feel, rather a test version of Robin. Give him chance and this guy will give his life for the team.
  5. A total of 11 people people in this forum who think - Sid Kaul (2) , Chahar (2), Shardul (2) , and khaleel (5) , either of them could be the fast bowler. Can the real slim shady plz stand up? It will be easier for me to shoot them P :p
  6. Watched 2 balls of his yesterday Ball 1- 108 kph - No runs Ball 2 - 135 kph - 4 runs! Me - Beta, tujhse naa ho paayega!
  7. Rightarmfast

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    MSK? who? Dhoni?
  8. Rightarmfast

    Navdeep Saini bowling with genuine pace now

    The management should immediately take Shami and Bumrah off IPL. India is bigger than IPL.
  9. Rightarmfast

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Seriously? Theres been no youngster? We seem to live in different worlds then
  10. Rightarmfast

    WC squad selected, DK n Jaddu selected.....no rayudu, pant

    Disappointed. This is not a team which is world beater. The only players who stand out are Bumrah, Shami and Kohli. This was expected though. Dhonis name should go down as a blot in Indian cricket. For his selfish reasons, he has destroyed Indian cricket for a good 3 yrs atleast. Just to accomodate him, we havent given chances to young batsmen. Havent watched even one IPL matches yet, looks unlikely I will watch world cup too.
  11. Hardik Pandya - "Performance is overrated"
  12. I am liking the way Shankar is bowling. Liking the effort he is putting in, ye lambi race ka ghoda hai!
  13. Gavaskar is still bitter about the failure of Rohan Gavaskar. I think he has gone senile now ( I am serious ). Gavaskar was always a biased, a lobbyist. Brahmanical in nature, and always tried to push the mumbai lobby.
  14. Oye behenjo! Lagta hai Shami bhaiya viagra le Ke bowling kar Rahe hain! Kaafi tez ‘daal’ Rahe hain!

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