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  1. So anything last night from either side? I read Jammu airport is functional. That may be a sign of de-escalation
  2. ok. so we are looking at his release after this conflict is over. And what is the guarantee something like Saurabh Kalia will not repeat. Because they have shown his capture?
  3. But lets say we retaliate today and across International border or this continues for more than 8 days, then still will they have to release him on the 8th day?
  4. ok. But say if we continue to escalate the tension, then how can Pakistan react on WC Abhi
  5. On a lighter note both Air Chief Marshalls can meet and say - teri bhi lag gayee, meri bhi lag gayee
  6. MEA has accepted that we lost one MIG and a pilot is missing in action. Where is the doubt? Abhinandan's video is also out. We need to get him back.
  7. Lets see which option the Indian government picks. My sense is this is soon de-escalating. UNSC will step in at any more escalation
  8. May be true but still he is not a POW. He is missing in action as per India and will be treated with respect as per Pakistan
  9. Be sane. Take a step back and engage in a dialogue. Any escalation will hurt both sides.
  10. Both sides Air Forces have been exposed.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong. This is not a war, so no POWs unless Pakistan announces he will be treated like a POW. Has either India or Pak announced him as a POW. India has said MIA and Pakistan has said will be treated with respect. POW brings international laws into play
  12. It is a security breach. Some heads should roll. Can’t even stop myself from crying listening to the families. May God give them strength
  13. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/4-armymen-killed-in-overnight-encounter-in-pulwama-in-jammu-and-kashmir-1995055?pfrom=home-topscroll
  14. Please share any official document on Sharia. What does constitution of Pakistan say about. Also how many Islamic countries with 50.01% or more has Sharia.
  15. Whats is sharia. Does Pakistan have it? They are 50.01 pc or more
  16. Pak lovers or anti nationals, as some call them do not define the Indo Pak strategy. The failure or success is of the govt and security agencies.
  17. True. Our pace bowling on this tour has been much better than on previous tours.
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