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  2. https://www.rediff.com/news/report/up-man-tries-to-molest-woman-drives-car-over-family/20190625.htm Last updated on: June 25, 2019 16:03 IST Two women in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district were crushed to death under the wheels of a car being allegedly driven by a man who they rebuked for passing lewd comments against a member of their family, police said on Tuesday. The incident took place on late Monday night, the police said, adding that a case was registered against four persons including the main accused Nakul Singh who has been arrested. However, the victim's family placed the dead bodies on a highway and blocked traffic on Tuesday, demanding immediate arrest of all accused. The protest was called off after the police intervened and pacified the family members. Senior Superintendent of Police N Kolanchi said the families of Ramveer and Bhimsen had returned from a wedding late at night when they noticed Singh urinating on the wall of their house on Chandpur road. When Santo Devi, 38, wife of Ramvir and Urmila, 42, wife of Bhimsen objected, the accused allegedly passed lewd comments at a woman member of the family which further angered the women, who berated Singh. He left after threatening them of dire consequences, the police said. Soon, the accused returned with his friends in a car and crushed the women, who were standing outside their house, Kolanchi said. While Santo Devi and Urmila died, Ramvir's son and another youth were injured in the incident, he said, adding that they are recuperating in a local hospital. On the basis of the family's complaint, the main accused was arrested and efforts are on to nab his accomplices, the officer added.
  3. Haarkarjeetgaye

    UP man tries to molest woman, drives car over family; kills 2

    By lebensraum if you mean, opportunities for employment, then there could be ways to create Noida like cities. A lot of educational institutes can be set up where people from other states come. I don’t think just having a fast and efficient legal system will sort this out.
  4. Congratulations to the resident NPAs on the forum straight drive, sukhi hui, mishra, second slip, coffee rules etc... your country has kept your dream of 92 alive. Bas Kuch din Aur fir aapke pyaare wapas jaayenge. Tab tak mullah giri Kar lo
  5. Haarkarjeetgaye

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    https://www.rediff.com/news/interview/21-indian-cities-will-have-zero-tap-water/20190618.htm June 18, 2019 08:31 IST 'If the government does not take any action soon, 21 cities of India will become like Cape Town, with no water.' 'Four cities -- Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut and Faridabad -- will suffer the worst.' More like this How best to tackle India's water crisis IMAGE: Residents line up to fill containers with drinking water from a municipal tanker in New Delhi. Photograph: Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters India is facing a water emergency of unprecedented proportions. Cities are facing an acute shortage of water and in smaller towns tankers are lining up to provide water. The situation is much worse in the villages, where more and more people migrate to the cities in search of water. "In Nagpur, today, we have Veolia India, a French company, that is providing water... Veolia India now wants to supply water in 18 cities of India. Soon, they will capture the country's water," Magsaysay Award winner Rajendra Singh, below, tells Rediff.com's Syed Firdaus Ashraf. Why is there no permanent solution for a serious issue like water scarcity? Where did we go wrong? Take any political party's manifesto and you will find that they don't talk about water. The tears in their eyes have dried up and the only time they speak about water is when they want to privatise water. One party in its manifesto says it will provide tap water to every citizens's home. But how it is possible? There is no water left. In this crisis, how can you make such promises of jal-nal (water in taps)? This jal-nal is only for private companies. What did earlier governments do to solve the water problem? When water was priority, past governments built large dams. Take Maharashtra, where there are 42 large dams. The vision of the state's leaders was to grow sugarcane and make money. Agriculture was industrialised in Maharashtra. Agriculture became an agribusiness. Today, in Maharashtra, to do sugarcane farming 84 per cent of the water is being taken out from the ground. Is there anything more dangerous than this? Politicians of our country don't have any vision for water. The only vision they have is how to get votes in the name of water. The politicians only think of solving the water issue through private contractors. These private contractors can never find a solution to the water problem. It is only a community that can solve the water problem. But when people don't get involved as a community to solve a problem, then it will never be solved. What about Maharashtra's Jalyukt Shivar programme, which the Bharatiya Janata Party-Shiv Sena government introduced? This is a classic example. The first two years of the Jalyukt Shivar was an ideal model programme. There was scientific thought that was put into it. Villagers across Maharashtra had put in Rs 350 crore from their own pockets to solve the water problem. However, later on, when the government started giving Jalyukt Shivar work to private contractors, the people, instead of giving money, stopped doing work. They understood that the contractors are going to siphon off the money in the name of water. Jalyukt Shivar has failed now. Why did the Maharashtra government rope in private contractors? Because they wanted contractors to make money and return it in election time. I don't know who got this idea, whether it was Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis or his ministers. But the buck stops at Fadnavis's table. Why didn't you protest when contractors were involved in the Jalyukt Shivar programme? I informed Fadnavis about it, but he didn't do anything. My job is not to fight, but to do work peacefully. Till the time Fadnavis listened to me, I worked for him. But the day he stopped, I sat at home. Even today I work in Sangli district in Maharashtra where we have ensured rivers like the Agrani and Mahakali provide water in spite of four years of drought. How serious is the water crisis in India? Very soon, 21 cities in India will have Day Zero water (when the taps run dry and people will have to queue up for water). If the government does not take any action soon, 21 cities of India will become like Cape Town, with no water. Four cities -- Delhi, Gurgaon, Meerut and Faridabad -- will suffer the worst. There will be zero water in their reserves. IMAGE: A woman fetches water from an opening made to filter water next to a polluted lake in Maharashtra's Thane district. Photograph: Prashant Waydande/Reuters How is the situation in the villages? People are leaving the villages to come to cities. India's future is turning into a dangerous landscape. When the population leaves the villages and comes to cities, then the urban future is very dangerous. These things are not mentioned in any of the political parties's manifestos. What can the government do if there is less rainfall? Less rainfall is not natural, but it is a man-made (crisis). Scarcity of water is a man-made disaster in India. They have killed trees on the mountains. There is no greenery on the ground. When this happens, then those areas will get clouds, but it will not rain as there will be less air pressure. Whenever man tinkers with nature, then nature takes out its anger on mankind. Heavy rainfall in one region, drought in another -- how can India tackle such a situation? When it rains on the mountains it has to be stopped there and the water needs to be put into underground aquifers so there won't be soil erosion. There will be moisture in the soil due to which there will be greenery. That soil will not silt and accumulate into the river. At present, in India, there are simultaneous floods and droughts because we do not control the flow of rainwater. When water flows with great speed, there is erosion of soil. The place where there is no soil is hit by drought, like in Marathwada. In places where there is soil, it erodes and accumulates into the rivers. So the rivers start overflowing, resulting in floods. If we want to stop floods and drought in India, we have to control the flow of rain water. To make India flood-free, we have to slow the water flow. We need to make sure that water walks and when that water walks, then make it crawl. When it starts crawling, put that water in the belly of the Earth. During then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's term in office, there was a discussion on inter-linking of rivers to solve the water crisis. Will it work? In India, as per the Constitution, water rights are on three levels. First, water right is of the river flow, which is decided by the Government of India. Second is the rainfall water, which rights are with the state government. And the third, is in which panchayats and municipal corporations have the rights on the rainfall water in their jurisdiction. These three levels will always be different. Today no chief minister of any state will say he has surplus water. So how can any government say that river linking will be done and everyone will be given water? Is it true that we are using six times more water than what we used 100 years ago? Our lifestyle has changed. 100 years ago, when humans used to go to the toilet or bathroom, they never used to waste 15 litres of water. Now when we go to the toilet and flush, we waste 6 litres of water on every flush. So the water use pattern has been spoilt in the last 100 years. Earlier, humans were disciplined in using water, but that is not the case now. India was a guru of the world in water discipline. Whenever some guests come home we give them water, not wine as in Europe. We respect water as it is in our culture. We have always considered it to be God. Unfortunately, since the time we put our Gods in concrete cement homes with gates closed, the misuse of water started. This misuse of water is dangerous. IMAGE: Women carry pitchers filled with water. Photograph: Prashant Waydande/Reuters It is said the demand for water in India is expected to reach its peak in 2030. Is it true? Yes, the demand for water is increasing. The demand will increase more and more as time goes by. To get that kind of water we need to have 6 Rs in life -- Respect, Reduce, Retreat, Recycle, Reuse and Rejuvenate nature by water. This indigenous Indian wisdom has a deep understanding of water. We used to follow a rule that as much water as we consume in life, we will return it back to nature before we die. Therefore, we used to consume less water. How much water must a family of four in a city consume? If we start making English toilets on a mass scale, then we will not be able to do with 40 litres daily which is the maximum need for a man. But if we put into practice the 6 Rs philosophy in life, then 40 litres of water is enough for one man. For a family of four 160 litres is more than enough. To use less water, we have to change our lifestyle. Unfortunately, today our society demands water from the government. But at the same time society has forgotten to make its own arrangements for water. In the earlier days, no king used to provide water to his subjects. King, mahajans (learned people) and the public all used to get involved and ensure that the there is is sufficient water in society. Using less water is a socialist thought, while consumption is a reality of capitalism. In India, the trustee system was in place. The East India Company got capitalism in India through trade. In Nagpur, today, we have Veolia India, a French company, that is providing water. It is a private company. When I spoke to local leaders in Nagpur, they say Veolia India is only giving services for water to consumers. So when politicians change their tune, it is not good. Veolia India now wants to supply water in 18 cities of India. Soon, they will capture the country's water. I want to fight against this privatisation of water. But when it rains, people forget about drought. I don't forget, only politicians forget. In the future, power games will be on water. You just watch, multinational companies will play a big role in it.
  6. https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/carnatic-singer-sudha-ragunathan-faces-bigotry-daughter-set-marry-foreigner-104174
  7. Haarkarjeetgaye

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    In my experience staying in Chennai in the early 90ss, October November have been the rainiest months. If things have changed, great.
  8. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Ball of the tournament ?

    Behrendorff to Vince
  9. https://mymemory.translated.net/en/Tamil/English/vaitherichal Stomach burn
  10. Markhor sounds like Tushar Kapoors way of saying something in Golmaal
  11. https://www.dtnext.in/News/National/2019/06/20204141/1152913/Kerala-migrant-boat-with-243-people-missing-since-.vpf Kerala 'migrant' boat with 243 people missing since January he External Affairs Ministry said it has sensitised several countries in the Pacific Ocean region about a missing vessel that sailed from Kerala with people on board more than five months ago. New Delhi: MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said they are yet to receive any information from these countries in the matter. According to media reports, the vessel, named 'Deva Matha 2', had set sail from a port in Kerala's Ernakulam district on January 12 and according to the state police it had 243 people on board. "When it sailed we were informed by the state government that there are people on board and they were headed towards a specific destination in the Pacific Ocean and our responsibility was to sensitise the countries in that region. Tell them what we know and also seek inputs from them just in case they come across this vessel," Kumar told reporters. "Till now we have not received any information from the countries we have asked for inputs," he said. The family members of those missing have approached several authorities and even sent a joint memorandum to the MEA. On the extradition request of bank fugitive Mehul Choksi, Kumar said a certain process has to be followed and they have been told that the extradition request remains under the consideration of Antigua & Barbuda authorities.
  12. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    Not expecting them to win, but they have become favorites as the tournament has progressed. Keep getting better with every game.
  13. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Pick the winner - Pakistan vs New Zealand

    My guess is NPAs on this forum will cry today. All Mullah giri will be over today. Go Kiwis
  14. Haarkarjeetgaye

    21 Indian cities will have zero tap water

    Chennai gets rains late in the year. WTF is the plan to tackle this till then?
  15. Haarkarjeetgaye

    UP man tries to molest woman, drives car over family; kills 2

    Sure if that can be done. Fear is always one way to stop the crime. I am assuming this will never happen. So another way is to educate people on this topic. Secondly I think it will help if people from other states migrate to UP, in large numbers.
  16. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/jharkhand-man-beaten-by-mob-forced-to-chant-jai-sri-ram-dies/story-S0AgXAgihEMMrPuamm3GtJ.html Jharkhand Janadhikar Mahasabha and CPI (ML) posted videos on social media alleging that the deceased, identified as Tabrez Ansari, was lynched to death on June 17 after being forced to chant Jai Sri Ram and Jai Hanuman in Dahtkidih village under Seraikela police station (PS) in Seraikela-Kharsawan district. INDIA Updated: Jun 24, 2019 17:14 IST Debashish Sarkar Hindustan Times, Jamshedpur Police on Sunday, however, arrested main accused, Pappu Mandal, on charges of leading the mob which thrashed Ansari mercilessly for alleged theft of a motorcycle. (Photo by Manoj Kumar/ Hindustan Times) An under-trial prisoner who was beaten by a mob for allegedly stealing a motorcycle died at Seraikela Sadar Hospital on Saturday, triggering protest by family members and civil rights groups. Jharkhand Janadhikar Mahasabha and CPI (ML) posted videos on social media alleging that the deceased, identified as Tabrez Ansari, was lynched to death on June 17 after being forced to chant Jai Sri Ram and Jai Hanuman in Dahtkidih village under Seraikela police station (PS) in Seraikela-Kharsawan district. Police on Sunday, however, arrested main accused, Pappu Mandal, on charges of leading the mob which thrashed Ansari mercilessly for alleged theft of a motorcycle. The police arrested Mandal after the wife of the deceased, Shaista Parveen, lodged a complaint in Seraikela PS on Saturday evening against 10 accused. She alleged that her husband was tied to an electric pole and was forced to chant Jai Sri Ram and Jai Hanuman by the unruly mob on June 17. Ansari was declared brought dead at Tata Main Hospital (TMH) where he was referred to on Saturday evening by Seraikela Sadar Hospital. “Tabrez Ansari was caught red-handed by the villagers while stealing motor bike. He was beaten up. Several stolen materials were also recovered from his house. He was sent to jail on June 18 after primary treatment and was shifted to Seraikela Sadar Hospital last morning. He died during treatment,” Kartik S, Seraikela-Kharsawan superintendent of police (SP), told the HT this evening. However, his family members Ansari was alive when he was referred to TMH. The SP said, “We have already arrested the main accused and raids are on to nab the other accused. We will not spare anyone found guilty. We are also verifying allegations that he was forced to make some chants.” Seraikela sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) Avinash Kumar, who had interrogated Ansri, said stolen motorcycle was recovered from his possession apart from stolen mobiles and other valuables from his house. “He was completely fit while going to jail. His family members showed us some video of his being beaten up and on the basis of which we arrested one of the accused and lodged an FIR,” said Kumar. Shaista alleged in her complaint that her husband was returning to home when he was killed as part of a conspiracy. Earlier, Ansari family and friends created a ruckus at Seraikela Sadar Hospital after his death, claiming that he was alive and doctors have wrongly declared him dead following which hospital authorities sent him to TMH. Ansari’s family then refused to take his body, demanding investigation. Finally, post-mortem and videography of the same was done by a medical board formed by Seraiekla civil surgeon Dr AN Dey and in the presence of magistrate Pramod Kumar Jha on Saturday night. The medial board comprised Dr Barial Mardi, Dr Anirban Mahato and Dr BDP Shah. Congress leader Chot Rai Kisku assured Ansari’s family members of strong action against the guilty and neutral investigation. First Published: Jun 24, 2019 07:51 IST
  17. Haarkarjeetgaye

    UP man tries to molest woman, drives car over family; kills 2

    I’d say share it on every platform. The fking bastard should get a lifer with torture everyday
  18. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Hardik and his short balls

    Subject is well thought out. Hardick got *er in CT final
  19. Haarkarjeetgaye

    Is this Aussie attack the best in the WC?

    By effort, preparation and execution , this is surely the best attack. Just think of it. Since 87 WC, Aus have come prepared for every WC. I think it shows more about their effort than talent.
  20. Haarkarjeetgaye

    UP man tries to molest woman, drives car over family; kills 2

    I think this requires a mindset change through education & Demographics change by making favorable policies for people from other states to migrate to UP.
  21. Why did England bowl first. Lyon is spinning it
  22. Very poor from you. I’d still say read the article again and your posts. Any fact you would like to correct ?
  23. It is about facts. Even a hardcore Hindu has to get facts right. Someday read the article again and see what you have typed here on facts. If you want to change anything, come and correct it here. Till then you can call me Libtard and I can call you bhaktandu
  24. Haarkarjeetgaye

    If TN had a seperate national team how would it fare ?

    Majority isn’t always right. 60 years of Congress
  25. Sure. And you can read again and see if you have the facts right. If you want to change the facts you have picked up, we are all here. Till then to each his own

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