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  1. If someone talks stuff like that then I know better then to discuss with that person, Haedik and Binny comparison ,lol
  2. If only the selectors were not this stupid, this bowling attack could be the best in WC, we need to make couple changes and we can be formidable , Pant for Dhoni, Agarwal, Gill come in along with Pandya, Rayudu needs to go as well
  3. MCcricket

    OH God How I wish

    Since our selectors r paid puppets n impotent n Team management don't have balls.I seriously wish for an injury or some fixing scandal and we get rid of Dhoni, Rayudu, Kartik forever. This is sorry state of affairs when u look at everything but blatant corruption that Dhoni has been allowed to play for last 4 years
  4. Was he using his elbow instead of sandpaper, Aussies will start piercing their nipples now to alter the ball
  5. MCcricket

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Deepak Hooda, Pant. Gill, Shankar for me at present, it makes me sick that a sports body is acting in this self defeatist way, Dhoni being in the team last 4 years is suicidal and bringing the team down. Dhawan Rohit Virat Pant Gill Hooda Mayank Pandya Shankar Kuldeep Krunal Bumrah Shami Aaron Aniket Would be my ODI squad
  6. Those poor idiots think they r cool n playa's outside cricket they would be non entities. But Karan might be interested in some sorta games after the show, he he
  7. Is Dhoni a midwife and someone needs a baby delivered calmly, what rubbish, this is not chess either.Dhoni I have lost all respect for this MoFo, he is a disease which is holding n hurting us.Had he been in our test team we would have calmly lost 4-0 in Australia test.
  8. This was what happened to us in the past, bowlers were decent batters didn't put enough runs.Aussie bowlers r good among top 3 bowling attack easily but batters ok'ish and our bowling ,batting was great
  9. Presently Bumrah is better then the three Aussie Pacers for me, as he can bowl different lengths and line . Cummins was the best among the three but Starc was poor until last three overs, Hazelwood was ok. Aussie would give an arm n a leg for someone versatile like Ryan Harris. Shami Bowles well to left handers but need to bowl well to both and bowl at his usual pace , some with Ishant . Think India is ahead as the wkt will get better and then get tough from day 4 n 5. Wit is already quicker n bouncier as these drop in pitches seem to behave.Sluggish in Italy n then get quicker n day 4 n 5 variations make it tougher
  10. MCcricket

    How is Dhawan not part of team, but Rohit is?

    The question applies for losers n people who don't hire Bunty. The team management n selectors have failed in many ways n tend to use recycle trash and are eco friendly. Dhawan , Rohit, Rahne, have proved 100 of times they can be successful in only certain formats and against good judgement and common sense they are given countless chance for the sake of so called experience but India ain't NZ and we have a huge pool of players. Same with bowlers why do we keep playing some bowlers and over reliant on Bumrah why can't we try find one more Bumrah. Umesh has been mediocre, BK is limited and Ishant is ok at present, how long will we keep playing ASHWIN away from Sub con where he is mediocre.
  11. MCcricket

    Vihari against short balls

    He has potential, needs to start playing pull shot, had good technique. He has a good technique n looks mentally strong, needs to adjust a bit but looks like a proper test bat.
  12. MCcricket

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Aniket mentions last year since he has made changes and worked on his bowling, his shorter length balls were effective and quick but Fuller lengths weren't as much. He worked on his action n fitness with Krishna Kumar a former Ranji player and bowling coach who helped him fix that and now he is getting wkts on both lengths. Think this guy needs to play ASAP, Khalil can wait and work on his game and find his mojo as the was he is bowling presently is sad. I would take Aniket, Ankit over Umesh presently any day also for me they can be both with takers and control the scoring rate as well.
  13. MCcricket

    Shubham Gill or Shubman Gill ?!?

    The Aussie commies will go, SHUBH BUM gill
  14. Pant and Bumrah and Shaw could be the best thing g to have happened to Indian cricket, very good keeper , a natural and will improve. Batting wise he has skills, and temperament n is gutsy, this kid should be playing in all three formats. For me it would be cruel to compare Pant with a gulli cricketer n scary cat like Dhoni he kept hiding behind tailenders n even made Afridi look like Bradman away from home

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