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  1. MCcricket

    What's the highest level you've played?

    My role, started of as a leggie, coz I had a natural rotation and could bowl Google and leggie and turn even rubber n tennis balls . Then as I grew older started to bat and got into the technique and method, after getting into fitness lost then arm rotation and started biw!ing seam and loved that. Worked hard on gaining pace and was successfully in doing so .I see n hear what Shoaib Akhtar talks about and a lot of it rings true. Bowling from a pitch n half, lighter ball, technique, Soo many things you can do to improve pace and accuracy. I feel the current generation of Indian paxers are a league ahead of their predecessors in terms of fitness, methods, understanding, Khalil, Siraj, Rajpoot, Mavi, Nagarkotti could be the first time India might have someone the level of Steyn. Batting wise we are not producing many good test batters or they want to play IPL and can't adapt to both. The reason why we don't have the edge besides having g all the talent is,Vision, selections and team setup.
  2. MCcricket

    What's the highest level you've played?

    Played a lot of cricket in Bombay, loved tennis ball cricket, MRI, and rubber ball underam to start with, gully ,maidan, club. Have met and played with a few Ranji probables,in Bombay, some were more talented then umbai players easily but saw all the nepotism in Mumbai cricket. Also played 2 nd team in US ,alot of politics ,nepotism goes on here ,played with a few player who represented SL, Zim, Eng, and some u19 players from test playing countries. Quit after becoming a father and got busy as well as stopped enjoying because of all the **** that goes one. My son will not play cricket or team sport, will get him in tennis, I have father and uncles and grandfather who played Pentangular , Ranji and have some records also one Guinness book record ,it is a mistake though. Dad was friends and hung out with players and ex players and had great foresight in matters of selection, talent and team strengths, used to be consulted by Ranji players and probables. I personally like to spot talent and more often then not can see the spark,right now see Afghanistan cricket going up n up, sad to see most test cricket playing nation's going down hill.
  3. That's fake bum from a trans
  4. I bet you can't comprehend, he is saying the conditions are similar to the subcontinent, so SL, Pakistani, India no one should feel alien to the conditions, a bit more hotter then subcontinent for me but similar wkts
  5. MCcricket

    Is MSD currently worst ODI batsman among top 9 countries?

    Hanger-on, like termite eating on to destroying our team, lost respect for Dhoni n selectors.
  6. MCcricket

    Will KL Rahul make it count in the 2nd innings?

    Keyword , one can always rotate the strike, even defensive players can do this
  7. Article is quite poignant in many ways, I think where the team lacks is. Selectors being very very poor and afraid to include n build on bench strength and keep going to have been or joker's like Unadkunt, Shardul, or pick wrong players for the format. The only big complain I would have with Virat is being brave and looking beyond loosers like Dhohi, Rohit in respective formats. Keeping faith in guys like Pujara, Rahane, even though they don't play like the way you do but they can do good as test batters, contstant chopping doesn't help the team. Loyalty and friendship is one thing but you have to be logical n a bit cold n drop guys like Dhawan, Dhoni as they deserve it. Keep and eye for players with potential and be a bit more involved coz selectors are idiots.
  8. Rkt u r wrong about Kuldeep, he is a star in the making, is mentally strong, needs to play more and just put more revs and as he gets stronger, even greats like Warne had a slow start. I would pick him over Jadeja even Ashwin in Sena as a wrist spinner.
  9. Jalaj Saxena has been roughly dealt with, he s ores a lot of runs and takes wkts consistently, has a good whippy a tion and turns the ball, always a topper among wkts and runs in domestics.
  10. Rkt any one special in this group
  11. One thing I don't get is how on Earth do selectors think guys like Unadkunt, Kaul ,Shardul be successful at int level coz they don't have what it takes clearly.
  12. I can't see the game, how do u watch the free delayed broadcast?
  13. Hotstar wants me to pay, m using VPN Indian server
  14. Is this being broadcast?

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