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  1. sa will be determined to start der winning streak and might catch up a rusty nervous india plus india are not known as good starters .55-45 sa i feel
  2. he is right .smith single handedly won 2015 wc semi for them and in 2014 series smith scored centuries in 6 out of 8 innings i remember
  3. st12345

    What's the highest level you've played?

    yes but never joined the squad as parents didnt allowed and asked to prepare for iit which i never cracked
  4. st12345

    What's the highest level you've played?

    i was selected for indian cricket team in 1997 as a 19 yr old but parents didnt allowed me and forced me to focus on iit .today i am neither a cricketer nor an iitian .all hopes shattered .
  5. st12345

    Two matches in Two Days? (Asia Cup)

    bangladesh also have back to back match if they qualify (which they are certain to ) a match against afghan on 20 and super four match the next day which is more important than our group games .so its overall poor scheduling than india being targeted
  6. st12345

    Hardik's gesture

    show off

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