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  1. Rightarmfast

    How fast was David Johnson?

    No, I mean the England match only. Speed gun wouldnt show the speeds on television, but the speeds used to come next day in press releases.
  2. Rightarmfast

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Tbh, at times its difficult to ascertain pace just by looking at videos and having no other references. I remember the 99 world cup match against england. Debashish Mohanty was bowling red hot and was getting serious bounce. None of the english batsmen were comfortable against him. because of that bounce, it looked like he was bowling at a great pace. We all thought he was bowling express, but later the speed gun results showed his pace around 115-125!
  3. Next time, try watching cricket with eyes open
  4. Thats why he is playing KL Rahul in every match.
  5. Thats exactly what I am saying and thats exactly what the truth is. I think you have been living under a cave for a while.
  6. Rightarmfast

    Dale Steyn, the greatest fast bowler of the century

    Steyn has to be the best. On virtue of effectiveness. Plus, he has been express in the first of his career, post that, still been genuine quick. Akram is overrated. He could bamboozle batsmen, but he wasnt effective when it came to taking wickets of top order batsmen.
  7. Rightarmfast

    Dale Steyn, the greatest fast bowler of the century

    Lets not forget that this guys has not been involved in any ball tampering or any other controversies ( I am not aware of, correct me if I am wrong ). So, even if waqar matches him in strike rate, his career was not as clean and his success maybe owed to other factors. And Steyn, although not express, has been generating impressive speeds throughout his career. Had it not been for his injury, Steyn would have been better. An absolute gem!
  8. Rightarmfast

    How fast was David Johnson?

    I'll be damned Btw, is this David Johnson on the other side? Or his digital marketing agency's associate?
  9. My 2 pence. These problems will keep happening. Not because we do not have talent in India. But because the power is concentrated too much with a few people. Sadly for Indian cricket, these people have always abused the power. Indian cricket team loses not lose because they are bad, but because of design. Kohli and Dhoni will not let proper talent come in. Even after the U19 win, Kohli had specifically made a comment that its going to take 3-4 yrs for the young talents to be considered. In hindsight, Kohli wants to hang on to his supremacy and not let any champion player come in and question his dominance. He has always anyway been a selfish, rude person. Why do we think he has changed? He hasnt, its just a PR stunt. So what's going to happen is, by the time all these young batsmen and the genuine quicks are brought in, they would have lost their steam already. And if we think that the Indian team is going to regroup and try to make changes, we are fooling ourselves. I have seen enough of Indian cricket. About 30+ odd years to understand that no change is going to happen. They are going to bully a weaker team sometime in near future and all will be forgotten!
  10. I dont see India proceeding ahead of the semis.
  11. Rightarmfast

    Very odd innings – Hussain on Dhoni’s 37

    Baap bada na bhaiya, the whole thing is that ke bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya!
  12. Rightarmfast

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Atleast give him a good pitch for a few matches and then decide.
  13. Rightarmfast

    Indian cricket preparing itself for failures

    Except, its not selectors. Its Kohli who is running the show.
  14. I am glad. What we need to do is, welcome KOhli, shastri and dhoni with tomatoes, rotten eggs and slippers.Thats what they deserve and that would put them back to their place. They are all sell outs. Selling their country's honour for money. Kohli is 1000% getting money out of this, and so is Shastri. Dhoni is playing his dirty game again and getting money from sreeni boss. What a bunch of B*%stards

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