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  1. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Pak lovers

    Please share any official document on Sharia. What does constitution of Pakistan say about. Also how many Islamic countries with 50.01% or more has Sharia.
  2. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Pak lovers

    Whats is sharia. Does Pakistan have it? They are 50.01 pc or more
  3. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Darwin's theory scientifically wrong: Union min Satyapal Singh

    Yes we all came from Sri Ram
  4. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Pak lovers

    Pak lovers or anti nationals, as some call them do not define the Indo Pak strategy. The failure or success is of the govt and security agencies.
  5. Haarkarjeetgaye

    AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    True. Our pace bowling on this tour has been much better than on previous tours.
  6. how does it matter. what if it is 149?
  7. Haarkarjeetgaye

    1st Test-SL v IND | 26-Jul-2017 10 PM IST | Galle

    Lanka pe chadhai. Mandir wahin banayenge
  8. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Final - ICC Women's World Cup 2017 - India vs England

    No shame but more pain
  9. https://thewire.in/99801/adani-group-tax-evasion/ Long read, but highly recommend for people who want to know how governments work with the business to squeeze the average tax payer.
  10. Ashwin and MUFC tragedy comment
  11. Haarkarjeetgaye

    The right to privacy hearing in the Supreme Court

  12. Haarkarjeetgaye

    The right to privacy hearing in the Supreme Court

    as long as the government also has an ITIN and Aadhar card, with transparent transactions
  13. Did you say that for real, in English, Like Naidu
  14. How many here prefer Gurgaon / Noida over Bangalore? I hope this movement happens. Bangalore needs some space. Personally I would never work in a place like Gurgaon or Noida. Bangalore and Pune are heaven compared to these places.

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