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  1. ICC conspiracy. Zimbabwe does not get the crowds and money as much as Afghanistan.
  2. Boss. Why I am not able to add you on my ignored users list. It’s obvious you don’t like my comments and I don’t like yours. so let us just agree to ignore each other’s comments. Good luck staying in UP
  3. Micheal Bevan in 96 and 99 i think the best two semi final knocks
  4. Will be thoroughly deserved if Australia do. They get better with every game. Weren’t looking so strong at the beginning of the tournament
  5. I have lived in Mumbai and Delhi both, a good 3 years in each city. Yes Mumbai was the Navy Nagar area which is posh and brilliant but I have roamed around the city. To each his own experience. In my experience Mumbai ....then daylight....Delhi Delhi Air has trash in it. You can smell it when you land at Delhi airport.
  6. During traffic jams the civic sense goes negative
  7. He couldn’t tolerate his name higher than Smith
  8. Civic sense is not enforced in India. There is no punishment given for people spitting pan thambaku, peeing in public, trash throwing in open. It is an accepted norm
  9. Delhi better than Mumbai in terms of cleanliness seems a joke. Delhi is horrible in terms of cleanliness. Add to that the shitty weather and then add people who say “ tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai” Mumbai is way way better
  10. I would avoid any North India place to enjoy monsoons. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and parts of TN are the places to be in.
  11. Please pay tributes. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/ketan-sharma-major-encounter-last-message-whatsapp-1551788-2019-06-19 Major Ketan Sharma was killed in an encounter with militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag. Hours before Major Ketan Sharma took on militants in the Anantnag encounter, the officer sent a photo of himself on the family WhatsApp group and remarked, "Maybe this is my last photo". Later in the day, family members of the 29-year-old were visited by Army officers who informed them that Major Ketan Sharma had succumbed to his injuries sustained in a gunfight in Achabal area of south Kashmir. Major Ketan Sharma's cousin said that when the officer sent the message on early Monday morning, his wife and brother-in-law checked on him, but he did not respond, The Indian Express reported. As thousands turned up to pay their last respects to Major Ketan Sharma after his mortal remains were brought to his hometown Meerut, his father recounted moments with his son. "He always asked me to take care of his mother since she is unwell," Sharma's father Ravinder said. 896 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy As officers consoled the Sharma family, the Major's daughter played with her cousin, unaware that she has been orphaned. Major Sharma's family told The Indian Express that Ketan left a high-paying job in Gurgaon to serve the country. Another cousin of his said that one of Sharma's uncles was also in the Army. "He grew up in the cantonment area and was always inclined towards armed forces," the cousin said. When Sharma couldn't get through NDA (National Defence Academy), he gave the Combined Defence Services exam and finally became a Lieutenant in 2012. He soon married Era and later the couple had a daughter.
  12. Pune to Goa drive. Goa via Konkan Railways Pune and around forts are heavenly in monsoons. Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Matheran
  13. Who is responsible for no water in taps? UP Biharis are responsible for pan stains
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