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  1. MCcricket

    Sid kaul selected for third t20 against WI

    Thought you were one
  2. He might be a late bloomer, and if he shows a lot of improvement he could play for I did ala Irfan
  3. Dhoni should have been the first one to let go, his form n batting fell off drastically 5 years back, but like a bad fart he is still stinking the team , he is shameless but the gutless seectors are the culprit, looks like he doesn't want his country to win again nor do the selectors
  4. Perplexing why he is bowling g at that pace, hope he is not screwed with like Munaf was. Pace and swing is a deadly combo, his 130 k bowling will not take him far. Also he will loose his pace in longer run, this kid could bowl fast, I saw him bowling 139 to 148 k range and trouble batters.
  5. Guys like Pandya n Shankar are an asset, Pandya has skills ,is a natural, with the ball n bat n is a athlete.Def someone to look after and nurture. Shankar is a proper batsmen, good technique and has added a gear or two in his batting.Bowling he can bowl and get a way or two, he is tall gets decent bounce and can move the ball.He bowls 128 to 135 k range and is worth giving him a chance and nurturing him. Selectors are pussies with no plans, foresight and no voice or intelligence, all they have done is play musical chairs, why have the Sundars, Sainis, Shankar's, Agarwals, Gills, Sarfaraz , Siraj not in the side but we see, retards and loosers like Kunt, Kaul, Dhoni, DK and Dhawan, Rohit, in wrong formats even if they can play in one format
  6. Virat is the greatest ODI player till date, and Sachin had rivals who were as good .Kohlis assuredness in finishing the game is unmatched whereas Sachin was week in this matter as well.
  7. MCcricket

    Thakur set to miss Test series in Australia

    I wish Kaul, Shard ul, Unadkat never ever figure in playing 11 for India ever as they are just above Ranji that's it, not good enough for even decent domestic sides
  8. Generally see the speed diff around 7 to 5 k on do estic speed guns
  9. No that was just before He had a peg of Rum Vodka and absynth
  10. I think he is not holding on to his action or his hangtime long enough, his arm sync between his non bowling n bowling arm can be improved.Although it appears he is using his bowling arm he isn't utilizing it optimally
  11. I seriously think , Aaron has been hardly dealt with , he has raw pace, can seam, swing, worth investing and we look at useless trundlers, also is fairly experienced now. He should be going to Australia for me, WI series he should be picked up, at least for last 3 ODI
  12. Umesh has changed his action a bit n has lost pace
  13. MCcricket

    Selection committee is way too inexperienced - Kirmani

    Did your uncle tell you that? Nair was kicked out because of a love triangle, he couldn't decide between the two and ultimately paid the price. Virat felt be littled that Nair loved his bats more then he loved Anushka so out he went?
  14. MCcricket

    Virat Kohli turns vegan

    So Virat has given up on Paaplet hopefully it's not just a diet of kela for him ,poor Anushka ,lol
  15. Have been saying this for a while, he would be my logical first choice, as he takes the picture n conditions out of the equation n non of our current finger spinners can buy wkts abroad

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