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  1. Board president XI Vs New Zealand,Mumbai, Oct 19 201

    Fuc$#%# selectors Chawal, Unadkunt r pathetic n embarrassingly horrible Trundlers, why r they promoted so much.
  2. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Bombay guys don't have the DNA ,jokes apart Bombay was the hub of Indian cricket n were unchallenged n threw alot of talent due to many reason, 1 It was the melting pot, best talent from India could be found here coz of it being the biggest city in India n land of opportunities 2 Bombay had better infrasturcture n some history to boot, local Bombay talent ain't that great,Nor are Munbaiites as strong mentally as they are known for in domestic when you look at int cricket, except for one Gavaskar, Manjrekar, Tendulkar, Rahane are some examples.
  3. Countries like Australia have a path charted for their pacers, how many overs to bowl, in a season, also are monitored in domestics, yes Shami needs to be match fit, but not over used.
  4. Unadkat gets thrashed n get tailender wkts, I dunno why Jaydev Shah n the camp is pushing for this useless Trundlers, same with Chawal who wants him in the team?
  5. N Board president thinks Malnourished experienced Trundlers Chawal n Kunt will serve Indian cricket, lol , wasted spots, should've gone to Aniket , Ankit, or some young bowler
  6. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I have my Grandfather who has playex pentangular, my uncles have played Ranji trophy, my dad was big in cricket scene in Bombay, know quite well how MCA operates, even Zak was not selected by Bombay n had to play for Baroda, when they has useless Trundlers plying their trade for Bombay. In past Maharajahs n people from affluent n influential or upper class could represent India, rarely guys from lower class or minority could.
  7. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I don't care I'm not from Bihar ,but have to say what is, does Bihar have a recognized Ranji team, when was the last time they played Ranji trophy, are they part of India, it's accepted guys from South in general smaller n smarter then ave Indians, guys from North Punjab, U.p Bihar stronger n bigger, a guy from Punjab or Delhi is easily identifiable, Maharasthrians in general diminutive n weaker, nepotism exist in India big time race, religion cast, dalit, Brahmin everyone knows it, what's blasphemous in the statement.
  8. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    One bowler who was kept out unfairly for sure, Ashish W Zaidi.
  9. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Subroto Banerjee seems to be a good bowling coach, Indians with exposure are developing a pace bowling. Ulture, we will have an express bowler soon, sorry we already had one for one second, Atul Sharma.
  10. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Bihar doesn't even have a team or participation in Ranji for years, pathetic ,I have played cricket with guys from that area n found they were stronger n bowled faster then ave Indians in general, one or two played in Bombay did well locally , n were quick, but belonged to minority community n MCA would not pick them up even after doing well in qualifying tourneys
  11. It's time selectors show some balls, they were ready to keep out Ashwin n Jadeja rightfully then why not the mediocre BATSMEN, Rahane, Dhoni, get in new blood , Pant, Hooda, Shankar also Shami is the best bowler we have n we r taking away his confidence, we know Umesh is ave in ODIs but Shami has been exceptional n look at his record, he has to be in the team S Thakur is not even half the bowler Shami is.
  12. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    K Khejroliya to me looks quick but with most potential, left arm, quick, nice action, aggression, I would throw him in A tours
  13. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Express Bhai pace ki baat mat karo, with bhi TV pe, jokes apart, he has a slingy action n is a bit awkward to face, pace m not sure , L Yadav seem fast medium , Yarra might be quicker then Unadkunt
  14. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Mulghanto believes in the Matrix, we are living in one, nothing is real, what u see is not real.
  15. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I think in general guys from that area, are stronger, n can bowl fast, Bihar, Jharkhand, U.P.
  16. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    RKT don't talk about pace or Mulghanto a jaye gaa
  17. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Yes, it does, hopefully he has pace like fire too, actually I saw him bowling with some skill, moved ball away n then brought it in.
  18. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Can u see similarities between him n Srinath?
  19. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    I think Andhra, but in highlights u will see his bowling package by name, as he took 3 wkts.
  20. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    You can see his bowling in Hotsar, PYarra bowls a bit slingy left arm, got two guys out with short ball, can't fathom his pace, has an action like B Julian
  21. There were two Benjamin's at that time, Winston n Kenneth, one was quicker n decent, but overshadowed by the bowlers of that time, could make it in any other team .
  22. Talent watch

    This thread will be one place to discuss exciting talent, predict, and monitor, post videos. Let's start with the most exciting 17 year old I have ever scene, audacious, talented, tough, someone special, once in a genuine player for me, Sarfaraz Khan.http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/cricket/news/on-return-from-injury-sarfaraz-stars-in-khanga-league/articleshow/60908017.cms For everyone wondering and doubting his fitness and attitude, it wasn't the case but a knee injury, this guy should play for India in a year.
  23. We cant blame Dhoni for todays result !!!

    That sweeping, zhaadu style does remind me of Dhonis graceful batting style, what a looser, won't even retire, has been hanging on like a leech for last 4 years.
  24. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    See the very point is visual memory n cues, we r comparing most of the time, n referencing based on things, when we have the same angle to view from then that becomes a good reference point, when for example we have the camera at normal angle when a bowler starts his runup, n delivers the ball, we have that view always as reference , that angle and it is not acute but pretty good, now when one is constantly watching different bowlers bowling and noticing thier speeds n taking those clues one becomes a decent judge of pace from that angle , n that is based on those factors, the pitch length is standard and the length ball delivered has an average distance to cover, one can certainly judge the pace, n that for me can have a accuracy to a degree based on abi!ity, RKT or someone involved with the sports n bowling in general certainly makes him a better judge, yes one cannot tell excatly if one is bowling 143 or 146 k but can tell if one is fast, fast medium or medium.Anyone can tell that Kumble was a fast leggie, Kuldeep a slower one. PK a medium pacer n Aaron a fast bowler, one can certainly observe Thommo was quick n if someone is bowling in 140s or 130, n that's a huge difference, now u gotta be kidding if u r telling me when u watch a game on telly you cannot visually see the difference when PK or Akhtar or evenZak was bowling, n that is exactly what RKT is saying that you can observe if someone is fast , express or fast medium or medium, n that's why the speeds are categorized as such, those r not arbitary numbers but can be visually interpreted, by most viewers a medium pacer, a fast medium, a fast n express bowler.

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