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  1. No shame but more pain
  2. https://thewire.in/99801/adani-group-tax-evasion/ Long read, but highly recommend for people who want to know how governments work with the business to squeeze the average tax payer.
  3. http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/nandan-nilekani-warns-of-digital-colonisation-ahead-of-aadhaar-hearing-117071900021_1.html
  4. as long as the government also has an ITIN and Aadhar card, with transparent transactions
  5. Did you say that for real, in English, Like Naidu
  6. How many here prefer Gurgaon / Noida over Bangalore? I hope this movement happens. Bangalore needs some space. Personally I would never work in a place like Gurgaon or Noida. Bangalore and Pune are heaven compared to these places.
  7. No my friend. It isnt like that. Think we have discussed enough. As long as there is no law, nobody is bound to follow it. Nobody can enforce it. You are free to believe otherwise.
  8. crime is defined by the law. not by any individuals thought. India is not a dictatorship. Even a hotel follows the law.
  9. If there is no law, it cannot be enforced. That is how the law of the land works. If you need everyone to say Bharat Mata ki jai, you need a law. Otherwise no one has any right to force anyone. All this is good but why so significant to enforce it. Indian Army Motto is "Service Before Self". At best Bharat Mata ki jai is used as a war cry, not forced because every unit or regiment has their own war cry. sarvada shaktistali, jai maa kali, aaya gorkhali, jo bole so nihal, sat sri akal, raja ramchandra ki jai, bajrang bali ki jai, chatrapati shivaji maharaj ki jai.
  10. to force someone, there has to be a law. If there are no penalties for relieving in public, it is wrong, although it may be an ancient tradition. Share the history of Bharat Mata's association with India's fight for independence. I will read. But you agree there isnt a law which forces people to say Bharat Mata ki jai. we agree on that i hope.
  11. All is fine but what if I don't want to say bharat mata ki jai and say bharat ki jai. Which law states that one has to say bharat mata ki jai. You brought vande Mataram into the discussion.
  12. You mean saying Bharat Mata ki jai means respecting the nation, but beating lynching, abusing, name calling a bharat ka citizen is not demeaning the nation. Thats your thinking. Here is what Vande Mataram means. It has been conveniently interpreted as motherland. It only means I praise thee, Mother. I ask you which law states that Vande Mataram has to be said or Bharat Mata ki jai has to be said. Has the court of law passed any judgement like National anthem before the movies. An Ode to Durga as the Mother goddess, it was written in Sanskrit but printed in Bengali script in the Bengali novel Anandmath.[4] The title 'Vande Mataram' literally means "I praise thee, Mother" or "I bow to thee, Mother".[1][5] The "mother goddess" in later verses of the song has been interpreted as the motherland of the people - Bangamata (Mother Bengal) and Bharat Mata (Mother India),[6][7] though the text does not mention this explicitly.
  13. I am very happy to say Vande Mataram. It means I bow to my mother. The verses do not mean Bharat mata ki jai. Even then where does it say that one will be forced to sing the national song.
  14. I am. Now what if I want to say Jai Hind or Bharat ki jai instead. I find it offensive to use the word Mata.