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  1. Unhi parts mein le jaaonga aap nashik, Pune, Nagar, aurangabad aur Nagpur side ke parts mein gaye ho? Aur aap kab se ho. 2000 se rahe ho. Jab UP waalon ko maar maar ke bhagaya tha. Yeh to open hai.
  2. they are hated and for fault of theirs. Pan spitting is also one reason. you should know. travel down south and west sometimes. you will know. please do. what is stopping you from sharing the data. up bihar, police is also very ,good so majority cases dont get registered. ill wait for you to share the data
  3. yeah. so we wanted to pick up the worst states. That was your objective. Are you not convinced it is UP Bihar and people from these states are hated wherever they go? you do agree Delhi is known as the rape capital?
  4. I am laughing. What they deleted that time was in the cricket forum itself. But But..why delete the rape thread, unless too many from UP Bihar on this forum
  5. You should visit Maharashtra some time. Sena will educate you on UP Biharis. Aaj bhi Thackeray ke naam se thar thar kaanpte hai UP Bihar waale
  6. But you also posted it on this forum only. Mods have also deleted some of my other anti Pakistan posts whereas they are fine if their pets post it. I see the bias. Tell me if you don’t.
  7. I went to know what was wrong in it. You posted the same last week. I did not post anything different. Both of us insulted Islam. Why the bias?
  8. Mods. Why did you delete my post. You are showing bias on this forum as mods.
  9. sip sip jeera sip jeera sip Mdh ka Jal Jeera, Jeera sip
  10. Very poor response on this forum for EPL, Champions league. let’s follow it regularly next season here, with threads for all games possible YNWA
  11. Shows a lot about the mentally diseased NPAs on this forum. This move is by GOI. Bharat sarkar, not by me. Usne pooch lo woh bhi padosi hai kya
  12. Hoga sir Hoga. Penalty enforcement will make sure we start abiding by the rules. We will go to any extent to save money. Worth a try at least.
  13. Nikalne se pehle aapko sochna chahiye tha ki Pakistan mein paida hona kitna bada shraap hai. Ab to thappa laga gaya aap pe. Aap jaise log Hindustan ke liye NPAs ho. Gaali doosron ko dete hai aur hai khud NPA. Najayaz Pakistani Aulad
  14. Kisi bhi bhagwaan ka naam le lo rahoge to tum najayaz pakistani aulad. Mullah giri karte raho.
  15. they ruled us for so many years.
  16. abhi parson hi unke terrorists ne Major Sharma ko maar diya. aur yeh hamara response.
  17. hello najayaz pakistani aulad. you should know it better. its your country
  18. The chokers tag will remain with SA. SA lose their confidence in crunch situations.
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