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  1. Some people can't unemotional give credit where it is due, no one can argue Virat is the best ODI cricketer that has ever walked this planet In tests he was lagging a bit behind but in last 2 years based on his numbers and contribution towards winning games and series is much better It is ridiculous when people wanna downplay someone because he is young confident has a actress for wife and is unapologetic The sheer authority and confidence he brings to the crease is unrivalled, his performance while chasing and second innings is way better then Sachin
  2. You have to be serious, comparing Kohli to Nasser, he is the best ever ODI player in the world, doesn't have the flair. The way he picks the length and use his wrist to play shots in a wide arc to same sorta deliveries, has no big weakness. I haven't seen him beaten by pace even when he stands outrageously outside the crease. He already is far better then Tendulkar in ODI and equals him or bettered him recently in tests, the way he is freakish is he is mentally stronger then anyone else before, more committed , similar talent to Sachin but has maximized it
  3. MCcricket

    9 Reasons why India won’t go far this world cup

    Hundred reason for our loss Dhoni, Dhoni, err Toni, hack
  4. MCcricket

    Team India attitude

    Our bowling attack will win games but in crunch games or high scoring games we will come undone. Our selectors and management are still not waking up to the changes in ODI cricket format in last few years To have a chance we will have to be aggressive aa far as running between the wickets and not eat up too many balls initially also I from the pair on crease one has to be aggressive and other batter should play atleast at run a ball. If 300 to 360 will be a par score we need to lose Dhoni and Kartik and get Pant, Aggarwal or some aggressive option.
  5. He was a fantastic bat and a good thinker
  6. India have a potent attack, probably as good for better then any, variety in spin, all rounders and Shami, Bumrah being world class n on top of their game n BK will rise to the ocassion hopefully
  7. MCcricket

    Best thing that can happen to India before Worldcup

    Dhoni has been a waste of space and resources in last 4 to 5 years scoring in some inconsequential games and it is sad to see Indias greatest ODI player turn into this caricature, yes once in a while he plays in t20 and gets away against mediocre bowlers, clearly his game was based on hand eye coordination n not technique and he has lost those. He will slow down the momentum n cost our team 20 or more runs per innings a d if this will be high scoring tourney as it seems like he will be a big reason for our defeats. Test match is the toughest format and Kohli has taken us to unreached heights in test format and the guidance this is a myth or a joke, Dhoni will cost us the tournament ,luckily Rayudu is out wish Kartik was dumped to as he is a fidgety choker
  8. Since the selectors are paid yes men and cricket establishment and management are complicit in this conspiracy. We dont deserve to see our mediocre side because of poor choices and nepotism. I believe if Dhoni is somehow ruled out of the Worldcup this would be a blessing in disguise Dhawan Rohit Kohli KL Rahul Shankar Pant Pandya K yadav Shami Bumrah Chahal/BK Could be a good team, ideally I would've likes Saini and Gill, Shaw in the team but they were never tried or groomed to keep out competition. On low scoring or average track our bowlers will do well but on high scoring tracks can we keep or create a tempo n that is a problem
  9. It is sad to see the verbal diarrhea over here, we are first humans and without feeling the love for others but hatred is sad.Some people here are talking like Bhakts, let's looks deeper in our country, religion culture first the truth comes out when some get drunk, girl child, dahej, worst casteism n exploitation on the planet.
  10. I agree, now is the time when you are young and have a chance to build pace, Khalil has a capacity to be a fast bowler who can rattle the batsmen, he goes overboard with slower ones and variations. If he is accurate and bowls with pace and has skills, the odd bouncer or Yorker slow one will keep batsmen guessing and not other way round. He should look at Mitchell Johnson, Md Amir when he was bowling well and not sell himself short
  11. MCcricket

    Myth busted: Shahid Afridi's real age

    Among many include Sachin and Kambli to the list as well, pull up records from Sharda Ashram and his class mates, it is an open secret, age fudging was common then.
  12. Does Hotstar show replays? I dont seem to find them
  13. MCcricket

    Indian bowlers who have impressed you in the IPL

    This kid also can bat
  14. For me it is Googly eyed, lukda, Unadkunt

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