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  1. New Delhi: India failed to get its act together and were beaten fair and square on the England tour. Injuries played a part but it won't be wrong to admit that players were overworked by choice and not by chance. But MS Dhoni's reactions point towards a skipper who refuses to admit that they were a distant second on a no-contest tour. The latest of India's string of disappointments came in the fourth ODI at Lord's, which ended in a tie after rain interruptions in the dying stages of England's chase. But Dhoni, for some reason, saw the "ugly side of cricket". "We just saw the ugly side of cricket. Whichever team has the upper hand, doesn't want to play," said a clearly peeved 'Captain Cool'. India also failed to defend a target in the third ODI, even after rain made it stiffer for the hosts. Dhoni still said "we are not down and out." "The first 10 overs were crucial. We gave away too many runs. Otherwise the spinners would have had a few more runs to play with," said Dhoni. "The boys are still very excited. Whenever they turn up they want to give 100 per cent, so when it comes to the motivational factor, we are not down and out. It's not like we didn't try. An uninspiring body language throughout the 4-0 whitewash in the Test series didn't go unnoticed by fans and experts alike, but Dhoni's stubbornness didn't allow him to admit it after the bowlers failed to defend a stiff target of 187 in 23 overs in the second ODI. "We're not just going through the motions, but nothing has really worked for us," he added. India were way of the mark in the Test series. Yes, injuries took their toll right from the first day of the tour in Lord's but still saying that "we tried our best" smells of obstinacy. "We tried our best and that's what is important," said Dhoni. Dhoni also said that they didn't get time to prepare, indicating the chockablock scheduling. But shouldn't players also be held responsible when they opt to play the IPL just five days after a gruelling World Cup at the cost of West Indies tour? "There was no complacency, but we didn't get much time before the series started," said the Indian skipper. The bowling wasn't working, more so in the absence of Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh. The situation called for playing five bowlers as the English batsmen were scoring runs at a canter, but the Indian skipper refused it outrightly. "In the last two years, we haven't played with five bowlers. I don't see it happening now. We don't want to play with a batter light." India knew Zaheer was up against it when it came to recovering from his injury, but still considerable amount of time was lost hoping for his recovery, which delayed reinforcements. But Dhoni doesn't rue that even. "When it concerns people like Zaheer and Sehwag, you wait for them so they are available for selection, for you know what difference they can make." And when it was asked if the players are getting injured because of being overworked, Dhoni refused to admit players' mistake of playing in the IPL and instead put the blame on a nonexistent rotation policy. "We will have to rotate. It's important that players get rest. Raina has been participating in all formats. It's more to do with the mental rather than the physical aspect. Good rest helps you keep the injuries away." What remains to be seen now is how the BCCI reacts to Dhoni's first failure as captain once the team returns home.

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