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  1. Lungi Nigidi [ Potential Great ] !!!

    No it should be Kock caught Lungi bowled by HarDick
  2. Is it a bird, no it's Saha! Is it a catch, no it's Parthiv!

    I was so pissed at that chewt bad keeper, bad attitude like Shashtri .
  3. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Agree, natural action like the WI bowlers.
  4. My take 1 Team selection is critical , Rohit, Dhawan sits out, Rahul, Rahane comes in, Ashwin can bat n is 50/50 selection 2 Virat needs to take an off stump guard n only play deliveries straight n to the leg side n move back n across thereby cutting out his outside the off stump fiddling n making bowlers bowl to him rather a bit like Smith does also since his forward movement is good he can compensate like Smith 2 Rohit if he plays should take stance outside the crease n take a middle stump guard, cutting out his weakness with semi front movement while driving also since he is good on cut n pull should utilize that more, n not try to drive too much unless back to the bowler, don't try to reach for the ball but play late n let it come to you n have more patience. 3 Dhawan if he plays should open his stance so he doesn't edge on drive on outside off deliveries like Gambhir n only play deliveries close to his stumps, should play more legside n back foot strokes, at least initially. Bowlers should bowl with more intensity n pitch the difficult length, hitting top of off n one cannot go wrong with that. Most important batters should steal singles n keep the momentum, getting bogged down doesn't mean a guy like Pujara or Vijay should go after bowlers n that would be a mistake but show a bit more urgency in strike rotation.
  5. KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    Strong action, easy pace, athletic n good seam , bounce,line control, alot of things to like, could well cross 150 ,155 within a year with progress
  6. What England needs more is impact bowlers, all their seamers have aged n become toothless Trundlers, where is Finn, Tremlett, also need couple of Simon Jones kinda bowlers
  7. Steve Smith technique

    Smith is a freak coz he has remarkable hand speed, reflex, hand eye coordination, look at his fielding to get an idea.He is the Dhoni equivalent of a test cricketer no technique but makes up with speed n reflex. Once his form n reflex slows he will have a hard time, just need one good bowler to sort him out,his number are unbelievable, his game n success seems to oppose each other.
  8. Exactly what I feel, Ganguly is pragnatic n Kohli is a bit myopic in his view n understanding.
  9. Virat Kohli Press Conference after 1st Test

    Virat overall is a decent test captain where he lacks is selecting the playing eleven n his notion of impact players, Dhawan n Rohit are not cut out for tests n especially poor away from home he needs to set aside emotions n pick players on logic alone, we would have had a chance if K L Rahul n even out of form Rahane played,also fast bowlers except BK were poor in first innings
  10. Shastri to the boys after today's play Well done guys! Great job! We r on the cusp of something special,Dhawan X factor like always a no factor Kohli needs to show he can be great or just good? Walking wkt Rohit again the X factor Two guys not playing prob the two best after Vijay in away games Bowlers given an education how to bowl by Saffers on a good wkt.
  11. What day fu$& happened to Willow TV online, takes u to stupid tv channels page n Willow app won't work, any idea?
  12. Prithvi Shaw

    This kid along with Sarfaraz is special, should be playing for India soon
  13. The Ranji Trophy Final - Delhi vs Vidarbha

    Beetle u wanna stir another Monkeygate, Aussies milked it enuff Maaki
  14. Injury scare for Dhawan ahead of 1st test in SA

    Poor Dhawan misfortune ,it was at Virushkas reception in Bombay that the Gabbar tried to show some moves n slipped on some paper cups n hurt his ankle, Virat , Ravi quickly scampered to help him but the damage was done, now time for KL to show his mettle.
  15. Mashrafe Bin Mortaza - ***The Leader of Tigers***

    Cricket is a sport n doesn't account for disability or injuries but performance, stats don't reflect when runs were scored or which wkts were taken, like Dhoni scoring runs most time when gave is lost or he doesn't even attempt to up the tempo, n onus is on non striker n he stays not out n stats will not show that, same with Bowling stats will not show how many top order wkts are taken or how many batters attack the weaker link n gift wkts,Mashrafe might be a good influence for Banglas but as a player for me he is useless, past his prime n better to invest in next gen, just because India is making a mistake which England did n became a laughing stock in investing bits n pieces n players past their prime doesn't mean Banglas should follow their example, I can't believe Bangladesh doesn't have someone better then a 125k pie chucker, Mushfiq was far better for me but arrogant beyond his scope or his or team talent.

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